The Dwelling Place of the Holy Spirit


Here is the Dwelling Place of the Holy Spirit (Rev 21:3), where the Water of the Font of Life springs‑up (Rev 21:6) to gush into the hearts of all those who in the New Jerusalem believe, in the New Jerusalem love and in the New Jerusalem are in God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Here is the Place chosen by the Father for the Lord’s return (Acts 1:11).

Here is God’s people, one, holy and universal, that is increasingly shaping up (Is 10:20-22; Lk 12:32) so to become one Body and one soul, beating as one with the only Heart that gives Life. The only begotten Spirit blows, advances and manifests Himself for the fulfilment of the Plan of Love and Redemption.

This is the time in which God’s sons must be ready (Lk 12:35) for everything is being fulfilled: every word, every promise, every action. Jesus’s word is timeless and eternal, always consistent, in every time that has been lived and that is being lived. Say “Yes” if you mean yes, say “No” if you mean no; anything more than this comes from the Evil One (Mt 5:37). And in these times, where the world has fallen prey to the evil one, many live only for the “anything more”, because satan has taken over many hearts.

Here is the action of purification of the Holy Spirit (Mal 3:1-3) that, in union with the heavenly hosts, will purify this world, so that all those animated by good will and all peacemakers may come to the New Jerusalem and be immersed in the Font Source of the Holy Spirit and purified inwardly.

This is the certainty and the true faith of all God’s sons, who meet in the Abode of the Divine Spirit to merge into the only Tree that gives Life (Rev 22:2). The doubters and the uncertain will remain outside this Dwelling Place, for not having accepted the universal message that has risen from this Mother Church, that would have made them able to understand the ascension of the Son of God, the assumption of Mary and ready to welcome anew the Lord in the Land of Love chosen by the Father, destined for His Son and animated by the Love of Mary, in that unique eternal Love which binds the Mother to the Son, the Son to the sons and the sons to the Father (Jn 17:21-22).

The New Jerusalem is the Holy City (Rev 21:2) where the Lord manifests Himself as true God and true man, where the Lord sits at the same table with His sons, to live the Kingdom together (Lk 13:29), the House of God, where the Lord looks and scrutinizes, to welcome, to caress and live His faithful sons, to live them eternally. In the Holy City the last will not remain the last but whoever believes and perseveres till the end, without doubts and uncertainties, will be saved (Lk 13:30).  

Those who don’t have and will not have kept a firm faith and do not have and will not have persevered in believing, will be lost and will not be able to savour the delights and the wonders that instead will be the daily life for all God’s beloved sons. Not a fleeting but an eternal daily life. An everyday life filled with the Holy Spirit, with that same Spirit effused on the first brothers of the Master who awaited the Paraclete (Jn 14:16) in bringing Life to everyone, erasing death, making the Holy Spirit, that is Love, flourish again in everyone’s heart: that Love that they had learned to know and to live, so in turn then make it lived by all those animated by good will.

The first disciples lived the Holy Spirit of Love and now they are united with the disciples of these last times, allowing everyone to live the same Spirit, so that this spiritual action may bear fruit and be completely fulfilled. After having met the Paraclete (Jn 14:26), there were no more doubts, uncertainties or insecurities in the hearts of those disciples but one only certainty: to entrust themselves to the Paraclete (Jn 15:26) and to take His hands as the only way to nullify their own “self” thus making the one who is Life (Jn 14:6) live and be in the hearts of all. This is the certainty that must now animate the sons of the Land of Love, the Place where the Holy Spirit has taken up permanent residence (Jn 16:7).

The Holy Spirit is Life (Jn 4:23) and has come and daily comes in the Land of Love to bring true Life to everyone (Jn 4:24), warding off all evil and overcoming death (1Cor 15:55); overcoming sin to raise this arid humanity into God’s Love.

Here is the Land where the Font of Life is (Rev 22:17).

Here is the water of the Holy Spirit of Love that purifies and sanctifies. Here is Life, which penetrates everyone’s heart to become one only expression: God, He who is Father, He who is Son and He who is Holy Spirit (Rev 22:20).