In the New Jerusalem,
the Father has established His Kingdom


Once again the Father has given a part of Himself, of His Heart, to manifest Himself in history (1 Cor 1:7), marking the beginning of the itinerary of the new Epiphany of the One and Triune God (Jn 1:14), come down to the New Jerusalem to dwell in the midst of His sons, with His sons, for His sons.

In the New Jerusalem, God’s Home among men (Rev 21:3), the Father has established His Throne (Rev 4:2). Wanted by the Father and granted to all His sons to worship the one only God, the one only Lord, the New and Heavenly Jerusalem (Rev 21:2) is the metaphysical Dwelling of God which joins Heaven and Earth. It’s inhabited by the angels and saints, in the living and total communion with the Heart of the Father, with the Heart of the Son and with the living action of the Holy Spirit, who leads here every son who wants to worship the One and Triune God. In the New Jerusalem there is the golden stairway (Gen 28:12) that connects Earth to Heaven, and re‑connects the Covenant with Heaven. Here, the martyrs and saints dwell, namely those who, died in eyes of the world (Rom 6:11), live to worship the true God, the one only Lord and Saviour, to assure that the one only God may reign, win and lead to resurrection. And in the New Jerusalem, every son, in the living equality and deep brotherhood, contemplates the true face of God.

The New Jerusalem is the House that unites the thought of the Father, from the origin (Jn 1:1) until everything will be accomplished, when peace will be stable and Life will be, for eternity. In the Land of Love chosen by the Father, Jesus has come down from Heaven again (Acts 1:11), starting the itinerary of His return. Already while He was ascending to Heaven to be reunited with the Father (Jn 6:62), Jesus saw this Corner of Heaven on Earth, where the Kingdom of the Father would be established (Mt 26:29), as announced to His first Apostles (Lk 2:29) and prepared for the Apostles of the end times (Lk 12:32) those who, strengthen by those words, fortified by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Jn 16:13), have conquered the chains of the world and, now as then, have challenged with the power of love every religious, economic and political power, which has enslaved God’s children again.

Here is the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:10). Here is the Place (Jn 14:2-3) wanted by the Father and announced in the Sacred Scripture (Is 60:1-2; Rev 3:12b), the Place where God’s sons proclaim again to everyone the joyous and good news (Lk 7:22) renewed in the Love of Christ and Mary. Here is that little girl who became a young Maiden who fixed the gaze of Jesus in Her heart and His smile on Her face, She who, filled with divine grace, has known how to contain the infinite Love, reaching to love Jesus as His Mother loved Him, She whom Jesus said to be the synthesis of all the prophets and ancient patriarchs. By welcoming the Son of God who came down from Heaven in Spirit and Truth (Jn 4:24), She welcomed all God’s sons, to allow the only-begotten Son (Jn 3:16) to gather the chosen people (Is 62:12) and lead them to eternal Life (1Jn 4:9).

The Father has established His Kingdom (Jn 3:3; Rev 5:10) in this Land of Love. This is the certainty of the sons of the Mother Church, where the announced and proclaimed words are fulfilled, where life conquers death, to allow God’s sons to rejoice and love one another like true brothers, to contemplate together the face of the Child God, who has placed His roots here and who, in the Father, in the Son and in the Holy Spirit, manifests and will manifest His royalty, His invincibility (Rev 17:14) and His infallibility of being the One and Triune God.