As the Name of Jesus the Redeemer saves,
so the Name of Mary the Coredemptrix saves



  1. God the Father Almighty has given humanity His Masterpiece (Eccles 8:17), the sublime Work (Jn 6:29; Ps 76:15) of His infinite Love, so that She may be loved, lived and sanctified. Her Name is Mary (Lk 1:27b; Zep 3:14; Zec 2:14). God’s sons on Earth are called to live and praise the Name of Mary, just as the Angels and Saints in Heaven love and praise It (Ps 18:2).


  1. The pure and holy name of Mary is a living balsam (Sol 5:1) for every heart that is fervent, yearning and believing in Her maternity (Lk 1:31), a gesture of love given to humanity that has become again arid and lost. Mary has conquered humanity: with humility, with obedience (Jn 2:3-5) and with purity, fundamental weapons to disarm all that is world, which has been conquered with Love, for Love and in Love, Christ the Love (Rm 8:35.39), who took flesh in the life of Mary (Jn 1:14), that Life given beyond all limits.

  2. The Name of Mary is grace in the sight of God (2Sam 15:25). Her every prayer is a fruit of love in the eyes of the Father (Ps 60:8); Her every holy thought, a victory for the Father; Her love is the Father’s garden of Love (Gen 2: 8; Ct 5: 1): a garden full of flowers, of hearts and saints.

  3. The Name of Mary emanates the warmth of holiness. Her maternal care manifests the pure, living and eternal Love. As the Name of Jesus the Redeemer saves (Mt 1:21), so the name of Mary the Coredemptrix saves, through the grace (Lk 1:28), the power (Lk 1:49) and the omnipotence (Gen 3:15) conferred on Her by the Father, equating Her Name to the Name of the Saviour (Lk 2:11), who is Father, is Son and is Holy Spirit.

  4. The Name of Mary is “the” Name that gives breath (Sol 7:9) and freshness, purity (Sir 51:20) and holiness, essential weapons to conquer the world (Jn 16:33), that world so devoted to sin and so alive in the Christian enmity.

  5. The Name of Mary conveys her look of living Love (Sol 4:9), which flows out from Her pure and holy Heart. A Heart, “the” Heart where the Father has made his dwelling place (Is 62; Jer 31:23; Rev 21:3): the dwelling place of all those who want to meet the Son, the Lord and King, the Prophet and Priest, The One who is (Rev 17:14. 19:16).


  1. Whoever wants to be saved should discover the delights of the Heart of Her who made Herself Handmaid to become Bride, Mother and Queen. Mary is the Star of the journey (Mt 2:2) of all those who want to reach the Father’s Heart (Is 2:2): She traces the Way, She illuminates the Way (Jn 14:6), She sets us free before the Truth of Heaven (Jn 8:32), and, in essence and substance, unites Heaven to Earth in the Life that is eternal (Jn 6:47).

  2. Mary is “the” Pearl (Mt 13:46) set inside the Father’s Heart, “the” Treasure of the Father (Mt 13:44). Through Mary, God One and Triune restores order and holiness, giving every man and every woman the guidelines to be righteous and holy, generous and good, alive and strong, just as the fidelity of Mary (Ps 56:11) was, is and will be alive. She, the totally pure, the totally beautiful, crowned with stars (Rev 12:1) brings everyone to the eternal destination (Phil 3:14), to overcome the slavery of sin (Phil 3:21), to break every chain (Ps 115:16), to destroy every sinful bond and exhorting everyone to righteousness and holiness, to reach the triumph in the Light, Christ the Light, in that Sun that has risen in the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2) and will never set again (Is 60:1).

  3. Sublime is the Most Holy Name of Mary (2Cr 6:2; Is 12:4). And Her Most Holy Name makes Her living and ready “yes” of Love reverberate on Earth and in Heaven: that “yes” (Lk 1:38) that manifests the triple essence, which is substance, of the will of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Mt 28:19), which in Mary is.

September 12, 2021
Solemn Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary

The Pontiff