Press Release
The sacredness of life and
the Italian Constitutional Court sentence
on assisted-suicide”

September 26th, 2019

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem reaffirms, without any ambiguity, that life is sacred and that no man, as much as he may be eminent, can take the place of God, the one and only supreme universal Legislator, in deciding who and under what circumstances a human being may live or die.

The Italian Constitutional Court, by its decision announced on September 25th, delivered an unprecedented sentence paving the way for a real euthanasia state law that is in stark contrast with the Supreme Law set forth by the divine Legislator who has commanded everyone to “not kill” (Mt 5:21). As a result, no one is to help others to kill nor to kill themselves.

Therefore, a State of law, that has the lives of its citizens at heart, can never decree for their “end of life” nor authorize or help any form of accompaniment to suicide. The sacredness of life, for every man and, so much more, for those who profess to be Christians, is a non‑negotiable good, from the natural conception to the natural “end of life”, which must be defended and protected, without ambiguity or exceptions.