The living essence
of the Christian prayer


The Christian prayer is alive and holy and brings us closer to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. The heartfelt Christian prayer is invocation, is dialogue and is source of solace. It’s the process of complete closeness to the Father’s heart (Mt 6: 9-13).

The living prayer made with strength of purpose and sincere faith attains every benefit from the Father (Ps 65:20). Prayer helps in daily practicing the right path and in putting into practice the teachings that Jesus, the Son of God, has given to this humanity.

The prayer when continuous (Ps 139: 7) ensures that the heart, the soul and the spirit may continue to breathe and receive the holy oxygen that helps to live even more the authentic and holy Christian faith, so to be example to others, just as Mary did (Lk 1:38), She who is the fulcrum and the example in God’s hands (Lk 1:49): exemplary in Her way to ask, in Her way to give and in Her way to love, always loving God above all things (Lk 1:46).

The Christian prayer dwells in the heart of Mary (Lk 1:28), the Universal Mother, so that every son may feel loved, protected and alive in Her Immaculate Heart.

The Christian prayer is rest, is gain, is essence and substance of the Word of the Father, who constantly watches over His sons so that each one of them may invoke the Father (Ps 54,2; 60,2) so that God Himself, as Father, may listen and so give (Ps 65.19). Here is the mutual exchange of living love between Heaven and Its sons (Mt 6:6).

This is the Christian prayer. Not a mechanical prayer, not a prayer based on appearances but a continuous, spontaneous and intimate prayer which asks, not only to receive, but asks so to make grow and to increase faith in our heart more and more (Lk 17,6), so to receive every grace from the Father according to His Holy Will (Ps 118:16; Mt 6:10).

Whenever the Christian prayer is constantly present in the life of every son, more and more it generates good and holy sentiments in their hearts. Thus, the vivid and daily prayer lightens the yoke and burden of the sons (Mt 11:30), making them fly high and helping them to always answer “yes” to their call. Here is that lightness of love that Heaven bears and lessens for the love of God’s sons.

Many are instead those who ask only to obtain. That is the type of prayer made with personal command, which demands without giving. An empty prayer. A false prayer. A prayer made only to satisfy their “Self” (Mk 7:6-7).

Nowadays, for the world, prayer is a waste of time. It’s not a gain for the soul but a mental suffering that becomes a new slavery. Many think that by freeing themselves from prayer, they become free to manage their life, feeling strong and above God (Ps 9:25). This is the rule that many would like to impose on the hearts of others, making them believe that this is the true personal freedom.

In reality, the cornerstone, which is Christ the Lord, has again been rejected in many hearts (cf. Acts 4:11): it has been put aside and relegated to a corner, far away and under lock and key.

This is what many desire and would like to do with the Christian faith, in order to give even more room to a religious philosophy that imposes hatred above good, infidelity above authentic faith; and to give space to a selfish and disordered love, a love that teaches to love everything and everyone avoiding to give the right weight to Love thus being able to truly understand “the” meaning of the true Love (Eph 3:19).

Love will always overcome any kind of hatred (Rm 8:35) and will lead to the triumph all those who have remained grafted in Love (Rm 8:39). And in this graft (Jn 15: 5) there is and there will be the sign of the victory of God’s sons (Jn 15:9b). Jesus, our Friend, Brother and Teacher will never abandon His sons who entrust themselves to Him in the living and holy prayer (Jn 15:7), so that, once again in this world, the rule and the Commandment that contains the Law of the Father, may triumph once again, for the victory of all God’s sons (Mt 22:37-40): Love, the eternal Love that our Friend, Brother and Master Jesus taught and gave us (Jn 15:10).