Here there is the Holy Mountain
where God has placed His Tent


Here there is the Abode of God (Gn 28:17). This is the Land where the Father has placed His Tent (Rev 15:5). Tent: House of the Covenant, of the eternal and renewed Covenant of God, One and Triune, with His chosen people (Jer 31:31), with His sons, with all those who have remained faithful to His Love. This is the House (1Pt 4:17) for all those who fought for His Love and for all those who are grafted into His Love.

The New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2) is this Land of Love, by which the Father has re-established His ultimate Covenant (Jer 32:40) making it authentic and holy in Jesus, the Son of the living God.

This is the mountain, as it is written and foretold (Jn 4:21), where God would have been worshipped – and is now worshipped (Jn 4:23), in Spirit and Truth, so that all may know, love and live the Truth (Jn 8:32), and consequently totally espousing it, will be separated from the unclean spirit that dominates the world.

Here is the Holy Mountain (Jer 31:23; Zc 8:3) where, as true Man, Jesus is true God, in His essence and in His substance, so that all those who here arrive may feel the presence of the Father in the Son, and hence be surrounded by the Love of the Holy Spirit (Eph 2:10). Only those who arrive here and deny the action of the Spirit and the effects of His action on souls, will not be able to understand and feel that living Flame that warms the heart. Anyone who arrives here with the right predisposition of heart to understand, discover and love, will receive everything. God gives everything. God makes everything be understood. The necessary condition for all this to happen is to unclothe ourselves (cf. Phil 2:7-8) of our humanity, of our ‘self’, of our judgments and prejudices, emptying our heart of all that is world thus making it ready for the action of the Spirit.

As the Most High has sheltered Mary with His shadow (Lk 1:35), filling Her with His infinite grace (Lk 1:28) so that She might give the Saviour to the world, in the same way Jesus, with His Love, has covered His sons with His shadow (Ps 16:8; 90:1; 120:5) : at the beginning of time, those first sons and friends, the Apostles of the first hour (Mk 9:7); in these times, the last times of Christianity, the sons of the New Jerusalem (cf. Lk 1:78-79), filling them with His Love and wisdom. David’s love was infinite (Ps 100:1). Solomon’s wisdom was infinite (2Ch 9,22-23). But the love and wisdom with which the Lord reigns and will reign in the New Jerusalem will have neither limits nor boundaries (Mt 12:42).

The resurgence of Christ the Lord over the world has started from this holy mountain (Jl 4:17). A resurgence in favour of His sons and against a world that has persevered in error, rejecting Jesus again (Ps 117:22; Acts 4:11): His saving sacrifice, His remembrance, His life, His coming. Few are those today who still remember that Jesus, the Man God, was on earth. Few are those today who still remember His promise (Mt 24:39) that He would have returned (Ml 3:2; 1Ts 3:13); and that then His resurgence would have taken place (2Ts 2:8).

Many now forget His coming (1Ts 5:23) and His resurgence because they are satisfied with all that is human. Man has forgotten God. Those called to make Him known have made use of His holy Name to serve their own interests, concealing a dishonest and purely human action (Mt 7:23). Holiness is far above and beyond all that is human. Holiness rejects what the world administers with lies. Holiness demands loyalty, fairness and brotherhood.  

God is good. God is Holy. God is accommodating. But God is not only this. God is also veracious and upright (Mt 13:41-42). And this is the side of Him that many have wanted to forget and make others forget. Jesus will give light to the world so that what is now concealed will be unveiled and every evildoing will be seen. The merciful justice of God will cast its shadow on all denigrators, on all traitors (Acts 7:52) and on those who have made use of His holy Name to stand out before the powerful of the world but subjugating the little ones, abusing them and all what is holy (Rev 18:6). Many hearts that now are dormant will be awakened by the action of the meticulous and holy justice of the Lord and they will be regenerated in Love. All hearts that have become temples of the unclean spirit will be stung by this holy action (Hos 4), which has begun and will even more enter into full action. The world will hear the inconsolable weeping (Mt 13:49-50) of those who have blasphemed, denied and betrayed the Holy Spirit (Mt 12:32). On one hand, every tear will be an excruciating pain at the memory of all the evil committed (Wis 11:12); on the other hand, the conquest of souls that the Spirit will redeem and regenerate (Rev 7:17), to lead them to the Little Cradle, the Source Font of the Holy Spirit, the cleansing water of souls (Tt 3:5), the place where the creatures will become “sons” (Jn 1:12) and the sinners will rise to new life (Rev 21:4), in Christ, with Christ and for Christ.

This is why Jesus revealed to His Maiden, Maria Giuseppina Norcia, that He would have preserved this Land of Love and mercy (Lk 1:50) for He Himself and for His sons, the place over which neither the world nor the Sanhedrin would have authority, so to bring holiness and the living Love back to the centre.

This is what the first friends of Jesus, the first Apostles, saw on Mount Tabor (Mt 17:1-8): the Holy City (Rev 21:10), at first hidden from their eyes but now made manifest, to them as well as to all who now see the holy mountain (Is 56:7) of God, onto which the New Jerusalem is: the metaphysical Home of God among men (Rev 21:3).

On Mount Tabor, Jesus was preparing the hearts of His first Apostles, to make them understand for first the call at that time (Mk 9:2-8); to then understand, over time, the ultimate call that would be fulfilled in this mountain (Ps 42:3). Jesus on Mount Tabor sanctified the hearts of His first Friends, joining them totally to His Heart, so that they would bear witness of the completeness of the Son of God (Lk 9:28-36). Now it will be the Apostles of the last times, these times, who will sing praises to the Most High (Ps 91:2) upon this Mountain (Is 2:2): a song that will rise higher and higher in Heaven and that will be heard more and more on Earth.  

It cannot be that a city placed on a mountain is not seen. The City (Rev 21:23) placed on the Mount of God (Ez 40:2) cannot remain in the shadows because it is called to give Light (Mt 5:15; 2Cor 4:6), Christ the Light (Jn 1:9): that Light that the world has tried to extinguish (Jn 3:19) but that the Father has kept enflamed, to make it now shine in the hearts of all true Christians (Jn 1:12) and of those of good will (Lk 2:14).