To Your Heart rises the Invocation of Love

July 5, 2024
Solemn Feast of Maria G. Norcia’s return to the Heart of the Heavenly Father
Meditation of the Day by Pontiff Samuel

(Draft: Automatic Translation)

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
To Thee, Holy Mother, our heartfelt thanks and our total Love.
On this holy and solemn day our souls rejoice, desiring to be one with Thine, to experience that Heaven which belongs to Thee and which Thou, by ascending, hast brought nearer to us, to make us experience it ever more fully here, on this earth, which will no longer be a Valley of tears for the children of God. Purified by the fire of the Holy Spirit Love, the earth will be made new and all will be able to experience the endless bliss that You have promised us, announcing to the whole world the New Jerusalem.
Blessed are Thou and blessed are all who have believed Thee.
Blessed are you and blessed are all those who have loved you.
Blessed are you and blessed are all those who from today will love you even more, having found in you and in your holy hands the way that leads all to your and our Jesus, love made flesh, the one who alone gives life.
To you our thanks as children, today, that this day may mark a new stage in our journey of love and life.
With all our hearts, Holy Mother, we implore you, that you may intercede today before the Father’s heart and grant us your grace and justice: grace and mercy for the children of God, for all those who suffer in soul and body, for all those who are persecuted and oppressed, abused in their depths, imprisoned without fault, deprived of all rights and freedoms, trampled on in dignity; merciful justice for all tormentors, oppressors, liars, idolaters, slanderers, deniers of the Truth, for all those who have abused the Name of God for their own gain, and for all those who have done evil in the Name of God, abusing the little ones and raping the hearts of the simple.
“Father, shake and shake this earth, that the world may feel your living presence and those who will see, believe and repent, to live your Heart of Good and Holy Father, Merciful and Just. Through the intercession of this eternally blessed child of yours, grant this prayer so that Good may triumph and evil succumb. Intercede, Father, and make us wait no longer. Extend Thy Arm, of Love for Thy children, of condemnation for those who persist in blaspheming the Holy Spirit.
In you I trust, in you I hope and in you alone I want to love. And so be it