The Easter of Resurrection
of the sons of the New Jerusalem


In the Land of Love chosen by the Father for all His sons, there is no room neither for death nor for all those who have given their whole ‘self’ to it, consecrating their heart to what is darkness and iniquity. All those who come to the New Jerusalem, give themselves totally to life, both human and worldly, and eternal above all (Jn 5:24). Worldly life, in that they are sons of this World. Eternal Life, in that they are sons of the Father’s Heart.   

In the Land of Love chosen by the Father for this humanity, His Heart beats, the Heart of the Child‑God that, throbbing, gives life, eternal Life (Jn 3:16; 3:36a; 17:3; 1Jn 2:25; 5:11). Every beat of It, is oxygen for the hearts of His sons. The lifeblood flows in the hearts of all those who, joining the Father’s Heart, want to fulfil the Plan of Salvation (Is 25:9; 45:17; 46:13; 52:7; 56;1; Heb 9:28; 1Pt1:3-5, Rev 12:10) wanted by the Father for this humanity: the Path, the “Itinerary”, as Jesus Himself has revealed to Maria Giuseppina Norcia announcing His return (Mt 24:44; Lk 12:40; Jn 14:16-18) in the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2); an itinerary that will end with the victory of God’s sons (Is 51:5; 1 Cor 15: 51-57; 1 Jn 5.4), as it was, is and always will be.

The Father sent His Son a first time in history: Jesus, the immolated Lamb (Jn 1:29.36; 1Pt 1: 18-19) who, by humanly sacrificing Himself, has spiritually given His Life to us all, giving and granting the possibility of salvation to all those who would have believed in Him and continued to persevere in His Name (Acts 4:12). 

In this Land of Love, the Father has once again sent down from Heaven (Mt 26:64; Mk 14:62; Acts 1:11) a part of His Heart. Once again, the Lamb of God (Rev 5:6; 7:10; 17:14) has come to win, no longer to succumb but to win and to ensure that the final fulfilment brings eternal wellness and vitality to the humanity redeemed by His infinite Love. This is what humanity has not understood, does not understand and does not want to understand. God is Spirit. God is Truth. God is Life. This is why Jesus said: «Believe me: the hour is coming — indeed is already here — when true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth: that is the kind of worshipper the Father seeks. God is spirit, and those who worship must worship in spirit and truth» (Jn 4:23-24). «Neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem» (Jn 4:21), Jesus said at the time. Because everything would be fulfilled on another mountain, Holy Mount, the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2), where God’s sons will worship the Father in Spirit and Truth, who in the Child‑God is.

This is the true purification. This is the Easter of God’s sons, the true metamorphosis which leads to become new Christians in being renewed by the one only Love that wins and will overcome the evil one and all what is evil. «Do not put the Lord your God to the test», it is written (Mt 4:7). No one can challenge God. No one can wage war against God. But when war is declared, we are to spiritually fight, with dedication and faith, to win. This is what the Father, in the Land of Love, instils in the hearts of His faithful sons, who are ready to do anything in defence of Christ and of His saving Sacrifice from the attacks perpetrated by those who have sold-off and betrayed Him again. Here is the war waged against God and His Spirit by those who have betrayed Christ deep down inside. And no one can remain lukewarm (Ap 3:16) or indifferent to all what is happening, nor turn his back on the most tremendous attack that Satan has launched against Christianity.

In this battle the Father will never abandon His sons, but He accompanies them, watches over and will always protect them. Those who have betrayed the Father, succumb and will succumb. The house that has turned its back on the Will of the Father and the Sacrifice of His Son Jesus, crumbles and will crumble ever more. And every power vested to it, will totally be withdrawn by the Father; and without the power conferred by Heaven, everything will fall (Rev 18:7b-8; 21-24).

At that time the Son of God came on Earth saying that His was not a Kingdom of this world (Jn 18:36). That house, which was supposed to remain in perfect harmony with His Spirit, should have declared all this on a daily basis. But by her fornicating with human powers (Rev 17:2), that house has lost the right Way, wanting to be the master of this world, neglecting and betraying Heaven.

This world is to be conquered by Love, by good example and by leading people to aspire to Heaven, the one and true «Common Good» for every Christian and for all the men and women of good will who looking up to Heaven, want to love and live It.

Here is that the words written in the Book of Revelation are fulfilling and will be fulfilled. That woman (Rev 17), riding a scarlet beast (Rev 17:3b), sitting on the city of the seven hills (Rev 17:9) dressed in purple and scarlet (Rev 17:4), which from being pure has become unclean, mother of all prostitutes and all the filthy practices on the earth (Rev 17:5), no longer a mother but a stepmother and executioner of God’s sons, for being drunk with the blood of the saints and the blood of the martyrs of Jesus (Rev 17:6a), will fall and no longer will be. «Everything will be taken away from you. Your clothes and your jewels will be torn off, your nakedness will be displayed and your shame exposed and despised». This is what is written and what, at the behest of the Father, is now fulfilling and will be fulfilled (Ezk 16:35-39; see Is 47; see Rev 17; 18).  

Here is the army of Mary, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit. Here are the heavenly armies, headed by Saint Michael the Archangel, that win this world to bear witness to the Incarnate Word who will wave the banner of the victorious Christ, for Mary, with Mary and in Mary. 

Here is that humanity is renewed and clothed by the infinite motherly grace. Here is the action of the Father that advances, although many would not want the battle, despite the discontents of this world. On this Solemn and Holy Day of Resurrection, the Father effuses His Spirit into the hearts of His sons, the Spirit of victory, the fighting and living Spirit who always and increasingly declares the one and only Truth: the universality of His message. Christ Jesus has faced the world, every day, finding Himself before those who accused Him for having done what now and what after; but really having done only good and having brought order and holiness, so to lead everyone to return to the Master Way, which He himself embodied (Jn 14:6). Even at the time, people in order to go back to the right Track, were to unclothe of their ‘self’, to restore order in their life and in their daily life (Mt 16:24; Mk 8:34 Lk 9:23), without continuing to plunder the Spirit, that belonged and belongs to the Almighty Father. Jesus fought those priests, their hypocrisy, their falsehood, without ever backing away or failing (Mt 23).    

This is the path undertaken by God’s sons who, in the New Jerusalem, despite the adversities, have straight ahead of themselves one only objective: to manifest to the world the omnipotence of God (Rev 1:8; 15:2-4). In this time, humanity will see things never seen before. Inexplicable to human mind because they come from to the Justice of the Father. And the Merciful Justice of the Father is applied with meticulousness and determination. Not with the determination that the world knows, acting with wickedness, but putting into practice His Merciful Justice, that the Father owes to those who have remained faithful to Him.

Humanity will understand, because the Words written in the Book of Books were not understood before. Not a legend, but what happened will happen again, because the Father keeps His promises. And in front of His Omnipotence, so many hearts and many houses will melt like snow in the sun, will crumble and no longer will be.

This is the Easter of God’s sons, that will manifest to the whole world «that Cross that enlightens the world», as Mary Most Holy has revealed to the Maiden of God in this Land of Love: not a Cross of death but the Cross of Resurrection, because this Mother Land, trampled by many, rises again to manifest the Light of Christ, who has come down to the New Jerusalem, is born in the New Jerusalem (Rev 12:5), not to die again but to bring everyone to live for eternity (Jn 10:10b)