Let your ‘Yes’ mean ‘Yes,’
and your ‘No’ mean ‘No.’
Anything more comes from the evil one


We are living in the hard and difficult times that Jesus foretold in the Gospel and confirmed to Maria Giuseppina Norcia. Times of bewilderment for so many, even and especially for many who claim to be Christians (Mt 24:24). The abomination of desolation has prevailed and has entered the Place that for many should have remained Holy (Mt 24:15). And the errors widely disseminated, now produce their fruits: fruits of apostasy (2Ts 2:3), fruits of numbing consciences, fruits of a humanism that is empty of Christ and of the teaching of Holy Scripture.

Now, facing all that is falling and crumbling, people need concreteness; they need simple but coherent, linear and clear words (Jn 8:45), which lead them all to the one and only absolute Truth (Jn 14:7); and not to the numerous personal truths that men would like to carve out to suit their standards, according to their own interests and lusts (2Tim 4:3).

In this context, which has been deliberately made murky and confused by the action of God’s enemy – who shows himself in the form of a deceptive “love” and misleading “good” (2Ts 2:3-12) but that are not Love and Good – Christians need certainties. This is the time in which the sons of God, are to respond with straightforwardness where they see ambiguity, always bearing in mind the essence of the Christian message: “Say ‘Yes’ if you mean yes, ‘No’ if you mean no”, teaches the Master, “anything more than this comes from the Evil One” (Mt 5:37).

In these last times of Christianity, the Truth is ever more inconvenient (Am 5:10). Christ and His authentic teaching have become uncomfortable. But the Truth is unique, absolute and timeless: Jesus (Jn 14:6). Humankind has again discarded Jesus (Ps 117:22; Mk 12:10). Instead of putting the Truth of the Gospel, of the Sacred Scripture, back at the centre, the world would even like to twist and manipulate the Thought and Teaching of God to their own desires, to satisfy their lusts and turn to myths (2Tim 4:4). Here is the rampant apostasy, caused also and especially by the doctrinal yielding of a house that should never have allowed the abomination of desolation to stand where it should not be (Mk 13:14). What is dominating, even in the churches, is the politics of the eternal compromise, of the ‘politically correct’’, which would like to invade, to overwhelm and thus change even the authentic Christian teachings (Tit 2:1). Men and women, Christians and also the consecrated, increasingly seek compromises so as to not harm one and favour others; to make every thought seem good; to make everything pass as an indistinct “love”, trampling on the teaching of the true and only Love made Person: Jesus (Jn 1:14).

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem will always overturn the ambiguity about “to say or not to say”; about “saying one thing but actually thinking another”; about “having first stated a thought, then twisting it later” (Pr 16:28). The Mother Church will now increasingly manifest her maternal action (Rev 12:1), to welcome into her bosom the sons who love Jesus, to make the Gospel of the Son of God more and more loved (2Tim 1:8), a Gospel that is not only written words but is a Gospel of Life, taught with example and holiness, making the words spoken by the Master at that time, well understood now, in this time, so that errors of the past may ward off the errors of the present, by a living and total understanding (Eph 3:4). Only in this way, those who want to be and truly live as Christians can do so, acknowledging what is good and what is evil (Deut 30:15), what is sin and what is not (Jn 8:43-46).

What is needed now is straightness and coherence, holy firmness (Titus 1:13) and sincere Love (2 Cor 6:6-7), in Him who is the Absolute Truth (John 14:6). Considering that the freedom of man is a fundamental principle on which is founded the relationship between the Creator and the creatures, the Creator will judge, accordingly, on the base of the actions of each person: there will be those who reap Love (Mt 25:34) and those who reap God’s Justice (1Jn 5:17).

Only in Truth there is true Freedom. Without Truth, in fact, there is no “Freedom”. As the Master teaches, it’s the Truth that sets man free (Jn 8:32). All else is deception (1Cor 6:10). This is why now true Christians must be as rock, as the only and true bulwark (Ps 30:4) against the rampant deviation of this world, keeping the helm straight towards the goal, in a calm and placid sea, without selling all off, but making the only thought that matters fully acknowledged: eternal Life (Jn 6:40).