The eternal childhood
of the Church of Christ


The sons of the Mother Church have a living devotion for She who is Mother, Queen and universal Coredemptrix (Gn 3:15; Lk 1:28.30-31.47-49; Rev 12). And the more alive is the devotion and the love for Her heart, the more joyful and victorious will be our ecclesial journey and our being assembly of believers in Christ, the Child God who has come down to the New Jerusalem to bring all the people to salvation.

Jesus asks His disciples to convert every day in order to return to be children in heart and so adults in faith (Mt 18:3-4), pillars of the temple of God that will never collapse but remain firm in faith, to bring everyone to Christ and Mary. Jesus teaches that those who want to be great must make themselves little as a child: not being naive but docile to the Father’s will, just as the child Jesus did (Lk 3:51-52), just as the child Mary did and just as Maria Giuseppina Norcia did since Her childhood, who grew up in total obedience to Jesus, remaining docile to His will, every day saying: “Do with me as You please; may Your will be done”.

This is the meaning of being reborn from Above (Jn 3:3), to be renewed in Christ and Mary, to live in eternal childhood their Call with responsibility and awareness, following the example of Christ and Mary. This is the Call of God’s sons who, on the example of the Child Jesus, want to become great, without skipping the steps risking thus to burn their youth falling into evil and sin, but wanting to grow-up as true men and true Christians, respecting and loving their neighbour and respecting and loving the Ten Commandments of the Father (Ex 20:1-17; Mt 22:37-40), just as the child Jesus did.

This is the timeless and eternal teaching of Jesus. The Ten Commandments are absolute and must be loved and understood through the Commandment of Love of the Son. The Father is in the Son and the Son is in the Father. The Father and the Son are One (Jn 17:11b). Woe to all those who try and will try to divide the Father from the Son and the Son from the Father (1Jn 2:22). Those men have already lost and will increasingly lose the friendship of God (Jn 3:36).

This is the universal Christian faith of the new Christians born again in the Spirit, sons of the One, Holy and Universal Mother Church; children in heart that want to die to all what is world (Rev 7:14) to become great in the Kingdom of Heaven that in the New Jerusalem already is. Whoever is reborn from Above and wants to remain eternally young, is called to offer and suffer for the love of Jesus and Mary, following the example of the saints and martyrs of Christianity who offered all for the love of the Lord (Rev 12:11). As Jesus revealed to Maria Giuseppina Norcia, “there will be salvation but it cannot be a gift”. God, in His infinite mercy (Ps 105:1), helps His sons but they must be ready, so to manifest themselves to the world as true men and true Christians. As it is said, “God helps those who help themselves”.

Those who love God abide by the Ten Commandments and are saved. Those who don’t, will lose their life and will go to hell. This is the simple and absolute truth. Here is the timeless teaching of the Master that the sons are called to embody thus bringing all men and women of good will to live it. Those who want to be holy must cut every tie with sin, so to be pure and holy from now on, like Mary was, totally holy, totally pure, She who regenerated in the spirit the sons of Christ. The Mother Church did not hesitate to cut off from Her own body those limbs that were cause of downfall for souls (Mt 18: 8-9), so to manifest today Her holy childhood, Her goodness and Her authenticity. A pure and young church, prepared as a bride for Her husband (Rev 21:2), that, through Her eternal children, will reveal Jesus to the world, who has come down here (Acts 1:11) as a Child to bring everyone back to the original childhood, to draw everyone to Himself with His Goodness and mercy, to heal a world that is mortally sick, fallen prey to vice, sin and corruption. A world that can never rise up again without God’s help.

This is the Church of Mary, the eternal Maiden; the Church of those who want to be and live in eternal childhood, who live, are thrilled and rejoice for every sinner who converts, for all the sick who are healed and return to life (Lk 15:10).