The Baptism of light of the sons of Christ

In the New Jerusalem, the Spirit is alive. In this humble Land of Love, God is the only primary Good. The world no longer lives the Spirit of Christ and now as then it is all caught up in everything but God or what belongs to Him (Jn 1:11). In the New Jerusalem, there is the Font Source of the Holy Spirit in which all are invited to dip into, in a new Baptism of conversion and purification, through the Holy Spirit and Fire, in order to be reborn from Above and be clothed again by the Light of the Infant Jesus, who has come down again from Heaven (Acts 1:11) to bring everyone to live the Mystery of Christ, the Way, the Truth and Life.  

This is what Jesus promised to Maria Giuseppina Norcia, the humble Handmaid of God, the Maiden who has known how to enclose in Her pure Heart the only Love that saves and how to share it, as a precious gift, and to disclose that Love, Christ the Love, the Word made flesh (Jn 1:14), the living Bread which came down from Heaven, so that it could multiply in many hearts (cf. Jn 6:5-13).   

Man are unable to understand the Mystery of God because they do not want to understand, preferring to lose themselves in many human reasonings that wander away from the heart and the Spirit. Many would want to understand everything with their own human logic, going so far as to deny what is obvious, which would lead them to go against themselves. For others, what matters is their wanting to stay and remain above everyone and thus enslaving again those who want to understand in the light of the Spirit. This humanity has fallen back again and has not been reborn in Christ and continually dies. This is why they fail to understand “the” Christmas of Christ, in its essence and substance; and therefore are unable to understand the essence of their personal Christmas in Christ, the Baptism: namely to be born in the light in the One who is Light (Jn 12:36a) so to receive the Light (Is 60:1) that enlightens the world, that brightens and makes free. Free to live while being in the world but not by living the flatteries of the world (Dt 11:32), so as not to be overwhelmed by them but to rediscover that sweet tie of love that allows to remain united to the Redeemer (Jn 1:29) and to the Coredemptrix, Mary (Lk 1:49), She who is Mother, Queen and Bride.

This is the Baptism of Light of all God’s sons: to be reborn from Above (Jn 3:7), in the Spirit of Christ who is Light (2Cor 4:6), so to take part and live the communion of heart, soul and spirit with He who is the Way, the Truth and Life (Jn 14:6).

Great have been those who have over time wanted to keep alive in their hearts the only teaching of the Brother Jesus: love your neighbour as yourself (Jn 15:12). This is the teaching to be true worshipers of God in Spirit and Truth (Jn 4:23), to be peacemakers and to be called sons of God (Mt 5:9), so to then be able to forgive and live a righteous and holy life, without selling-off our birthright (Gn 25:34) and our dignity but keeping alive that holy pride that belongs to the sons of God: to those who through baptism (Rm 6:4) become “sons” in the Son (Jn 1:12). This is the reason why God’s sons are attacked, derided and estranged, because they have the seal of the living God in their heart and in their way of being, making therefore other people feel embarrassed because of their lifestyle.

The sons of God are called to be upright and truthful, holy and obedient, pure and humble (Mt 5:48). This is the difference between those who daily commit themselves, with heart and will, in order to be of Christ, for Christ and with Christ, compared to those who live the world, its spirit and its flatteries.  

Here are the lamps, placed at the centre to give light (Gn 1:17). From this Little Cradle, the burning flame of the Father enlightens all the hearts that here arrive, draw and treasure that spark that leads them along the ways of the world. Nowadays, very few are the sparks compared to the darkness of the world. But these sparks will bear holy fruits that will radiate the ways to remove the darkness, remove the gloom and show the world that Cross that illuminates the world (Lk 2:32), that Cross of light and fire, which many will see and love but for others it will be too heavy and overwhelming again.

This is what God, the Good and Holy, Merciful and righteous Father, has promised to those who have chosen to become His “sons” by being baptized in His Son (1Jn 3:1a). In the heart of all Christians who remain united to Christ, God the Father Almighty will reawaken the desire to recognize themselves in the one Christian identity, which will never be sold-off in this Land of Love. And in His omnipotence, the Father will use the power of His arm over those who oppress His sons in His Name, showing thus His Justice (Ps 93:1).

In this Land, in this second and last grotto of Christianity (cf. Lk 2:12), the so-awaited (Ps 118:81) and proclaimed salvation has been welcomed by many and is coming to complete fruition. In this Little Cradle, cleansing Font of souls (Tit 3:5), the Father’s Mercy is alive and embraces all those who want to be reborn in the Baptism (Mk 10:38) of the Holy Spirit and Fire, in Christ, with Christ and for Christ (Mt 3:11).

On this day, united to Your Fatherly Heart, to You do we turn our plea, so that it may be accepted and may mark the rebirth, the new baptism of conversion and purification (1Pt 3:21), for all those who believe and want to win through Your Son: «All for You, Father, so that the world may see and repent. Give strength to your sons. May Your Light (Jn 8:12) continually enlighten them so that they may show Your holiness. And may this holiness be more and more understood, loved and shared, so that it may be the bulwark of Your identity for everyone».