In the Name of Mary, God saves


Mary, the Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Universal Mother, holds Her children tightly to Her Heart. In the Immaculate Heart of Mary, every child and every man and woman of good‑will finds the holy and the perfect shelter, the total protection. Mary, with Her Mantle, covers and protects Her children from every pitfall and every adversity.

In the Name of Mary, every demon and every child of iniquity flees and always will. Mary, the Mother of the World, opens Her Heart to proclaim to humanity: «Seek for Peace, pronounce My Name, proclaim the victory in the Name of Mary».

Sanctified in the Name of Mary, the children of God live the true devotion to Her Name, so that faithfully pronouncing the name of Mary, they may chase away the enemy, his temptations and his adulations, so to disenchant many hearts now charmed by deception and by iniquity, that has prevailed over a house that a time was but now no longer is.

Many are those who are now groping in the dark, but in the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, they will find salvation, they will find Mary, the Mother of God. Many, embracing Mary the Bride of God, will embrace God, will know God, and will love God in totality. Many will flee from Babylon (Jeremiah 50:8, 51:6) to take refuge in the Land of Love given by the Father to men and women of good will. Many will come, will rush and ask for help. Screaming and yelling will be heard. They will flee from Babylon (Rev. 18:4) to take shelter in the White Island where God preserves the purity of faith, and to take shelter in the pure Heart of Mary, She who is the Ark of Salvation, the Ark of the New Covenant.

Many pronounce the Name of Mary without feeling to belong to Her, without giving value to that Name, without giving importance to the Name of Mary, She who won the world, without understanding that everything is fulfilled in Mary, without understanding that in Mary everything is regenerated, that in Mary everything restarts, that only in Mary they worship God.

Many despise the Name of Mary. In many hearts, there is no longer the Name “Mary”, the strong connection that ties to God, the indissoluble link that ties the children with the Mother who leads to God: Mary is the Door of Heaven, Salvation of the World, Light of God, that gives life to the eternal Fruit.

The Name of Mary and the Name of Christ cannot be separated. Mary, the Mother of God, the Universal Mother, the Coredemptrix. Christ, the Son of the living God, the only begotten Son of the Father, generated by the only Spirit that proceeds in history, the only Saviour of the world. Mary and Christ. Christ and Mary. Bridge of Salvation, Bridge of eternal redemption.

Many trample on the Name of Mary; others profane the Name of Mary; others use the Name of Mary to satisfy their purposes by attracting the weak hearts, deceiving hearts by making believe that they love the Name of Mary, but in reality they pronounce Her Name by deceit.

For the true children of God, the Name of Mary is to be source of holy pride. All the true children of God are called to find and recognize themselves in the Name of Mary, so to bring, in the heart of every son and every daughter, the holy desire and the live will to imitate Her virtues: Strength, Sweetness, Humility and Simplicity, so that everyone may live the live and holy Loyalty to Christ the Lord, that in Mary gives Life, so that everyone may obtain eternal life, and have it in abundance (Jn 10:10).

«Children of God, children of the New Jerusalem, in the Name of Mary, go and transmit your faith in Her name to everyone, and fill their hearts with the flame of the Love of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit!»