With John let us be reborn today in Christ
so that He may grow in us
and in our brothers and sisters

24th June 2022
Solemn feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist
Meditation of the day of Pontiff Samuel


In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Beloved sons and brothers, great is the Feast we’re celebrating today.

Once again, today, we want to bring to the centre the life and the virtues of John the Baptist, the man whom Jesus described as the living Saint, He who among those born of women is an example of holiness.

Here is that example that advances through history to become incarnate again in these times, the last times. Here is the Spirit of the Baptist proceeding in history, to become incarnate in the hearts of those who want to consider God as the only supreme good, putting God at the centre of their daily lives, placing the Man-God, Jesus, the Love made Person, as the only good to be lived and to be shared with all those who come in contact with them every day. A God who is near, a God who is friend, a God who is brother, who must be loved and pursued before any other good, before any other human affection.

So therefore, God comes before family, comes before work, comes before anything else.

God is love. Those who love God must base everything on love, a mutual and total love that in Christ is Person. To do this, we must entrust ourselves to Mary, She who is the faithful Mother, She who is the servant Handmaid, She who unites and grounds everyone in the Heart of Her Son.

Here is that, as John did, we must unclothe ourselves of our “self” in order to be clothed with the Light that is Christ, so that our hearts may no longer leave room to the “ I “, but only to God, God the Love, Who is Merciful and Righteous, Holy, Holy, Holy.

Here is the Feast that is reborn in everyone’s heart, that makes everyone be reborn to new life. On the day of John’s birth, we are all called to be reborn in Christ, with Christ and for Christ, so that this Feast may be shared, lived, brought to everyone and enjoyed for all eternity.

Open your hearts! Let yourselves be cleansed by the Love that is Christ! Leave behind all that is past in order to become, today, new and renewed, to be able to see Jesus in every brother, to be able to speak to our brothers and to speak to God, just as John did when he encountered Jesus. We must lower ourselves so that Jesus may grow in us and in our brothers.

Here Love triumphs. Here is the example of this great Saint who today will make God’s sons triumph. Here is the example of the One who never betrayed his very mission and God’s call. Others have betrayed Jesus to serve their own “self”, to be engulfed by doubt, error, betrayal, for having made use of the Name of God instead of serving the true God. John never betrayed, never doubted!

Here is His example that is alive and true, transparent and sincere. This is what we want to live today, to put this great Saint back at the centre, to be able to put our Call back at the centre and renew our ‘yes’, to bear plenty of fruit, to be light, to be shelter and rest for all those who see a strong tree in us, to be salt, to be yeast, so that we may give flavour and make the mass grow, and finally be One for all and all for One, to live the Grace and Life given us by the Father in this Land.

Mary is the example. Mary is She who shows the Way, so that we may all live Jesus, the Way, the Truth and Life.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.