Sacred Heart of Jesus,
make me love You ever more


In the Land of Love, God the Almighty Father has given us all His Love, which in union with the Love of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, sets us holy and free (Jn 8:32), in that spiritual freedom that allows to contemplate God above all things: to love Him, to live Him and thus to be regenerated by His love (Mk 12:30), so to understand the Heart of the Son of God who beats in this Land to give life and holiness (Jn 3:16).

All God’s sons are called on to recognise themselves in that heartbeat of Love that is clearly perceptible in this Land (Ps 67:11), giving new lifeblood to those who have lost it and joy to those who no longer have it.

There is God’s breath in this heartbeat, that pure oxygen that makes us alive and genuine (Gen 2:7).

Here is the heartbeat of the Son of God who has placed His Tent in the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2-3) providing shelter to all those who ask and seek to live in the Heart of the Son of God.

In the New Jerusalem, Jesus is Friend and Brother (Jn 15:15), and welcomes those who want to find a Home here, the sign of the Covenant (Heb 8:8) and of the union between humanity and Heaven.

Here is the emblem of Christ’s Home, where all those who set foot here with a sincere heart will feel the warmth of the love of Christ the Lord and will be one with His Heart (Rom 8:39).

Here is the Heart of the Son of God. A Heart that has so much offered and suffered, and that is now immeasurably capable of giving Love forever more. Jesus suffered pain to reconcile humanity to the Father’s Heart, never withdrawing from anything, expiating for many, obtaining for Himself the extreme sacrifice (Jn 15:13). This is the reason why Christ has taken so much upon Himself and now wants to give even more to thus regenerate everyone in His eternal Love (Ps 116:2).

This is God’s Heart that expands beyond measure to welcome as many possible sons and brothers yearning to be in His Heart (Jer 24:7) and in His Love, to be with Christ, in Christ and for Christ; and thus taking part in His Plan of Salvation and in the Plan of Love and Redemption (Rm 3:21-24) of the Father’s Heart, so that we, as one Heart and one soul, may transmit the only begotten Spirit which is Life and gives Life (Jn 6:63), allowing everyone to be in the one only Body and with one voice to say: “Father, welcome me in your Heart. Son, regenerate me in Your Heart. And through the work of the Holy Spirit, consecrate me totally to Your Will, to the beating Heart of the Father’s Love” (Mt 11:27).

This is what Jesus needs now, as Man and as God. No longer just words but a strong will that turns into holy works (Jas 2:14-17), to walk on the right Way putting His teachings into practice (Ps 118:144).

Here are God’s Saints (Col 3:12-13), who must differentiate themselves from all those who live the world and only for appearances (Mt 23: 25-27), those who speak and say empty words without God’s consistency that is Spirit and provides the words with a living and profound meaning transforming them into works that bear fruit (Jas 2:20-24).

These are the living saints whom Christ the Lord needs now (Rev 14:12), so that God’s Home, Heart of Jesus, may be inhabited by men who have made of their lives a living Cradle for the Child Jesus (Ez 37:27).

One Heart and one soul (Acts 4:32), to thus transmit to everyone the Light that saves (Jn 1:9); so that the “Mystery” of Baby Jesus may be fully understood with deep awareness and His true Life completely acknowledged and lived (Jn 1:4).