The Little Cradle,
the fertile ground of God


The Little Cradle of Baby Jesus is God’s Dwelling Place on this Earth (Rev 21:2). And in the Cradle of Love, the Son of God manifests His Spirit as true Judge and true King (Mt 25:34). The Only Begotten Spirit carries out the actions dictated by the Father and works to complete and to gather-up, in the name of He who is, His eternal people who will wave the banner of the victorious Christ to let enter His Kingdom all of His saved ones, His friends, those who want to live in the Kingdom that is harmonized by God the Father Almighty by His presence as Father, as Son and as Holy Spirit and is delighted by the Love of Mary, Mother of God and universal Mother.

Milk and honey flow from the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Cant 4:11) for every son who wants to grow, live and be in the Land of Love, so to let everyone be in the only Son of God.

Here are those called in this Little Cradle in these last times of salvation for humanity. All that has been said is being fulfilled. The sons of God, on the example of the only-begotten Son, obey the Father’s behests for the fulfilment of His will (Mt 6:10).

Here is the holy friendship that unites the Son to His sons: friends and not servants (Jn 15:15). And in this friendship, there is the holy service to the Mother Church, for it may bear fruit and holiness, for that holiness may overpass all human and spiritual boundaries, allowing thus the world to see and, whoever wants, to repent.

It is written that whoever sets his hand to the plough must never look back to what was left behind (Lk 9:62). Christ is the Plough. His sons are the workers of His vineyard (Mt 20:1). Christ is the Plough that will dent every barren ground, breaking every hard clod to make it a fertile ground where His workers can sow for the seed to reach the depths of the heart and take root. And for the seed to be safe, it must be watered with Love and holiness, with good works and holy thoughts, with faith and trust in the Son of God. In so doing, that seed bears fruit, not to ten, not to twenty but to a hundred (Lk 8:15), because it is nourished by the Love of Jesus and by the Love of Mary, Eternal Maiden, leafy Tree of Christianity. Mary, She who gave Christ to the world, for the salvation of every son (Gen 3:15).

The Little Cradle is the fertile ground of God, raised by the Father as to be the Sacrarium of the world, which contrasts with the spiritual aridity of a world and a church demolished by the Warrior of God (Rev 18:21): a courtyard of the church that once was and now no longer is (Rev 18:2), that has negotiated the timeless and eternal values ​​of Jesus with fleeting, ephemeral and insignificant values, that has traded the substantial Love, which is the Love of Jesus, with an outward and insignificant love.

In a house, what is only appearance is crumbling. The image of the new golden calf is crumbling again (Hos 8:6). Whoever looks with the eyes of the spirit already sees those who run away, already hears the screams and moaning (Rev 18:4). And soon even the world will see and hear. But woe to melancholy. Woe to all those who will cry for those who, having looked back, are not fit for the Kingdom of God (Lk 9: 60-62).

In the Little Cradle, God’s love fills all hearts and becomes substance and essence in those who want their thirst to be quenched by the love of Christ (Rom 8:35), His gratitude and His sentiment as Friend and Brother.

In the Little Cradle, Christ, the King of Life (Jn 1:4; Rev 1:5), gives Himself to all those who, clothing themselves by the Light, the new Light (Jn 1:9), want to shine in order to be lamps, to be flame, to be in Christ, with Christ and for Christ (Jn 1:12), so that Mary may feel burning with living joy in heart for having saved Her sons (Lk 1:49).