God’s children want to bear fruit in abundance


Mary, the good and tender Mother, the Ark of the New Covenant, warms the hearts of Her children so that each heart may receive, preserve and live every word that is listened in the New Jerusalem, and so that every thing and every teaching may be put into practise, and allow the hearts of the children to grow and bring as many souls as possible to Christ, living Bread descended from Heaven.

In the Land of Love, the abundance of the Father is alive, His grace and His infinite Love are concrete and tangible. In this Land of Love, the Father dispenses His paternity to everyone, and embraces every child who, with a live devotion, turns to Him and relies on Him in order to be accompanied and helped to grow. Many are the seeds of His Love that penetrate the hearts.

Mary, the good and tender Mother, spurs Her children so their heart may be ever more fertile and ready to welcome and receive in fullness all that the Father and the Son are sowing in abundance, allowing every heart to bear fruit, in abundance. It is through the abundance of the fruits of His children, that the world will see, recognize and appreciate the abundance of the Father.

For this to happen, God’s children are primarily called to make the seeds of the Father and the Son be fruitful in their heart, and then to dispense to everyone all that they’ve received in this Land of Love. Everything is freely received, and consequently everything is freely donated. Each child will thus be able to live holiness in their everyday life and, at the same time, with the example of their holy life, they will help those who are animated by goodwill to understand the true presence of God in this Land of Love given by the Father to His children to keep alive the purity of faith in Christ, the only Way, the only Truth, the only Life.

By doing so, those who are animated by goodwill can understand the true teachings that lead to the only Way that leads to the Father; and they will be able to really practice with sincerity of heart the teachings that are of Christ the Lord; they will be able to raise their eyes to Heaven and call the Father, who in this Land of Love is alive. And every heart animated by goodwill, will be able to perceive the freshness of the faith that in the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem is renewed to allow everyone to become a “child” of God, experiencing the true sonship and thus to acknowledge the true paternity, that the world has lost but that in the New Jerusalem is alive.

Here is the ground of the Father that He Himself sows so He can harvest holiness. With His infinite mercy, the Father cares and waters every heart, that is cherished through His Son with total attentiveness.

The Father is vigilant on every son. No child is abandoned by the Father, and this will be perceived the more the abandonment of the child to the Father’s Will is total. Here it is that everything produces fruit. Love is received, so Love is donated. Those who welcome the Truth, will be true bearers of Christ’s teachings so that everyone can see, listen and live all that Is in the Father’s Jerusalem.

«Children of God! Be holy as holy is the One who Is, in order to dispense to everyone the virtues that belong to Christ the Lord, so the world may see the difference of this Land of Love, so the world may see the substantial difference that distinguishes the children of this Mother Church from those who have lost the Way».

«Children of God! Be burning torches of the Truth of the Father, for your example and the signs of the Father may bear fruit abundantly so that many hearts may repent and find themselves in Christ, the Way, Truth and Life, the only Saviour of the world, the only One Who gives eternal Life».

The Land of Love donated by the Father to His children, will shine more and more, because this world will increasingly be gripped by darkness. In this Land of Love, harmony and holiness reign; in the streets of the world, desolation will be more and more experienced.

Many who, having lost the Way, will seek shelter in another house, but will be disappointed, because they will not find God but another owner, who in appearance seems humble and merciful, but that in reality is a cruel and ruthless stepfather towards God’s children. The church of Rome, deprived by the Father of the true presence of the Holy Spirit, is no longer pursuing the good of God’s children but, as a stepmother, a cruel woman, uses the name of God for her own interests in harm to the children of God (Rev. 17: 6).

«Children of God! Children of the New Jerusalem! Little flock of God’s holy people! The Sun is high in the Sky; Her Light enlightens all those who are animated by goodwill; dispels the fog so that the world may see all that the iniquity produces compared to the fruits of the Father’s Love. This Mother Land is the White Island, where the purity of faith will be preserved; is the Castle of souls, where the communion between Heaven and Earth is alive. This Arc is alive. And She accompanies every child towards the fullness: Christ».