«Father, strengthen our spirit»


In the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, the Father is close to His children. The Father gives His infinite Love and His live and total closeness to them. In this Land of Love, the Father welcomes the prayers of His children and comes, to give them His lymph, to mould their heart and to strengthen their spirit so they may be ready and efficacious in every circumstance.

More than ever, the children of the Universal Christian Church must transmit and know how to transmit the power of the union in Christ, the power of the union in the fatherly Will: they take‑in the strength to be able to act in the name of God and to make this lost humanity understand what they’re missing in putting God and the Father’s Will aside and in putting holiness aside, and so condemning themselves to slavery.

In the full comprehension of the value of the Freedom given by the Father in this Land of Love, the children must feel, in their hearts, the live and strong sentiment of the fatherly closeness and of the total surrendering to the Father, so to be reinvigorated in their spirit. The children of the New Jerusalem are those who, asking the Father, act in His Name and obtain the concrete and live help that will allow them to never retreat but to advance.

In this time, in its beliefs, the world thinks to advance, to take advantage, to act. This is the inconsistency of this world, that wants everything but nothing can attain.

The children of the New Jerusalem, being strong by means of the fatherly closeness and confident of the total comprehension of the Father, will advance against every slander, against all accusations and against all those who have put holiness aside.

In the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, the strength of faith and the abandonment to the Father’s Will are alive, and by means of which and on the example of Mary, the children of God become co-redemptrix. Mary, She who by grace has become the Woman. Mary, the humble Handmaid, who by grace has become Co-redemptrix. This is to be understood by all those of good‑will and by all those who do not believe in the Father’s omnipotence. The Father can do everything.

Here is the strength of faith, here is the abandonment to God’s Will, by means of which God’s children become co-redeemers. Here is the metamorphosis of the spirit of God’s children, that totally surrendering to the Father, lose nothing but obtain everything. In this way, God’s children will become strong in spirit. Here it is that they can move everything the more faith they will have (Mt 16:20).

The children of the New Jerusalem, will even more transmit this to all people and to all those who will look towards the Universal Christian Church and will come to this Land of Love: the strength of faith, the strength of the obedience to the one God, the strength in the abandonment to the only Saviour. In this Land of Love, the mistrust that many have in relation to the world, will be contrasted by the confidence and the abandonment to the fatherly Will, that is alive in His children and that will bring fruit in abundance the more the abandonment with total confidence to the Father’s Will, is alive. And the Father will gather the work of His children the more they are able to offer it to Him with love and holiness.