Willpower, Love, Grace


Those who want to undertake the journey of Life (Mk 10:17) must prepare their heart, soul and spirit in a holy and righteous way, in order to be able to understand the Will, the Love and the Grace that have to be lived in order to become saints (Lev 11:45).

All begins with the personal, living and total will of every son of God to fulfil the Will of God. On the example of Mary, let us proclaim our love for God, the only Supreme Good, and let us entrust ourselves to Him (Lk 1:38), so that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit may dispose of us as He pleases.

After this, all God’s sons are called to let themselves be filled with God’s Love (Jn 15:9), the only balm and antidote to become pure, holy and obedient, thus embodying the three fundamental virtues that every good Christian must live: humbleness, pureness and obedience. In this way, we will be able to put Christian charity into practice (1 Cor 13:13) and be faithful to the Lord, placing our hope and trust in God alone, the only Primary Good, so that the grace of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit may descend upon every son and penetrate and fill their hearts (Lk 1:28).

It is only by being animated with the living will to become holy instruments in God’s hands and by wanting to be filled with His infinite Love, who is Person in the Son (Jn 1:14), that God’s Grace can descend from Heaven, in Mary, with Mary and for Mary, so that Mary, the Mother of every Grace, by the Father’s will, may fill every heart with divine grace (Lk 1:49), pouring into them Her Motherly Love that, united with the Love of the Son, will make all sons consist in the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2), the ultimate goal and landing place of the journey of every son of God. 

This is the certainty that Mary, the good and tender Mother, effuses from Heaven into the hearts of Her sons. Mary is the Mother of Consolation for all those who suffer and offer. Mary is the Mother of joy for those who have found, through the Child Jesus, the true life in He who is Life, He who together with His Holy People, the few Remnant people of Israel who will have remained faithful to God (Jer 31:7), wants to bring the Plan of Love and Redemption to completion (Mt 1:21), for the Joy of God’s beloved sons and for the Justice towards those who have not wanted to believe, to hope and to love, who, though knocking to enter, will not see, because they will remain outside the King’s door (Lk 13:25).

Those who want to live in Christ, must unclothe of their ‘self’ in order to espouse God’s will (Phil 1:21), without ever denying it, without ever doubting His grace and His closeness.

This is the invitation that Mary, through Her example of life, gives to every son, so that the lifeblood and holy strength may flow in all God’s beloved sons, making them raise up again in the midst of every trial and snare, so to overcome the enemy of God, his temptations and flatteries (Gen 3:15).

Facing every trial, the sons are called to invoke She who is Mother: to approach God’s Love who will give all Himself to His sons; to break every chain (Is 58:6), to free all hearts (Jn 8:32) and to dry away every tear (Rev 21:4); to renew and sanctify every heart in His Holy Name (Rev 15:4), so that the one Mystical Body may be manifested in every limb and the sap of the Mother Church may flow through the streets of a decaying and dying world, that has lost all hope.

Be you, sons of Mary, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, “the” certainty for those who want to grasp the anchor of salvation (Heb 11:7). Be you the Sign of God for all those who want to be saved and to live Christ, the only Supreme Good, He who alone gives Life for eternity (Jn 6:68)”.