The Epiphany of God’s sons


Even now, as then, men live in darkness. Even now, as then, few are those who have remained faithful to God and His true teachings. Darkness reigns in many hearts. And those who were originally called to feed the flock of God and to keep the Flame of God’s Love alive, rather than leading everyone to welcome, love and follow the Son of God (see Lk 2:15-20), as it has been prophesied, they have become apostates; and now they are driving the few authentic Christians remained away from the true faith, by teaching human doctrines that have no basis in Christ but that distance people from Christianity, and by teaching that all creatures are equally “sons” [1] of God, that all religious confessions are placed on the same level and lead to God [2], that a Catholic God doesn’t exist [3], that Christ is no longer the absolute Truth [4], that Jesus on the Cross made himself the “devil” [5], “serpent” [6] and “malediction” [7].  

This arid and lost humanity, would not have been saved without the intervention of God in history. Here it is then that the Father again has sent a part of Himself to this Land of Love to allow His faithful sons to be reborn from Above. Baby Jesus has descended in this Land of Love to bring new life to all the sons of God that here, in this second and last Grotto, have recognized the live presence of the Spirit of Christ that is born again in this Cradle of Love, in the hearts of those who welcomed Him, to allow everyone to be reborn to new life, from Above, in Spirit and Truth, and to lead all the sons of God and the men and women of good will, to live eternal life, that only in Christ is and always will be.

In this Land of Love, the presence of the Father and the manifestation of His Spirit are alive and are close to all the sons who, in the living Cradle of God’s Love, entrust their hearts to the Saviour, to the One who saves, to the One who unites, to the One who wants to bring back to the centre of the life of every son, the respect for the Father’s Will, so that It can be understood, respected and loved, so that the Epiphany of Christ in history may be welcomed and fully lived, and not trampled.

Those who, in this Land of Love, following the Star, Mary, have met and recognized the Spirit of the Saviour, and have allowed His live Love to enter their heart, are called in these hard and difficult times, to bring His teachings to fulfilment in their everyday life, so that the sons of God and the men and women of good will, may be deeply renewed in their hearts, so to make their own the mind of Christ Jesus (Phil 2:5) and bear fruit, fruit, fruit in abundance.

The Universal Christian Church invites all the sons of God and all men and women of good will to come and see, so to worship the Spirit of the Saviour, gift of the Father to humanity.

«Come, you all, follow the Star (Mt 2:10). Mary, the totally beautiful, the totally pure, the totally holy, the Eternal Maiden, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, the Faithful Handmaid will lead you to recognize the Sign (Lk 2:12) donated to humanity, by the Father, in this Cradle of Love. Come, you all, who are searching the Truth (cf. Lk 11:9-10). The Divine Baby awaits you. A son is born (Lk 2:11), the Son of the Fruit of the Holy Love: come with a sincere heart. Don’t wait, come and see. Leave those who are dead (Lk 9:60) and embrace the life. Come you all, for the time expires».


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