Novena for the Feast of
Maria G. Norcia’s return
to the Heart of the Heavenly Father

In the spiritual communion of hearts, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem invites Her faithful and all people of goodwill to recite the following Novena for the Feast of Maria G. Norcia’s return to the Heart of the Heavenly Father.

(to be said from 26th June to 4th July)

Prayer of Maria G. Norcia to Jesus

«I love you, Jesus, I love you so much,
I rely on You; do not leave me alone.
Do of me as You please;
May Your will be done».



We thank You, Mary

prayer revealed by Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
on the 50th anniversary of His first apparition

We thank You, Mary,
for having given us Your Son Jesus.
We praise You, Mary,
for having accepted us as Your sons.
We bless You, Mary,
for all the Love You have for us.
And at Your feet we plead forgiveness
for all the sins of the world.
At Your feet we pray
that every war and injustice may cease.
At Your feet we cry out:  
«Mary, send Your Jesus to reign with You among us».

(Hail Mary)


Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

prayer requested by Jesus to Maria G. Norcia on March 10, 1986

O Mary, Mother of Jesus and my Mother,
I consecrate myself to You,
so that all those whom the Father has entrusted, is entrusting and will entrust to me,
may be consecrated in the Truth
and take full part in the Plan of Love and Redemption,
for the glory and honor of the Father.
Mary, You who have, once and for all, begotten Jesus by means of the Holy Spirit;
in the same way give birth spiritually to Your only Son Jesus in us,
by means of the Holy Spirit,
whenever He does not dwell in our hearts.
Mary, You who, conforming Yourself to the Father,
loved me somuch that you gave Your only Son for my Redemption,
grant me to live You,
specially in the loving union with the Father Creator,
with the Son Redeemer, and with the Holy Spirit,
the substantial Love of the Father and of the Son, and thus,
in loving union with my brothers,
who have been created by the Father, redeemed by the Son, and sanctified by the Holy Spirit.
Mary, may I always live You, in Love for God and my neighbor.

(Hail, Holy Queen)