Acts of Magisterium

The Doctrine

The Hosanna of God’s sons to the King of kings
in opposition to the Vatican
tribute to the Indian guru


  1. The true sons of God live to honour and glorify Christ, the Son of David (Mt 21:9), the King of kings and the Lord of lords (Rev 17:14; 19:16; Deut 10:17; 1Tm. 6:15): only to Him every honour, glory and thanks forever and ever (Rev 4: 9).

  2. The children of Light live to openly manifest their belonging to Christ, the Prince of Light, the Prince of Peace (Is 9:5), the only Way, the Only Truth, the eternal Life (Jn 14: 6a). No one goes to the Father except through Christ (Jn 14: 6b). He who knows the Son, he will also know the Father (Jn 14:7).

  3. In this awareness, the sons of God want to live the righteousness, the obedience to the Father and the respect for Christianity. Whoever loves Christ, is righteous in front of God and in front of men, on the example of Christ, true Man and true God. For a Christian, to be righteous means to keep the commandments of the Father and of the Son (Jn 15:10; 1Jn 5:3) and His authentic teachings. The children live the obedience to the Father with love, not by obligation. As the Son obeys with love the Father (Heb 5:8; Rm 5:19b), so the children obey with love the Son (Heb 5:9), so to do together the Father’s Will and to be obedient to the true faith (Rm 1:5), which is manifested in Christ, the King of kings, the Lord of lords. The sons of God want to respect the true Christianity, by holding the one and only Doctrine (1Tm 4:6), which is Christ. He who respects the Person of Christ, the one and only true Doctrine (Mt 22:33), holds the Father and the Son (2Jn 9b). He who does not respect Christ, whoever goes beyond and does not adhere and does not respect His teachings, does not have God (2Jn 9a). He who does not hold the Father, disowns the Son (1Jn 2,23a). He who nullifies the Father’s Thought, which in the Son is manifested, disowns the Father and the Son and manifests to be animated by the spirit of the antichrist (1Jn 2:22).

  4. Christ is the one and only true Doctrine, for God’s sons. Outside Christ there is no salvation (1Ts 5:9). One is the mediator between God and men: Christ (1Tm 2:5), true Man and true God.

  5. Those who had been called to be the firstborn sons, have denied their call and profaned the primogeniture (Gn 25,33; 1Chr 5,1b). The ministers of the “Old Jerusalem” (Mt 23:37) have annulled Christianity. They have undermined its foundations, hitting the two fundamental pillars: the family, by nullifying the indissolubility of marriage (Apostolic Letters in the form of ‘Motu proprio’ “Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus” and “Mitis et misericors Iesus“, 15/Aug/2015) and paving the way for forms of union that are not family, endorsing teachings contrary to the Truth (Apostolic Exhortation “Amoris Laetitia“, 19/Mar/2016); and the sacredness of life, affected both in the embryonic stage, by diminishing in facts – and beyond the words – the severity of the voluntary interruption of life (Apostolic Letter in the form of ‘Motu proprio’ “Misericordia et misera“, par.12, 20/Nov/2016), and in the final stage, paving the way for the “end-life” and “the accompaniment to death” (“Message to participants at the European World Medical Association meeting (16-17 November) on issues related to the “end of life” – 7 November 2017″).

  6. Those who in charge in the “Old Jerusalem”, have devalued the Personality of Christ and of His Person, publicly affirming that on the Cross, Jesus made himself “the devil” (04/Apr/2017), “the serpent” (15/Mar/2016), “the sin, the cursed, the malediction of God for us” (12/Mar/2017); a “snake, ugly to make you sick” (14/Sep/2015); that “the Via Crucis is the story of God’s failure” (27/Nov/2015); that “Jesus acts in being a bit foolish” (16/Jun/2016).

  7. For those in charge in the Church of Rome, Christ is no longer the only way to salvation. Proselytism has been repeatedly condemned and defined by the Roman Pontiff as “a solemn nonsense” (01/Oct/2013), “a big sin” (01/Oct/2016). This doctrine cancels and denies the teaching of Jesus, who before ascending to Heaven, has commanded Christians to “go all over the world to preach the gospel to every creature” (Mk 16:15). Proselytism is therefore a commandment of Jesus. To define the proselytism as a “solemn nonsense”, is like affirming that Jesus’ words are a solemn nonsense. And this is a solemn blasphemy. Moreover, for the Roman Pontiff, the “children of God” are no longer only the Christians baptized in His name, but all the “creatures” are “children” (20/Sep/2016; 29/Mar/2017). This doctrine is contrary to the teaching of Jesus, who says that “whoever will believe and will be baptized, will be saved, but whoever will not believe, will be condemned” (Mk 16:16). Only who believes in Christ (Jn 1:12) and is baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the of Holy Spirit (Mt 28:19) is “son” of God (and no longer a “creature”); and respecting the commandments (Mt. 28:20) will be saved.

  8. For the heads of the Church of Rome, Christ is no longer the only Truth. The Roman Pontiff stated that no one should speak, not even for those who believe, of an “Absolute Truth” (04/Sep/2013); that a catholic and universal God does not exist (01/Oct/2013). The Father’s Thought, which is manifested in Christ, is no longer the guiding thought of that house. In the Church of Rome there is no longer the true doctrine of Christ, but everything turns into “thought”: a subjective thought, according to one’s own conscience (01/Oct/2013), humanistic and relativistic, where everything is humanized and relativized, where the centre of all is no longer the Father, His Thought, His Word, His Absolute Truth, Christ, but man and his relativistic thought.

  9. For the heads of the Church of Rome, Christ is no longer the eternal Life to be achieved, through a holy life, just as Christ is holy (1Pt 1:16). Salvation is considered by the Roman Pontiff as a free and unilateral “gift” of God (25/Mar/2014; 4/Nov/2014; 15/Oct/2015; 16/Dec/2015; 24/Sep/2017; 19/Oct/2017) and not as a conquest of who daily donates himself to Christ, living His live, continuous and palpitating Mass and co-participating in the Mystery of Redemption.

  10. The true Doctrine, which is Christ, has been watered down up to be annulled, for wanting to “mix” Christ and Christianity with the other religious philosophies of the world, so to bring everyone into a new world religious philosophy that cancels the primacy of Christ. The Father and the Holy Spirit have constituted “the” new Christian religion, in Christ and in His Sacrifice (Lk 22:20), establishing the new Covenant with the custodians of Christendom (Eph 8:8), repealing the previous one. However, the Roman Pontiff, visiting the Jewish Synagogue of Rome, has stated that “the Church [of Rome] recognizes the irrevocability of the Old Covenant and the constant and faithful love of God for Israel” (17/Jan/2016). This affirmation, which the same Roman Pontiff had ratified in his previous Magisterium Document (Apostolic Exhortation “Evangelii Gaudium“, par.247, 24/Nov/2013), is contrary to the New Covenant signed by the Father in Christ, in the Mystery of His Sacrifice of Salvation (Mt 26:28; Mar. 14:24; Lk. 22:20). Only one is the Covenant that the Father establishes with His people. And in the moment the New Alliance is established, the previous one is revoked (Heb 8:13).

  11. Those who have been called, in the New Covenant, to administer the Father’s Vineyard, have become apostates. After having caned the servants and the prophets sent by the Father, they denied the Son again (Mt 21: 33-42), and killed the Doctrine. Christ, the Doctrine, the Stone, has been discarded again (Lk 20:17). Christ is no longer the cornerstone (Mk 12:10), the head of the corner (Ps 118: 22) of the Church wanted by the Father (Ac 4:11). The original Thought of the Father, no longer is. Christ is no longer the centre. The primacy of Christ and of Christianity has been sold off. The other religious philosophies are considered on the same level as Christianity, as manifested in the video message of the Roman Pontiff (“Pope Francis’s Intention of Prayer for January 2016“), mockingly diffused on the same day of the Christian solemnity of the Epiphany, on the day on which Catholic (that means Universal) Christians celebrate the manifestation of Christ to the people, to the whole world (06/Jan/2016).

  12. In the “Old Jerusalem”, the Mystery of the One and Triune God, is annulled and profaned. The Roman Pontiff (17/Mar/2017) said: “Within the Most Holy Trinity, all are quarrelling behind closed doors, while outside the image is of unity”. The live action of the Holy Spirit in history is denied and stopped at two thousand years ago. Christ is no longer adored as the King of kings. The Father’s Thought that is manifested in the Son, the Incarnated Word (Jn 1:14), no longer is.

  13. The Church of Rome would now want the world to live another paternity, which is not that of God the Father Almighty, who in Christ is manifested, but the paternity of the one who proclaims himself “father”, that is imposed as a weight, of an apparent “love” that crushes. A “love” that does not lead to Christ, the Love made Person. The word “love” is actually used in a deceptive manner, certainly not Christian, to give honour and glory to the spirit that was in Sai Baba, who, behind the word “love” wants to attract everyone to himself, and to unite the more widespread religions in one, and to be venerated as “god”, thus denigrating the true Father and His Project of Salvation, which is fulfilled only in His Son, Christ, sent by the Father so that, through the Son, humankind could worship and glorify the true God (Jn 12:28; 13:31; 14:13; 17:4-5).

  14. Only by understanding the anti-Christian spirit that lives in the heart of many who inhabit that house, it can be understood the homage and tribute that the Vatican, on November 23, again pays to the Indian guru Sai Baba, on the anniversary of his birthday. Last October 31 (anniversary of the Protestant Reformation), the Vatican officially announced the issuance, on November 23, of a new stamp celebrating Martin Luther, although the same Luther is still “officially” excommunicated and branded as “heretic” from the very Church of Rome (and this, in addition to hypocrisy, manifests the sneaky tribute offered in “homage” to Sai Baba). In this commemorative stamp, at the foot of Christ on the Cross, Luther (father of Protestantism) is put in place of the Blessed Virgin (Mother of Christianity), while Melanchthon (faithful friend of Luther) is put in place of John (the Apostle of Love, faithful friend of Jesus), who was in old age called by the Holy Spirit to draw and seal the prophecy described in the Book of Revelation, announcing the apostasy of the Church of Rome, described as “Babylon “(Rev 14:8, 16:19; 17:5; 18:2.4.9-10.20-21), as “harlot” (Rev 19:2), as “prostitute” (Rev 17:1.15-16) that betrays her Bridegroom, Christ, the Lamb once again sacrificed (Rev 5:6; 13:8). By the Father’s Will, the Bridegroom celebrates the wedding (Rev 19:7.9a) with the Bride (Rev 19:7; 21:2.9; 22:17), the woman robed with the sun (Rev 12:1), the Mother Church, the New Jerusalem (Rev 3:12, 21:2.10), which in the Spirit generates the Son (Is 66:7, Rev 12:5) in the heart of the sons of God, in the renewal of the new Covenant wanted by God the Father Almighty for the definitive triumph of the Church of Christ on evil and on death (Rev 20:14, 21:4).

  15. True Christians will never annul Mary, the totally beautiful, the totally pure, She who has donated to the world the only Saviour, the renewed Ark of the new Covenant (Jer 31:31-33) with the “few remaining people of Israel” (Is 4:3, 11:11.16; 37:4b.32; Jer 23:3-6; 31:7, 50:20, Ez 20:37, Mic 2:12-13, Zeph 3:11-13; Zech 8:3-12; Rm 11:1-10) remained faithful to God and to Christ the King of kings.

  16. The children of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, with God’s help, will always act in righteousness, in the live obedience to the Father and respecting the true Christianity, worshiping and honouring only the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (Mt 4:10; Deut 6:13), who in the Mystery of the One and Triune God, embodied (Jn 1:14) in history, is fulfilled.

  17. The underworld will never prevail over the Church of Christ (Mt 16:18). The Church of Christ is the Church animated by the Holy Spirit and is formed by various Courtyards. The Courtyard of Rome has apostatized and betrayed the true faith, the Doctrine, which is Christ, to worship another spirit which does not come from God. As a consequence, the Father has withdrawn His Spirit from the Courtyard of Rome, renewing the New Covenant with the Courtyard of those who have remained faithful to Christ and His teachings, in which the purity of faith will be defended. No one, neither in Heaven nor on Earth, can stop the action of the Holy Spirit, which proceeds from the Father and the Son. The children of Christ, animated by the live action of the Holy Spirit, following the example of the first Christian brothers, of the saints, and of all those who remained faithful to the one doctrine, who is Christ, will announce the Word (2Tm 4:2), bringing It once again to the new pagans (Ac 28:28).

  18. Never let anyone deceive you in any way. It cannot happen until the Great Revolt has taken place and there has appeared the wicked One, the lost One, the son of perdition, who opposes and who raises himself above every so-called God or object of worship to enthrone himself in God’s sanctuary and flaunts the claim that he is God” (2Ts 2:3-4).

  19. The sons of Mary, the Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, will persevere for the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart, so that in the live prayer and in the true brotherhood, the Church of Christ may be manifested to all men and women of good will and may triumph on “Babylon”, the “great prostitute” (Rev 17:5) that has betrayed Christ and profaned Christianity.

  20. I ask you before God and Christ Jesus who will judge the living and the dead, for his manifestation and his kingdom: announce the word, insist on every occasion opportune and inappropriate, admonish, reproach, exhort with every magnanimity and doctrine. There will come day in fact, in which one will no longer abide by the sound doctrine, but by the pruritus of hearing something, men will surround themselves with masters according to their own desires, refusing to listen to truth to turn to fairy tales. But watch over it carefully, be patient of suffering, perform your gospel proclamation, and fulfil your ministry” (2Tm 4:1-5).

  21. Prayers and hymns to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit; and to Her who has generated the Saviour for humanity. To Christ, the King of the universe, the “Amen!” of the sons of God. “Praise, glory, wisdom, thanksgiving, honour, power, and strength to our God for ever and ever. Amen” (Rev 7:12).

November 21, 2017
Feast of the Presentation to the Temple
of the Most Holy Mary

The Pontiff

Documents of Magisterium

For peace in Syria and peace in the world;
for the defence of Alfie Evans’ life, of Vincent Lambert’s life
and of the lives of all innocent people;
and for the awakening of all consciences against the Apostasy of the Church of Rome

15 April 2018

Life is a gift. The sacred gift of God. And no man has the right to violate it or to suppress it. No man can take God’s place, as it has been already stated by this Church in the Communiqués of Magisterium “The gift and respect for life” (23 November 2016) and “Life is the holy Gift of the Father. Woe to who stifles the freedom of God’s sons” (2 August 2017).

In these hard and difficult times, humanity is increasingly confused. In many countries of the world, hatred and violence grow and the culture of death is supported by the approval of human laws.

In this context, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem wants to address Her heartfelt appeal to the consciences of all Christians, of all wise people and of all the men and women of goodwill of this world, so to make understand that the culture of death, justified by policies and human laws, will generate only grief and lamentation. This appeal becomes even more necessary in the light of the fine and empty words of the man who, despite the potentiality and the moral authority that many recognized him, does nothing concrete to defend the authentic values that are the foundation of every civil coexistence: Peace and Life. Christ, the Son of God, won against death so to give true Life. 
«Men and women, awaken your consciences. Reject the culture of death and defend the true Life».

  1. Peace is the supreme value that every Nation must pursue. The Universal Christian Church makes Her voice strongly heard in proclaiming today with clarity and without any ambiguity: “No more wars”. Neither in Syria nor elsewhere. War brings death.

  2. No Institution can be indifferent to the death sentences for many suffering people: Alfie Evans, a two-year-old child whose life has been judged “futile” and therefore “useless” by the Judges of the UK “High Court”; Vincent Lambert, in France, the father of a nine-year-old girl, sentenced to death by a hospital doctor; and many others. No man, however eminent, can consider or judge a human life as “futile”. No human being can decide if and when a person can live or must die. Life must be defended, protected and loved. Without ifs and buts. To no father and no mother, the indisputable right to defend to the end the lives of their sons can be denied.

He who in front of such dramatic events, despite the moral authority that many recognize him, does not go any further than saying flimsy and superficial phrases and appeals rather than strongly defending the value of peace and life, becomes an accomplice of a system that acts in defence of peace and life only in words, but in fact it promotes the culture of death, especially for the innocents, the smallest and the weakest ones.

No one facing the danger of a planetary war can say what he thinks people want to hear, without really saying anything concrete. This is what, now as then, we must strongly shout to the whole world: “No more war!”

No one, and for all the more reason the Roman pontiff, can justify the “end of life” decisions for the suffering people and likewise allow his own words to be “used” to justify a sentence of death issued by judges who promote euthanasia, that can never be considered as a defence of the dignity of life. Every pontiff of the true Church, who recognizes himself in Christ who is Life, must deny such exploitation and strongly make a public proclaim: “Euthanasia is a crime”.

No one can turn his eyes elsewhere in front of the heartfelt appeal of the father of a two-year-old child “held prisoner”, that asks for asylum in the Vatican to cure his own son. While the welcoming of the migrants is promoted, Catholics are not welcomed at all, left to their cruel destiny. He who has the moral authority to act, must raise his voice in defence of the little, the helpless, the weakest and all the suffering people, even challenging governments and nations, showing to be at the side of all those who want to defend the value of the Family and the sacredness of Life, as they were conceived by God: pillars and foundations of the House of true Christians and of every man and woman of good will.

The true “culture of waste” is that of who does nothing to save the lives of the innocent ones and does not strongly react to the shocking statement of those who consider the human life of the suffering ones as “futile”.

The true divine Mercy of God is a different thing. Christ is Peace. Christ is Love. Christ is Life.

May the consciences of all people wake up and may all the wise people take a stand and become promoters of a new culture that truly promotes peace among the peoples and the defence, with no ifs or buts, of the sacred and inviolable value of Life of every human being, starting from the conception until God will want.

May the sages of all peoples and nations openly acknowledge the Apostasy of the Church of Rome, so to awaken the hearts and consciences of many men and women from a lethal numbness so that the Love for Peace and for Life, gift of God, may clear the fog that grips the hearts and minds of many; and so to proclaim with strength, wisdom and holiness that the desolation, which pervades the hearts and consciences of many, is taking place, as it had been foretold by Jesus in the Gospel.

Only in this way, the sons of God and all men and women of goodwill, can continue to feel inside their heart the living Flame of the burning Love of God the Father Almighty, Who will never abandon His sons and all the creatures that trust in Him with a sincere heart. Only in this way, we all, Christians and non-Christians, men and women of goodwill, may be able to defend, together with all our strength, the greatest gift that the Creator has given to this humanity: the sacred gift of Life.

July 2, 2017

Following the death sentence on Charlie Gard, an English infant, admitted to a London hospital, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem officially expresses her dismay and renews the heartfelt appeal in defense of the Sacrality of Life.

Life is a gift. Life is the most precious gift that God, the Almighty Father, has given to humanity. This Church has already strongly expressed her thought aimed to respect the gift of life (see: The Gift and the respect for Life). No man, no human law, can authorize anyone to interrupt or decide to extinguish the flame of his or her own life or of others. This is a prerogative that belongs only and only to God the Almighty Father, He who has created all things. No human being is allowed to decide when a brother or sister should live or must die.

In this world, in this humanity, everything that wasn’t supposed to be negotiable, has now been sold‑off. Everything has become relative and insignificant. And everything is lived in an egoistic and individual way. The fundamental concepts which are at the basis of civil, not only Christian, coexistence have been lost: “respect”; “affection”; “righteousness”. Even “common sense” has failed. There is only individualism and no more brotherhood. Everyone cares only to prevail over others, for personal and selfish interests, to gain control of everything and everyone.

Those who are responsible of the civil and so called religious institutions, should be the first to make their voice heard in defense of the last, of the weakest, of those who cannot speak‑up, but they remain in most cases in a deafening silence, ignoring the screams of pain of so many innocents or remaining indifferent to the suffering, as in the case of Charlie Gard, to whom even the freedom to hope has been taken away.

This world is deeply ill. But today, all that is ill, is deliberately made to look as “normal”. On this day, this Church wants to bring this challenge to the world: overturning everything that is now perceived as “normality” but in reality is totally opposed to the original Thought of the Father. We refer to the fundamental themes that govern civil and social coexistence, concepts of great relevance such as those of “union”; “family”; “sacredness of life”; “holiness”; “spirituality”.

In no case, never should the “respect for the reciprocal freedom” cease, understanding the true meaning of freedom given to the world by God the Father: that is to remove all that causes the heart to die, and therefore to live what allows the spirit to fly. Only in this way, all the forms of slavery, that this world imposes, can be removed. When we believe to be free, that is the moment when we are hostages and in the grip of someone else. What makes us free is only and only the Truth. Not a relative truth, but The “absolute Truth” that is manifested, is manifesting and will be manifested only and only in the Man-God, Christ, and in His teachings.

This Church invites everyone to have the same sentiments that were in Jesus Christ, as St. Paul wrote (Phil 2:5), so that every son of God and every man and woman of good will, may firstly respect the Law of the Father, that for the sake of His sons, has given them the most precious good, that is Life; and for immense and infinite love, has donated His Son’s Life, so that all those who recognize themselves in Him, may win death to live the Eternity.

April 5, 2017

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem addresses Her invitation to all those who claim to be Christians and to all men and women of goodwill that respectfully live Christ and the Mystery of His Sacrifice on the Cross, in order to put an end to the public blasphemy of the Pontiff of the church of Rome against the Son of God and His Salvific Sacrifice on the Cross.

In a homily, proclaimed on April 4, 2017 in the Domus S.Martae, the Pontiff of the church of Rome, J.M. Bergoglio, for the umpteenth time, addressed blasphemous expressions against Our Lord Jesus Christ. The roman Pontiff, commenting on the Sacred Scripture, has textually said that: «Jesus “made himself like a snake”», «Jesus “made himself sin”», «[Jesus] has assumed the appearance of the father of sin, the crafty serpent», and he concluded by stating that the Holy Cross is the «memory of the one who made himself sin, who made himself the devil, the serpent, for us».

The juxtaposition of the Person of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the “crafty serpent” (which is satan); to the “father of sin” (which is satan); and lastly, in a direct and explicit way, to the “devil“, is a very serious blasphemy that no Christian can tolerate remaining overly silent. Already in the past, commenting on the Salvific Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, the roman Pontiff had addressed, against the Son of God, ignominious and blasphemous epithets, such as the oft-repeated expressions “serpent” and “ugly to make you sick” (homily Sept.14, 2015). He had also posited that Jesus “blasphemes” on the Cross (homily Sept.30, 2014) and he arrived even to publicly state that “the Via Crucis is the story of God’s failure” (meeting with young people in Kenya on Nov.27, 2015), besides to define the Cross as a “madness, namely the annihilation of the son of god” (homily Feb.29, 2016).

In the period in which true Christians are called to meditate on the Passion of Jesus and on the importance of the Saving Sacrifice of the Son of God, prelude of His Resurrection and of the Christian Easter, the roman Pontiff’s declarations are unacceptable and must be firmly and publicly condemned by the whole Christian Community, that cannot become accomplice, by its deafening silence, of the blasphemies that the roman Pontiff addresses against Christ.

God the Father has sent His Son into the world in order to bring everyone back to the straight Path, and to allow all men and all women of goodwill to walk on the straight Path, that leads directly to the full knowledge of God, in a perfect manner (and not imperfectly, because of the distorted teachings that those who held the power, the holders of the law of God, had inculcated in their own way in the faithful’s hearts). Everything is fulfilled and is culminated in the highest moment of the Work of the Son of God: to give Himself, to sacrifice His life for the good of everyone. The Saving Sacrifice of the Cross of Christ is the ultimate gesture that manifests the only Will, that of the Father and that of the Son, to open the doors of the Kingdom of God, for a complete salvation of all those who are animated by good will.

That gesture was the fulfilment of an itinerary, of a journey. After more than two thousand years, no one is now allowed to swear and overturn It with impunity, juxtaposing the Person of the Saviour to the “devil“, to the “crafty serpent”, to the “father of sin”.

Because of these statements made by the Pontiff, the church of Rome has committed a grave offense against God the Father Almighty, denying and mortifying the essence and substance of the Mystery of Redemption that Jesus, the Son of the Living God, has made through His Sacrifice on the Cross. The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem appeals to the Merciful Justice of the Father to not lay that blame on all the universal Christianity, but on those who are responsible for these blasphemies, and on those who, in their culpable inaction, while aware of the seriousness of what is in place, continue to tolerate everything as if nothing is happening.

November 23, 2016

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem has betimes urged all Her faithful and all people of good will, to join together in prayer to defend the gift and the sacredness of Life, that is fully manifested in Christ. Now, in this time, everything becomes clear. The church of Rome, by the hand of who guides it, has promulgated a new law (through the so-called apostolic letter “misericordia et misera“) that, in the name of a false mercy, humiliates the sacredness of life at the embryonic stage, allowing everyone to easily obtain an empty forgiveness, offered to those who practise and allow to practise the voluntary interruption of others life.

No human law can allow man to kill another man. No human law can allow a person to decide who can live and who must die, at what time and in which way. No woman can voluntarily interrupt the fruit of life that comes from God. No reference to a false mercy can mitigate the severity of acts that necessitate a real, convinced and profound repentance to be able to go back to be in communion with the Mystical Body of Christ.

The cry of many innocents is shouting before the Father, that has already expressed His strong condemnation against the church of Rome that, in full Apostasy, has forsworn the true faith in Christ, the One who is Life, to bow to the prince of darkness, to an anti-Christ spirit, that on this day many invoke to be saved. But one only is the One who saves: Christ, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the only Saviour of the world. No new religious philosophy on a worldwide basis, inspired by a false concept of “love”, will save the church of Rome from the wrath of the Father, which will be increasingly manifested.

Mary, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, welcomes Life, gives Life, defends Life; She does not interrupt it, does not ask to end it, does not embrace those who, voluntarily and without repentance interrupts it. The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem condemns every abuse against life, every injustice against life, every deceit against life. A mother takes care of her children’s life, donating, if needed, her life in defence of her children, without hiding behind an unjust, humanly incorrect law, to practice with real awareness and consciousness, without remorse, actions contrary to the gift received from the Father, which allows them to be “children” in respect of the holy fatherhood.

No human law can and should interrupt what comes from the Holy Spirit. The true children of God and all people of good will always proclaim the Holy Law of God that, on the example of Mary, Daughter, Bride and Mother, Pure and Faithful, everyone must defend and respect It, with their words and their example, for the glory and honour to God the Father Almighty.

October 31, 2016

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem denounces and declares that, in the church of Rome, the living Apostasy is officially taking place, as announced by the Holy Scriptures and confirmed by God’s envoys in history, and in these times and in this day manifests itself to the whole world.

Bergoglio and his faithful ministers of the church of Rome, commemorating Luther and his reform, perform an act of sacrilege, against Christ and against the infallibility of Christ. He who is the master of the division cannot be united in Christ. Luther, with his heretical doctrine and with the example of his life, has despised the Body of Christ. We must love and defend the Body of Christ, leaving Him to penetrate into our heart, so to be united in His Body, Mystical Body that is Church. Bergoglio commemorates Luther because they share the same spirit of separation and of destruction of the mystical Body of Christ. Christ’s Life must be protected, appreciated, lived and most of all defended in Christ.

Bergoglio and the church of Rome have repudiated the proselytizing and consequently even the Project of Salvation wanted by God the Father Almighty, that is fulfilled only in the Son, Christ, the only Saviour of the world.

In the church of Rome, the faith in the true God, in Christ, the only Saviour, day after day is hit, disfigured and demeaned, in order to please everyone except God, that in His Son, in the work of His Son, has wanted to manifest His essence and His substance of Father, giving Salvation to the world, that is fulfilled only in Christ, the one Lord, the one Saviour.

Bergoglio and the Church of Rome have subverted the Plan of Salvation of the Father, cancelling the true Christian teachings, to pursue, with devilish will, a new draft of world religion, that aims to gather everyone in anti-Christian practices and in empty theories based on the word “love”. All this causes the wrath of the Father, that manifests and will manifest Himself. Humankind of goodwill and the pure in heart, understand and will understand the signs of the times; and many people, even among Christians, will awake from the deep sleep that grips them, and will realize that God’s Word cannot always be seen in a benevolent point of view, but that God is merciful but also just.

Christ unites the Gentiles. Christ unites people. Christ is the only Way to arrive to the Father’s Heart. The Son of God taught to announce all this, to make peoples and nations understand the unique Project of Salvation of the Father for humanity, without any obligation but announcing Christ, the only Saviour of all peoples, to allow everyone Live in the only Body which is Christ.

Freedom that the Father has given to humankind, can make this Project welcomed or not. But Christians that love Christ, that have consecrated their lives to Mary and Christ, have the obligation to evangelize, to proselytize, to bring the true knowledge to everyone: by opening their heart and, through the action of the Holy Spirit, leading them all to Christ, the only Saviour of the world, so that at the name of Jesus, everyone in Heaven, on Earth and in the world below, will kneel and every tongue and people and nation will invoke Christ and proclaim His praise (cf. Phil 2,10-11).

June 12, 2016

As members of the Spiritual Council of this Church, united by the only Spirit Who joins us, that is Christ, we intend to manifest together the thought and the universal action that moves and lets advance this Church, Mother Church, New Jerusalem.

One is the Spirit Who animates the Church: Christ. One is the Truth, Absolute and not relative, that this Church will never negotiate or and sell off: Christ. One is the faith that this Church will always defend and proclaim, against everything and everyone: Christ.

In Christ, the Son of the living God, everything accomplishes. The Father sent in the world a part of Himself so that all the world, in Christ, could live the true and only childhood of the Father. Those who don’t welcome Christ, the Son of the living God, as God, One in Three, can never be called “child” of this Father, Good and Saint. This is the only Truth, Absolute, that never will or have to be traded or sold off but that will always be defended, till the end.

In this is the essential and substantial difference between this Church and the Institution led by Bergoglio and his ministers, that was but now, deprived from the Father of the Presence of the Holy Spirit, is no more. As already happened at Jesus’ time, so now.

This Church will always confirm the action that proceeds from the Father and the Son. And the Father gave time to this humanity, arid and lost, to become “children”, embracing the faith in the Son and recognizing the Son, Christ, God. Only in Christ there is the true and only childhood of the Father. Christ is the Unique Way. Christ is the Unique Truth. Christ is the Only Eternal Life. This is the essence and the substance of the true Christian faith. This means for all the children that recognize Christ Son of God been joined together to the Heart of the Father.

Those who disown that to give life to new religious philosophies on global scale are not from God. Bergoglio and his ministers promoted a new global pseudo religion that doesn’t put at the center Christ, the Son of the living God, but the generic and human word “love”, in which everything and everyone is called to identify. This new global philosophy is not founded on Christ, the Rock; but is inspired by Sai Baba, the proponent of this project.

Those who adhere to such project are not in communion with the Holy Spirit Who proceeds from the Father and the Son, but are in communion with another spirit, an antichristic and antichristian spirit, that aims to annihilate the salvation Project of the Father. God the Father sent in the world His Son so that, along time, all His “creatures”, would become “children” adhering only and just to Christ, adhering only and just to the Church, one, saint and universal; not to others.

However the carelessness of many that considered and consider themselves the holders of the Word of the Father, the depositories of the Law of God, the administrators of the Vineyard of the Father, implicated that all what was announced in the Writes and prophesized by the God’s messengers, accomplished.

The unfaithful administrators of the Vineyard of the Father ended up in scattering what in the Vineyard had to stay, scandalizing the little ones, distancing the weak, subjugating all those that tried to understand the Truth, abandoning themselves to impure and not licit passions; and to cultivate personal interests.

For this reason was born and now rises this Church, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, the White Island wanted by God the Father Almighty to preserve the purity of the authentic Christian faith throughout the world.

God the Father engraved His universal salvation Project in the Heart of a Maiden, Giuseppina Norcia, that hosted in Her pure Heart, Christ, in the features of a Baby. She treasured and held in Her Heart the message of Love and Redemption for humanity salvation, that God the Father Almighty revealed to Her and that, now, with the manifestation of this Church, fulfills.

We, that received the grace to live Giuseppina Norcia and now in Samuele Morcia are living the accomplishment of what She announced (to us and to people), are living witnesses of the perfect continuity of action and communion of the Spirit between Giuseppina and Samuele, that in the advent of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem manifests.

Never the news of the advent of the “New Jerusalem” was welcomed neither before with Giuseppina nor now with Samuele; but always taunt, exploited and associated to “catastrophism” and to “millenarism” from those who, instead of promoting the understanding and the accomplishment of the Thought of the Father, deliberately opposed this accomplishment, denying to the children of God and to the goodwill people the knowledge of the Truth.

Those, to the announcement of the “New Jerusalem”, tore and tear their clothes, both civil and religious, before humiliating and deriding the Woman of God, that was publicly opposed and pointed at, now raging against the one that is called to spiritually lead this Church.

The Woman of God found joy and comfort only and just in Her Saint people, not in others; neither in those who despite being physically close to Her, didn’t share what Her Spirit manifested. Never the “New Jerusalem” was welcomed or accepted, neither from the close ones, nor by right-thinking, nor by the powerful of the world, but only from the children that She in the meanwhile spiritually generated. One and Saint was and is the action of the Woman of God, the action of the One who God has chosen and that now continues for the accomplishment of the salvation of humanity.

No committee or group of people, laic or so-called religious, now animated just by egoisms or economical interests, could manipulate the Work of God, the Woman of God, trying to divide the action of Giuseppina from the one of Samuele, manipulating and pleading false and tendentious news built and spread on purpose, to create a climate of tension and suspicion, to the sole purpose of discrediting and blackening deliberately the nature and the image of this Church, of Her guide and Her representatives.

This Church, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, will always defend the pureness of the faith; will always defend the Immaculate Heart of Mary; will always defend the Heart of Her that generated everything; and will always defend him that is giving himself totally to accomplish the will of God, Father Almighty.

Now as then David is not afraid of facing on Goliath, because if Goliath is strong and humanly powerful, David trusts in the Holy Spirit Who animates his action. The evil on this Earth doesn’t derive from David. The evil on this Earth is caused by the action of Goliath and his friends. From this one can understand the bother that brought Goliath to declare war to David. For Love to His Lord David will fight until all what is in the Heart of the Father will be definitively realized.

«To you, My Lord, I offer My Life, my everyday life. Make me worthy to partake in Your Love to win in Your Name». In the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Gallinaro, June 12th 2016
Eve of the 69th Anniversary of the First Appearence
of Baby Jesus to Maria G. Norcia

The members of the Spiritual Council

Nello Migliaccio                 

Alessandro D’Argento               

Patrick Manfredi                

Pasquale Laezza      

June 5th 2016

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, already established by God Almighty Father’s will and animated by the Holy Spirit, now rises to manifest the veracity and the timelessness of the true Christian teachings that in Christ Our Lord and in Mary Most Holy are and always will be, against the recent stance taken up – with arrogance and out of time – by the Institution headed by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, that was before and that now no longer is.

Jesus Christ our Lord had foretokened the hard and difficult times that the true Christianity would have braved in the end of times. Now the end of the time is. Everything that was announced is now being fulfilled and is now taking place. The founding principles of the true Christianity are gravely compromised due to the action of those who, now, taking advantage of their religious power and of the world’s indifference and complacency, are subverting and destroying the true and eternal Law of God.

The Institution headed by Jorge Mario Bergoglio now would like to communicate to the whole world that those who live the spirituality of this Church are not in communion with God. However, this is not possible. Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his ministers can excommunicate those who follow them in their heresy, not those who – for a long time – are not in communion with the spirit that animates Bergoglio and his ministers anymore. God the Father Almighty is essentially and substantially in communion with those who respect His Law and His true doctrine, founded on the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ; and not with who annihilate the Law of God, promulgating human laws that are against the true Christianity.

Jesus Christ our Lord said that no man must separate what God had joined. The conjugal union is one, indivisible and indissoluble, between a man and a woman. Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the Institution guided by him dared break the Law of God, introducing new human laws that allow his ministers to separate with extreme and total easiness what the Spirit of God joined forever; and, at the same time, they allow new forms of unionship, unmarried partnership or not. During the millenary history of the Church no one had ever dared doing so.

Jesus Christ our Lord, the Apostles and all the Saints and Martyrs of the authentic Christian faith taught us to live and to respect Life, from conception until natural death. Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the Institution headed by him does not defend strenuously, with courage and without hesitation the life of Christians and the right to life of every man and every Christian, raising their voice and reacting in concrete terms against the proponents and the authors of such things. Contrariwise, Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his ministers justify and defend the proponents and the authors of the culture of death, especially if they belong to religious faiths that are antichristian and against the Christians; and, in the meantime, praise the diabolical example of life of public characters that fought against the principles of the true life dictated by God the Father and invited to transgress the Divine Law, and the Christian and natural morality.

Jesus Christ our Lord said to be the Way, the Truth and the Life. As a consequence, apart from Christ, God-Man, there is no Salvation. However, Jorge Mario Bergoglio stated that he does not believe in a “catholic” God; that “there is not an Absolute Truth, even for believers”; that everybody, indistinctly (Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and all those people who belong to other religious philosophies) are to be considered as “children of God”. By saying and doing this, Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his ministers deny Christ the only Way that leads to Salvation; they deny Christ the unique and eternal Spring of Truth; they deny Christ unique and eternal Mean given by God the Father Almighty to humanity in order to obtain and live the Eternal Life. Those who deny – in word and in deed – Christ Son of God, cannot be in communion with the Father and with the Holy Spirit Who proceeds from the Father and the Son. And those who are not in communion with Heaven anymore, cannot join, nor separate, nor excommunicate anyone that wants to belong to the Church of Christ on Earth.

Jesus Christ our Lord said that no one would have had scandalized His little ones, abusing of their intimacy and of their innocence. The Institution headed by Jorge Mario Bergoglio is plagued by the continuous and repeated scandals involving his ministers in sodomitic practices, and in abuses towards the smallest and innocent ones. No authentic, authoritative and automatic condemn is inflicted latae sententiae to all those who get themselves stained of such terrible crimes and to all those who – instead of denouncing and eradicating by the root all these unacceptable scandals – become, by the facts, accomplices of what is an abomination to the eyes of God and of all mankind. Useless and powerless commissions are instituted, raising others media hypes, to continue to cover and mask the guilty authors of the gravest and most heinous crime against humanity.

The true Law of God is overcomed and subverted in its fundamental principles. The Holy Spirit cannot dwell anymore in the house that, meanwhile –then as now – has become deserted, brood of vipers, where the preoccupation is to cleanse the outside of the cup that contains all sorts of abomination and perversion. The Father, then as now vigorously takes back what belongs to Him to donate it to those who, animated by true and Christian sentiments, live to defend Christ Our Lord, Way, Truth and Life; and to let the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Good and Tender Mother, Mother Church.

The Father can no longer allow His Vineyard to be overcomed and abandoned by those who -initially called upon to administer the Vineyard with sanctity- are always more prey to unclean and impure passions; by those who exploit God’s Name to cultivate their own interests, at the detriment of the innocent and of the people, that are misled into believing -with arrogance and absolute badness and in spite of the much-vaunted and misleading human mercy- that they are the depositaries of the truth.

Who denies Jesus Christ, Absolute Truth, Absolute Good and not relative good; who does not believe in a Catholic God; who believes that everybody -beyond the religious affiliation- is equally a child of God; who believes that the Covenant with the Jewish people has never been revoked; who professes all this and much more, was already excommunicated by the Father and, consequently, is not in communion with the Father’s Spirit anymore. And without the presence of the Holy Spirit no sacrament can be validly imparted nor the renovation of Christ’s Sacrifice can be validly celebrated.

God, the Father Almighty, could not leave His children as orphans. For this reason, the Father wanted to newly found His Church, in the Land where in 1947 had already sent His Son, as a little Baby, to prepare humanity to embrace His Plan of Love and Redemption, Christian and Universal, founded only and exclusively on the Love for Christ, the only one Rock, the only one Treasure, the only one and Highest Good, Absolute Good. Thus, while Bergoglio and his ministers are now trading and selling off Christ to give birth to a new world religion, which is not based on the teachings of Jesus Christ; the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem manifests Her communion to what belongs to the Father and that will never be traded or betrayed: Christ Our Lord.

The Christian Universal Church of the New Jerusalem will always defend and testify with the heart and with the voice Christ and His true teachings, willing to always continue to manifest and live the communion with God the Almighty Father; with Christ, His Son; and with the Holy Spirit, to let triumph the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the fulfillment of the Plan of Love and Redemption of God, for the glory and in honor to the Father. Praise and glory to Christ Our Lord. Amen.

January 19, 2016

With reference to recent releases of other realities of worship, which were also recalled by the press, concerning the activities of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem and its members, it is worth highlighting some fundamental principles that underlie the activities of worship of this Church, to avoid false and misleading interpretations by those who intend to deliberately create a climate of disagreement and confusion among Christians.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem wants to conduct its pastoral mission having at heart the fundamental principles, which are at the base of their religious beliefs: let live to all men of good will the authentic Christian teachings, contained in the Sacred Scriptures and made living part in the example of the life of Christ, the only Savior of the world, and of Mary, the Mother of God, the universal Mother, the Immaculate, our Lady of the Assumption, the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

This Church, for no reason, will negotiate these principles, neither will renounce to them.

As a result of this, the activity of worship and religious teaching of the Church is addressed to all who intend living Christian teachings authentically, remaining faithful to the true Christian doctrine, respecting the Ten Commandments and the example of the life of Christ and Mary, contained in the Holy Gospels and manifested by the action of the Holy Spirit, Who proceeds in history.

True Christianity and its basic principles never can be devaluated in the essence and substance, to be mixed in union with other religious doctrines in the current global context, such as Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and others. In doing so, Christianity and the Christians would lose and will lose their own identity and his own specific action, to merge into a new idea of ??religion, which no longer poses Christ at the center of the salvific mission to them entrusted. This new idea of ??religion, promoted by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, which, in reality, in his speeches and in his actions manifests a doctrine contrary to authentic Christian teachings (as amply documented by the website ‘We defend the Truth’:, here recalled for the treatment of the subject) is not conform to the genuine Christian teachings and the Plan of Redemption of God the Father for the humanity salvation.

Consequently, understanding that the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem wants only to continue to profess the authentic Christian teachings with own its faithful believers and nothing more, we realize the bad faith of those who want to make appear the will of this Church, which is advancing with determination and head-on, as an attitude of hatred or hostility towards others, thereby continuing to denigrate both the Church activities and the dignity of their leaders.

Thus the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem states again that internally there are no feelings of hate or hostility towards anyone (be them ministers and other religious reality faithful or lay citizens); but there is and there will be the live and passionate sentiment that will always lead to defend in any case the true Christian doctrine, even against those who, with haughtiness and arrogance, believe to hold the monopoly on the management of Vineyard of the Father, forgetting the teaching of the story lived by the Jewish people that, at the beginning, where established to administer faithfully the Vineyard of the Father and then became unfaithful to the Father. Could the Father continue to entrust the management of His Word and the administration of His Vineyard in the hands of those who profaned the Word in their heart, in vices and in their being? No.

Therefore, God the Father decided to stipulate with others His (new) Alliance, sending, because of this, His Spirit in a new reality that, because animated by the Spirit of the Father, became the new Church. And without the presence of the Holy Spirit, ministers of that church in vain administered the sacraments, in vain officiated the rites, in vain raised prayers to the Father, that no longer satisfied those prayers. Without the presence of the Spirit of the Father all was useless.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, animated by the action of the Holy Spirit, wants to continue its mission for which it was established, respecting the freedom of worship of others and, at the same time, claiming the freedom of being able to freely express its own religious belief, in order to live and let live its own teachings to all people of good will, willing to seek the will of the Father, the Father’s Love, the Love, the true Love, that does not have dual purposes, nor personal interest, but want to let live in God the Father. This is the only interest that animates the Church: to give every child of God His breath of Father, of Son and of Holy Spirit.