Time of Lent,
time of intolerance towards sin


The New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2) is the Dwelling Place chosen by the Heart of God, He who is the true Judge and the true King (Wis 9:7) of the Universe, the true Father and true Son (Mt 25:31- 46), He who infuses by the action of the Holy Spirit every heart with His holy and universal Doctrine (Jn 7:16): Love and Holiness. In the Little Cradle of the Child Jesus there is the Oasis of God’s infinite Love (Mt 9:13). And in this Oasis of Love, the intolerance towards sin is alive (Rom 12:9).

This is what, as true God and true Man (1Jn 5:20), Jesus teaches from the Land of Love where God has placed His Tent (Rev 7:15). And this is what the sons of God (Jn 1:12) and those who arrive here, feel in their hearts: true Love, true humbleness and ineffable holiness. 

Here is Heaven on Earth (Rev 2:7), which manifests Itself in these hard and difficult times. Anyone who wants to live the Good and to ward‑off all what is evil, is to come to the New Jerusalem. Anyone who wants to live the holy time of God and to be reborn to new life must desire to be purified inwardly (Ps 50:9), so to be holy and renewed, in the Love of God’s Son Jesus, our Friend and Master, the only Supreme Good.

The New Jerusalem (Rev 3:12) is deeply rooted in the Father’s Heart: is far away from sin, from the slavery of the world and from a human freedom that brings death and destruction in the hearts. In the New Jerusalem, sin is far away, Love is alive, the holy watchfulness is alive (Prv 4:23; Dan 12:1; Gal 6:1).

This is the message of Love that rises from the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus in this holy time; that timeless message which the Father has unceasingly evoked, evokes and will evoke so to bring all the sons of the Mother Church to live, to grow, to love and to make themselves be loved for their moral and spiritual uprightness (Job 2:3; 27:5; Ps 25:1), as well as for their living and total abnegation to the Mystery of God. Died to the sight of the world (Col 2:20-23) and intolerant towards sin (Heb 12:4) but filled with Love and ready to give their life for God and for what is His (Jn 10:11).

In His time, God infuses His living and holy, proud and truthful Goodness in the hearts of His holy and faithful sons (Ps 25:3; Lk 1:78), so that they may all live with dignity their sonship and their belonging (Mk 10:14) to the One and Triune God, so to be, to live and to heal those who allow themselves to be healed in heart, soul and spirit.

Anyone who wants to live as a true son of God (1Jn 3,1) and be expression of the Holy Spirit of Love, is to flee from every sin and temptation to evil (Sir 21:2). The sons of God and the men and women of goodwill are now more than ever called to fast, to abstain from all sins (Sir 35:3) and to be intransigent and intolerant towards all that is evil and temptation to do evil (Mt 6:13).

Over time the veils and masks will fall (Prv 26:24; 2Cor 11.14) and many will acknowledge the Household where the Light shines (Rev 21:23) and will then discover the real nature of a house where vice, sin and putrescence have prevailed (Rev 18:23); she will fall (Rev 18:2) and so all those who have fornicated with her (Rev 18:3), so that the Father’s will may be fulfilled and fully manifested.

This is the intolerance of the sons of God towards sin and evil (Rom 6:23), that now must be completely manifested (Lv 11:45). The One and Triune God has come down again (Is 9:5; Acts 1:11), in the New Jerusalem, to rise and spread, in Its essence and substance, His timeless and eternal Doctrine: Love for God and all neighbours (Mt 22:36-40); prayer and true brotherhood. Only in this way Peace will be stable on Earth for eternity (Ezk 37:26).