With our eyes turned to Christ, Joseph and Mary
we offer our prayer to the Father

March 26th, 2020
Meditation of the day of Pontiff Samuel


Dear faithful, let’s continue meditating, in this live prayer, in this live brotherhood, so to remain united to one another, keeping our eyes on the One who saves, Christ, the only saviour of the world and on She who, united with Christ, saves, Mary, the Universal Coredemptrix.

Keeping our eyes and hearts always on Christ and Mary, we will lack nothing, we will fear nothing.

And so, every day will be lived in holiness, every day will be offered to Christ and Mary, ensuring so that our prayer, our daily offering, may reach the Father, through Christ and Mary, as an offer pleasing to Him.

And the Father, in His infinite mercy, may give us His grace, physical and spiritual, for the health of the body and the soul.

This is what matters for us Christians. This is our reason for living. This is the meaning of the Christian life, which we want to live every day, united with Christ and Mary and consequently, united with our neighbour, with those whom the Father has placed at our side.

Here is the family that returns to being the centre of everyone’s life, family of blood and families of spirit. Here again returns the example of the Holy Guardian Joseph, whom the Father has chosen to guard the most precious Treasure: Jesus and Mary.

Here is the example that this Holy Guardian and Patron gives us.

This is the time in which our Church wants to meditate and venerate this great Saint even more.

I invite you all to continue, in the following days, the meditation on Saint Joseph, meditating on the words that Jesus revealed to Maria Giuseppina Norcia, meditating and deepening, each one in their own daily life, the words that the Church has wanted to disclose in the Decree which brings us all to contemplate and venerate the Glorious St. Joseph, having now the possibility to venerate Him even more with His every title, starting from His being Guardian of the Holy Family and thus Patron of the Universal Church and now, from the day of the Annunciation, to venerate Him even more with the title of Guardian of the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus, and thus, Guardian of Christianity, and thus, Patron Saint of every Family.

Here is that, in doing so, the devotion to St. Joseph will return to be the centre of the life for all Christians, starting again from the foundations of Christianity, so to be ever more united to St. Joseph, to the Blessed Virgin Mary and to Baby Jesus, so that the little Jesus may grow again in everyone’s heart and allow us to be reborn to new life, in the spirit, from Above, to be able to imitate Him to the fullest and thus to become many little Jesus.

This is a time of great Grace for all the faithful of the Church: let’s not waste it, use well this time of grace, in order to remain united to heaven with our heart, offering prayers and our daily life, according to the intentions of the Father, so that nothing will be lost.

In doing so, each day can be offered to the Lord, in the certainty that the Lord will treasure our offerings and our prayers and so we will continue to remain united to one another in prayer and brotherhood, removing every idol, removing all those who would want to divert Christians from worshiping the only One and Triune God.

Let’s remain united with Christ and Mary. Let’s remain focused on Christ and Mary and nothing will be lacking. Let’s remain united following the example of Saint Joseph, of Mary and the Child Jesus and nothing will lack.

May Baby Jesus with Saint Joseph and Mary Most Holy, give us His Holy blessing so that this day may be totally offered to the Father.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.