The universality of Christ’s Church
ade of saints and souls in flesh and blood


The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem is founded on the Word of Jesus (Mt 7:24), the only-begotten Son of God, the only Saviour of the world. The Universal Christian Church is alive. Not a church made of walls and precious frescoes but a Church made of men and women journeying on to become saints (Mt 5:1-12), who believe in Christ, who want to live a genuine Loyalty and who want to do their own part in order to win the final battle (Rev 12:7) that sees the Holy Spirit opposed to an anti-Christian spirit that aims to distance all from Christ and His Eucharistic sacrifice, from His saving sacrifice, and to bring everyone into a new idea of ​​a world religion based on a generic love that does not lead to Christ but to Sai Baba and his false prophets (2Ts 2:2-4), not guided by the Holy Spirit but that have come to deceive the people (Mk 13:22).

Here is the Church, the universality of Christ’s Church, made of hearts that beat as one with the Father’s Heart. The Good and Holy Father, the Merciful and Just Father who has chosen this Land of Love as His Abode (Rev 21:3), where His Spirit welcomes all those who, prostrating with love, are yearning to know the true Love and thus to receive the Father’s Mercy. Here is the Divine Mercy bestowed by the Father in the Land of Love (Lk 1:54) to every son who prostrates himself to Him, with devotion and sincerity of heart, so to be filled with His infinite grace.

Here is the Church, One, Holy and Universal, that wants, in conformity with the Law of God, to make the whole world acknowledge the only and eternal doctrine (2Jn 9), the doctrine that will never bring-down all those hearts that want to remain faithful to Christ the Lord, in spite of the bad weather, despite the disasters, in spite of all what, both material and spiritual, is experienced and will be experienced.

In these end times, that are now, the Father has restored His Church, made up of many Courtyards. This has been revealed by Jesus to the Woman of God, Maria Giuseppina Norcia. Now that the Courtyard of Rome has betrayed the Covenant with the Father, betraying His Spirit and betraying His Son’s teachings, the Father has renewed, in the Spirit of the Risen Christ, His New Covenant (Jer 31:31-34) with the Courtyard of the New Jerusalem, which the Father has first revealed by means of Maria Giuseppina Norcia and now made manifest to the world, in Her essence and substance of Mother Church, Christian and Universal.

The Church of Christ is made up of burning, ready and willing hearts. All those who have relied on false guides (Mk 13:21), all those who have placed their trust in a Courtyard that has lost the way, will lose their lives. Without the real presence of the Holy Spirit, the whole Roman empire will crumble (Rev 14:8); a spiritual and, above all, material empire, built with a not holy but opportunistic abundance (Rev 17:5), expecting honour and power in change, to be able to govern and to subjugate everyone. Jesus has revealed to Maria Giuseppina Norcia that He has descended in the Land of Love to be King of a great people, and to heal and free His sons, made slaves again by others. Jesus came to the Land of Love to give back to each son that dignity that so many had lost, so that everyone may feel to be a worthy son before the Father (1Jn 3:1).

This is the Church of Christ. The words and the teachings of the Master, have been wanted, handed down and written, and were written with the Fire of the Father’s Love, in order to give justice back to the just and mercy to those who entrust themselves to Him and, in this Land of Love, have found the true Life, in Mary, with Mary and for Mary. Everything contributes to the fulfilment of the Father’s Plan of salvation (Rom 8:28). Everything is written and everything is being fulfilled. Now, even the Earth rebels, after so many abuses and injustices perpetrated by the neglect of man. Here is that even the nature advances under the command of the Father (Sir 16:19), to demonstrate to all humanity their spiritual and even human inconsistency. Nothing man can before God, His omnipotence and His will. Nothing man can before God the Father Almighty.

Here is the advancing of the Father in this world. Here is the manifestation to the world, of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, wanted by the Father to re-route the people on the only Way that leads to salvation, to make everyone be part of the only Truth that saves so to have Life (Jn 14:6) and have it to the full (Jn 10:10), for eternity, in Christ, with Christ and for Christ.

Here is the victory of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, wanted by the Father to restore order and holiness in this world, to manifest to the world the shining Cross that will never extinguish (1Cor 1:18): the Cross of Light, Light of the Father’s Heart, which guides the peoples, so that the beacon of recognition of faith in Christ the Lord may revive many and so all those who have betrayed and challenged God may succumb and perish (2Ts 1:6-9), and no longer be able to harm God’s sons.

Here is the pride of God’s sons, who go up the Holy Mountain (Is 57:13b, Ps 99:9) praising God, the only God, the only begotten Saviour of the world, the Son of God, the Lord, the One and Triune God, for the victory and triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary who, with motherly care, prays unceasingly in the presence of the Father, so that every enemy is overcome and every son, who entrusts himself to Her, may be cradled like a Child in Her arms ( Ps 131:2), to receive shelter and solace.