A Land of Love

(Una Terra d’Amore)

I heard about you, sweet Baby,
They told me that You descended from Heaven,
They told me that here You give us Your Love
and You take away the pain hidden in the heart
of Yoursons  here below.
Now, I’m here too, immersed in Your Peace,
despite the sin that afflicts my heart
but You still love me this way, just as I am,
only You my Lord can understand
my internal struggle.
Sooner or later, You will return
to walk in our midst,
Now You’ve already descended here
to call yoursons once again
The Mother of Your Love, in Her immense sorrow,
goes around the world and gathers us to You.

Here, in this Land of Love,
come back soon, O Lord, and never again go away
Here, in Your Holy Cradle a Light shines:  
It’s the Mother of God.
Mother of Divine Love, in Your Womb
You give us Baby Jesus,
so to prepare us for the encounter with the Risen Lord
who returns in our midst,
Dear Mother, tell Him:
 Come back, Jesus,  and never again go away.