Christ, King of Love and Justice

Then I heard every creature in Heaven and on earth
and under the earth and in the sea,
everything in the universe, cry out:
«To the One who sits on the throne and to the Lamb
be blessing and honour, glory and might, forever and ever». (Rev 5:13)


  1. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. In the New Jerusalem, God the Father has once again sent a part of his Heart, his Son, who has returned (Acts 1:11) to gather the people of God (Ez 37:23-27). All those who desire to recognise the Father and all those who, in recognising the Son, have recognised the Father (Jn 17:7-8), will recognise in the Son, the Essence and Substance of the Father (Jn 1:18).

  2. The New Jerusalem is the House of God (Gen 28:17). From his House, God the Father wants to infuse his Strength into the hearts of everyone (Rev 7:12); so to permeate and give them new sap, new vigour and new substance (Rom 11:16-23), in bearing witness to Christ above all things, Christ the King of the Universe (Jn 18:37), Christ the only Victory against a world of atheism, against a world that has lost its spiritual orientation for having taken refuge in all what is earthly, forgetting its roots and forgetting its ultimate goal, making of the Earth and all that is worldly, its power (Ps 52).

  3. In this time, God sends His messengers to gather into His House all those who want to believe, to love and to live in the one Truth (Jn 16:13), so to awaken consciences, to reawaken hearts and to give them the sight of God (Is 66:10-22), so that many may see with the eyes of their hearts and therefore may be, love and live, witness and welcome, into the Cradle of Love, He who is King, who has set His Throne in the Little Cradle (Rev 5:1).

  4. Of a little Corner of Earth (Mi 5:1), God has made the Centre of His infinite Mercy, the goal and the final destination for all men of good will, for all those who have kept the true faith (1Pt 1,9), for all those who have defended and will defend the true faith in Christ the Lord, the King of Grace and Mercy.

  5. All these will be with God in true Life (Phil 3:14), in which the sons will be with the Father in His one essence, so to manifest to the world their true substance as sons (1 Jn 3:1) of the King, true God and merciful Judge.

  6. Many are the detractors and the deniers of the Father’s Plan of Salvation that is being realised in the New Jerusalem; many are the slanderers; many are those who have wanted to conceal the Truth of the Land of Love chosen by the Father (Ez 22:1-9); and many others are those who, feeling ashamed of God who has come down to this Land, have ended up selling themselves off (Lk 9:26).

  7. The action of the Father, by means of the Son, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, will bring everything to fulfilment (Mt 5:17), in order to give honour to those who have sacrificed themselves for His Holy Name; to give glory to those who have known how to bear witness to God with love and vigour; to give His reward to those who, offering themselves for His Love, have sacrificed their lives to let the Truth be known (Mt 5:1-12).

  8. Here are the sons blessed by the Father, those who, when in the presence of the King, will hear Him say to them: “Come, you who are blessed by your Father, for you have found favour with My Heart, for you fed Me when I was hungry; you quenched My thirst with your love when the love of many was lacking; and you were with Me and for Me until the end, persevering and triumphing against everything and everyone” (cf. Mt 25:34-40).

  9. The Strength of the House of God, the power of the Action of His Spirit have found fertile ground in the sons faithful to the Father (Mk 4:20). In this time, the Spirit is moving forward to triumph, manifesting the Action and the Will of the Father, to gather everyone and bring them to acknowledge the one only Shepherd (Jn 10:16), Christ, the King of kings and the Lord of lords (Rev 19:16).

  10. This will be a full and fruitful time for the faithful sons of Christ (Eph 1:3-10) and the Will of God will be manifested, day after day. Humanity has not wanted to give ground, in their lack of love, but has persisted in committing all kinds of sin, thus calling down upon itself the Justice of the Father, who is Good and Just, Holy and Loving, but also a Serious and Mighty Judge (Ps 7:12).

  11. Humanity is living in the time of great confusion (Wis 14:25-26). The enemy of God torments it and many hearts are prisoners of his spirit and of his diabolical action (2 Th 2:7). On one side, the evil spirit blows where the fire is alive: and there we see violence and war, hatred and prevarication, which harasses people and nations in an increasingly infernal grip; on the other side, it blows to extinguish the Holy Fire of the true faith, driving many hearts – in search of the Truth – away from the House where God has set His Dwelling Place, His Throne (Rev 21:3).

  12. In front of the Holy Spirit’s action, many ostensible lambs will flee away, because they are not lambs but wolves (Jer 23:1-2). When the Truth will definitively unmask the deception (2 Th 2:8-10), many will be those who weep, many will be those who no longer find grace, nor forgiveness, nor love.

  13. The so awaited, by many, Sign of God will come down: the Father’s Justice upon Babylon (Is 13). Many prominent and excellent in plain sight people will fall causing quite a stir: they will plummet by divine Will because stained with grievous sin. Babylon will fall prey to a new and greater confusion and will sink into an endless maelstrom (Jer 50:12-14).

  14. Consequently, the wickedness of Babylon (Isa 47) will be mirrored in the confusion that reigns on this Earth. The conflict will be severe. No one will want to surrender. Many will seek to demonstrate their human power and the conflict will escalate.

  15. The action of the Thunderbolt of God will be twofold and will dispel any fog. On one side, it will strike down against those who claim to be powerful and strong (Lk 1:52), who will taste the true Strength of the Almighty, which will become an unbearable burden for this humanity, because the world has disowned the Name of God, which is Salvation (Ps 117:22; Gl 3:5; Mt 1:21). And all that seems prosperous in the world, will be dissipated.

  16. On the other side, the Thunderbolt of God will give substance in places where the world thinks everything is barren (Lk 1:54). And here is the Island of God’s Love (Is 62), where more and more people, more and more hearts and more and more nations will come, because the action of the Holy Spirit will be rich and bountiful.

  17. God will give the Sign to show the world where his Sun has risen (Rev 1:16) and where his Sun no longer is (Rev 18:8); where there is Mary (Rev 12:1) in opposition to another stepmother (Rev 17:6).

  18. Babylon (Rev 17,5), left without the Sun (Rev 18,23), will increasingly sink into the darkness (Rev 18,2). And with her, all her inhabitants will fall: those who lavished their efforts in betraying the Sun, and those who have been lazy, calculating, indefinitely hesitant, unbelieving and conformists – will be swept away with her, in their haughtiness, for not having accepted God’s Will (Rev 18).

  19. Then, people will hear about the Centre of God’s Infinite Mercy where, upon arrival, they will come to know the Name of that God who is Salvation (Rev 19:1). Many will believe in Him who has risen and returned (Rev 19:6), to give the Light to those who are blinded and those who are blind; the word, to those who have never been able to speak; the faith, to those who have never known it (Mt 11:5-6).

  20. Many, joining with the Angels, will sing: “Stay with us Lord, Alleluia! You are the Wheat, Lord, of the chosen. You are the Bread come down from Heaven” (Booklet, “The New Jerusalem Land of Love“, p. 8). And that Wheat will be rich and abundant, it will be the daily Bread (Mt 6,11; Jn 6,63) given by the Heavenly Father to his People, who will hear his voice saying: “Eat, be satiated and win” (Rev 19,9).

  21. Behold the Love of Christ, the true King (Rev 1:5) and true Judge (Ps 81:8; Jn 9:39), for his faithful sons (Is 61) who, in Mary, New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2), will be restored and redeemed. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

November 26, 2023
Solemn Feast of Christ King of the Universe

The Pontiff