The holy Hill of God


Those who recognize Him (Jn 1:12; 1Jn 3:2b) will receive the grace of living forever alongside the Son of God. Those who have wanted to live and kept on living His teachings (Ps 118: 2) will receive the just reward from the Father (Wis 5:15). Those who have kept alive their faith in the Son of God (1Cor 16:13; Heb 4:14) in righteousness and holiness, will receive the Kingdom of God (Rev 11:17), a Kingdom of Peace and Love, which comes true in the Little Cradle chosen by the Father. All those who have welcomed the holy message – betimes given to many, allowing all hearts to welcome and live it – that rose from the Land of Love, will receive the eternal smile of God.

From the New Jerusalem, the Corner of Heaven on Earth (Rev 21:2), the voice of Heaven has raised to bring all the humble, simple, small and innocent hearts (Lk 10:21) to understand the complete love of the Father, who through the manifestation of His Son, has presented Himself to the world.

From a corner of the Earth, in the concealment to the world’s eyes, once again holiness has come to cut through the darkness (Lk 1:79), that darkness wanted by the world in its ongoing moving away from the one God: a corrupt and depraved world that has again apostatized from the true faith and from the Covenant with God (Dn 11:32).

Here there is God’s Home (Gn 28:16-17), placed on this Hill (Is 5:1; Ez 34:26) to illuminate and keep the Father’s Flame alive. A living and holy Hill (Mic 4:8) which has become the only Mountain (Is 2:2-5) where those who worship the Father, love and live the one Spirit and the one Truth (Jn 4:23-24).

Everything around the Hill of God becomes flat. There are no longer hills but only a barren clearing (Jer 50:6). Here is the human and spiritual desert, which grips and will grip the hearts (Is 64:9; Ez 26:14). On this Mountain (Is 65:9), the word and the grace of the Father will overflow (2Cor 4:15). An upright and holy breeze will be with the sons in their living the everlasting Light (Is 60:19), as opposed to the clearing where the drought and the unholy heat will continue to burn and dry more and more: heart, soul and spirit, making them live and savour, already on this Earth, their distance from God, to then be eternally thrown into the eternal blazing furnace (Mt 13:42).

The Holy House will shine (Heb 8:10). The unclean house will succumb (Rev 18:2). A sword cuts and will cut more and more the foundations that are no longer laid on the rock, which is Christ, but on a ground continually shaken by the spiritual earthquake of God (Rev 18:10), which will awaken consciences and will lead people of good will to understand and to take action, so that the one Truth may increasingly manifest itself as the sign of the one only Covenant renewed in the Child Jesus.

Selfishness will cease. Injustices will cease. Every sort of sin will cease and all backbiting will cease (Rev 19:1-2). Every thought not in line with the Father’s thought will be overcome so that the living action of the Holy Spirit may restore order and discipline, in a dissolute world ruled by many who are no longer able and no longer want to find the line of truth, mixing what is true with what is false, so that falsehood may conceal the enmity, the sin, the selfishness and the wickedness that are now rampant in this world.

The Father’s arm is ready to show its weight (Is 30:30; Jer 21:5) for the victory and triumph of the only saving name: Jesus (Mt 1:21), who will continue to dispense his Love in this blessed land, for every son and for all those hearts that will come to the New Jerusalem yearning to live, love and sing the praises of the Most High (Ps 70:23; 83:5).