The sons of God live in the world
without belonging to the logic of the world


The sons of God are called to live in this world without indulging to or being seduced by its flatteries (Jas 1:12). Those who want to be light, following the example of Christ the Light (Jn 1:4), are to live in the world without belonging to what is world, to its logic and its flatteries (Dn 11:32), so to be more and more holy and to be elevated by the Spirit – who is holy and is true Man (Jn 1:14) – over those who have chosen to slither in the world (cf. Gen 3:14), for having preferred to serve the Prince of this world (Jn 12:31) instead of embracing the Light.  

The Light has now descended again (Rev 22:5) into this arid and lost humanity, to enlighten the people and shepherd the new Israel of God (Is 42:6; 49:6) on the grassy pastures of the New Jerusalem. Those who let themselves be led by the action of the Spirit (Lk 4:1), will face and overcome every trial, so to increasingly become as He is and, on His example, to become many little Jesuses (1Jn 3:2).

Those who live the world are blinded by the vainglory, by the lust for power and the god money (Mt 6:24) and, more sooner than later, will find themselves overwhelmed by the infernal machine conceived by the enemy of God to suffocate the hearts, to make men slaves again, imprisoning them with their own chains (Jer 34:16).

All what is now considered to be strong in this world is bound to pass away. Everything will pass away. What will not pass away are Jesus’ words (Mt 24:35), which will not pass away without having been fulfilled. Those who remain steadfast in faith, trusting in Christ the Lord, will never be disappointed.

Those who, being at the mercy of the world, are losing and will definitively lose sight of the true Love and the final goal (Phil 3:14) for a miserable hour of human and fleeting glory, will not be able to emerge unscathed from the time of trial when they will be called to face the greatest temptation.

Those who, with balance, will be able to live in this world of what is necessary, with dignity and holiness, will be clothed by the light of Jesus (Is 60: 1), and will inherit the earth (Mt 5:5) to live the Kingdom of God (Mt 6:33). Theirs will be honour and glory (Rev 21:26).