Holy is Your Name:
engrave in us the Seal of Your Love


  1. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Glory (Dn 3:52-56) and honor (Rev 4:8-11) be to the Holy Father in heaven, for ever and ever (Rev 7:12).

  2. God is the Father of eternal Goodness, the Father of infinite Mercy (Ps 105:1) for those who call upon Him and will invoke Him with a sincere heart (Ps 144:18); and He is the Father of Eternal Justice (Ps 7:18) for those who defy Him and don’t acknowledge Him (Mk 3:29; Jesus’ Revelation to Maria Giuseppina Norcia, “The Eternal Privileged Altar for the Hypostatic Union“, 30 June 1985).

  3. His Name is God (Rev 19:13). This is the Name imprinted in the hearts of his sons and his creatures (Dt 12:5; Ps 67:5).

  4. Jesus, the Son of the Living God (Mt 26:64), saved us by His Sacrifice on the Cross, engraving in our hearts the Signs of his Sorrowful Passion (Ps 22:16), of his saving Sacrifice that has given us Life (Gal 2:20).

  5. Now, in these times, God the Almighty Father engraves in our hearts the Seal of his Love (Rev 7:3), Who is Salvation (Ps 78:9); and He breathes his Spirit in us (Gen 2:7), the Spirit Who sets us free (Jn 8:32): free to love, to proclaim and to manifest the essence of Christ, the victorious Lamb, He who alone can open the Seal in order to fulfil everything and conquer (Rev 8:1).

  6. All is being fulfilled at the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus, the Little Holy Dwelling Place, the Cleansing Font for the world (Ps 45:5; Tit 3:5), the Sign of purification of God’s sons; and the Sign of the Final and Eternal Covenant between God and His People (Jer 31:31-34), that stalwart and holy “Little Remnant” (Jer 23:3) who has remained faithful and incarnated in Mary’s Womb (Jn 3:3-7), in order to understand the profound meaning of her Maternal Love that leads to a full understanding of the Love of the Son of God, Who is Life in the Father (1 Jn 4:9).

  7. Here is the essence and substance of the Father (Jn 17:3), and of the Son (Jn 3:16), and of the Holy Spirit (Jesus’ Revelation to Maria Giuseppina Norcia, “The Holy Spirit“, 13 September 1984), who has given birth in Mary’s Womb (Lk 1:42) to the Generation of the Saints (cf. Jer 1:5; Rom 8:29-30).

  8. The Father invites us, his sons, to accept his Will (Mt 6:10) which is incarnated by manifesting itself throughout history. It is our “yes” that by espousing God’s call, bears fruit and not mere appearance (Jesus’ Revelation to Maria Giuseppina Norcia, “The Catechesis,” 1 January 1988). And the Father accepts our “yes,” spoken and renewed with a sincere heart, by infusing his Wisdom and Knowledge into our hearts (Ps 48:4), so that his sons may be strong (Ps 19:8) and watchful, holy and truthful (Jn 7:18), so continuing to strengthen their hearts and spirits (Ps 50:12), for the heart and spirit will make the sons of God strong in spirit (Mk 14:38) and steadfast in faith (1 Cor 16:13), in order to overcome every snare, to fight the good fight (1 Tim 6:12) and to keep the faith (2 Tim 4:7).

  9. Behold those who are called to lead people to understand, love, and practice more and more the One and Eternal Faith (Acts 13:48): that Faith which is fulfilled in Christ and in Mary.

  10. Here is the Father’s Breath of Life (Jn 3:8), given to us in this Little Cradle, so that whoever arrives here may find that Oxygen lost by many which enables the heart and soul to breathe (Is 42:5-8) making them reborn to new life.

  11. Who will bring them to the knowledge of Jesus?” This is the question that God has addressed over time to us, His sons, by means of His Maiden (Jesus’ Revelation to Maria Giuseppina Norcia, ‘To die in order to live; to lose in order to gain, 24 March 1985). The sons of God are now called to make Him known, loved, and lived. We, God’s sons, faithful to His teachings, are now called to live Him, to love Him in order to make Him triumph in us (1 Jn 3:24) and in every heart (1 Jn 4:16).

  12. Many are the meteors of this world that are about to fall (Rev 6:13-17). Darkness will come upon a part of the world. Sunset begins for another part. And for yet another part (Rev 16:19a), there will always be the Sun of God (Rev 1:16), the only Sun, Who will give light for all eternity.

  13. In this time of grace, the sons of God are called to continue walking the right Path, to fully understand the Will of the Father, which is fully realised in this Mother Land, the New Jerusalem (Is 65:17), in order to give life to a humanity renewed in heart, body and spirit (Rev 21:1).

  14. There will be no more mourning or sadness or pain” (Rev 21:4), because death will be the last to be defeated. This is the first Resurrection (Rev 20:6). Being dead to the world and to sin, God’s sons are reborn from Above, in Christ, to partake, new and renewed, in the Kingdom that in the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2) already is. To then experience the eternal Resurrection, the Lord’s Easter, that eternal Easter where the Day, the Day of God and His faithful sons, will never end (Rev 21:6-7).

  15. Let this be a time of grace and purification (Ps 50:9), so to give birth to love making it flourish more and more, that love that must daily renew and sanctify us, that pure, holy and essential love for Christ: Way, Truth and Life (Jn 14:6). This is the human and spiritual growth to which we are called, thus to be ever truer men and Christians, to be strong, firm and holy, to do God’s Will to its utmost.

  16. The Spirit guides us to overcome every temptation (Mt 4:1). Be vigilant (1 Pet 5:8). Be temperate, prudent, and astute (Mt 10:16) to overcome evil through prayer and fraternal union (Jesus’ Revelation to Maria Giuseppina Norcia, “The Catechesis,” 1 January 1988). And God will not make us lack anything (Ps 22:1). God spurs us to be holy and perfect (Mt 5:48). And as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, He listens to our prayer and our supplication, our will and our desire to climb up again and conquer, inebriating us with his Holy Breeze that wants to surround our hearts with a heavenly fragrance (Cant 2:16-17).

  17. Here is that concreteness that is experienced in this Corner of Paradise: not an abstraction, but the concreteness of experiencing God in Spirit and Truth (Jn 4:24), because on this Holy Mountain God has established His Dwelling Place, His House (Rev 21:3), over which neither the world nor the Sanhedrin will have authority, since God the Father Almighty has preserved it for Himself and for His faithful sons.

  18. We are on the Holy Mountain where the Father is worshipped (Jn 4:21). God is Spirit (Jn 4:24). And the true worshippers will worship Him in Spirit and Life (Is 11:1-5; Jn 6:60-63,65).

  19. Behold the Summit of the Mountain (Rev 14:1), where silence, peace, and holiness are experienced; the place where God fills his sons with his infinite Goodness (1 Pet 2:1-5; Rev 5:5), which fills the heart and soul with His complete Love.

  20. This is the reward that belongs to all those who will know how to remain faithful (Mk 13:13) and will be found faithful to the very end (Mt 24:13).

  21. The world does not understand God’s action (1 Cor 1:20). And many are those who, although widely acclaimed in life, have been forgotten by God; many are those who, hailed as saints by the world, now find themselves still having to atone before they can see God. And many are those who are unknown by the world who now stand before God and shine with his everlasting Light.

  22. Those who want to save themselves risk losing themselves, but those who trust in God will save themselves and many souls (Mt 19:27-30; Lk 17:33).

  23. Those who want to renew their lives are to entrust themselves in these times to Christ and to Mary, the Redeemer and the Co-Redemptrix (Pontifical Decree, “In Mary, With Mary and For Mary,” 22 December 2019), in order to be able to experience eternity even now (2 Pt 3:18).

  24. The world does not understand the value of Life (Mk 8:36; Jn 17:25) because it has bartered the essence of Life (cf. Gen 25:29-34) for a fleeting love and passion (Wis 4:12), which appeases the frenzy of hearts just for a moment but leaves a huge emptiness that makes hearts be uncaring towards everything that belongs to God. Woe to all of them, for they will experience God’s indifference, which is death (Ez 14:6-8; Rev 21:8).

  25. For those who, having died to the world (Jn 12:24) and to sin, live (Rom 6:1-14) to dwell (1 Jn 2:6) in the Heart of the Father, nothing shall be lacking. May God the Father Almighty, from the Summit of his Holy Mountain (Rev 21:10), bless us all from the depths of his Heart and grant us his Love, His Fatherly Embrace, united to the Embrace of Jesus, the One who saves (Mt 1:21), so that again we may be reborn and always remain in Mary’s Womb, that Womb (Lk 1:54) that many have refused to know and acknowledge, that Womb (Rev 12:2) that generated the Kingdom that, now as then, is in our midst (Lk 17:21). Here is the Spirit who is Life (Jn 6:63). In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

February 14, 2024
Sacred Ash Wednesday
Beginning of the Season of Lent

The Pontiff