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Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem


June 24th 2018
Feast of the birth of St. John the Baptist
Samuel’s Homily
Gospel: Luke 1,57-80

Prayer of the day: June 25th, 2018
To St. Joseph


June 13th, 1947 – June 13th, 2018
71st anniversary of the first apparition
of Baby Jesus to Maria G. Norcia



Liturgical Celebration
Samuel’s Homily
(Original Audio)

Samuel’s announce
to the sons of God and
to the world of good will
(Original Audio)



May 19th, 1974 – May 19th, 2018
44th anniversary of the miraculous recovery of Maria Giuseppina Norcia

The Day in which christianity heals



From the Booklet: “The New Jerusalem, Earth of love” (p. I)
Four days later [therefore May 19th, author’s note], Jesus appears to Her again, together with Our Lady and St. Mesia (a holy Martyr who lived at the time of the persecution of the early Christians) and heals Her from a deadly disease of which the Woman of God was suffering“.

From the  tale of  Mons. E.C.:
After a few days, Jesus reappeared with the Virgin Mary and the martyr Saint Mesia (…) preannouncing to Giuseppina that He would have healed her … as later happened.
In this circumstance Jesus said to her:
«You see, nothing is difficult for Me.
Those who ask shall receive,
those who love will be loved



May 15th, 1974 – May 15th, 2018
44th anniversary of the apparition of Jesus, of Maria and of St. Michael Archangel

May 15th, 2018
Holy Rosary
and Consecration
to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
(Original Audio)

May 13th, 2018
Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy
Liturgical Celebration
Samuel’s Homily
(Original Audio)



From the Booklet: “The New Jerusalem, Earth of love” (p. I)
On May 15, 1974, in a moment of Her great trial and suffering, She welcomes God’s Will, that was manifested to Her. This is the day of Her Wedding with Heaven. Jesus, Our Lady and St. Michael the Archangel appear to Her, and they remain with Her in a long talk. God’s Maiden, pronouncing Her “yes”, marries the Will of the Father that, through His Son, preannounces to her the salvific Mission for humanity that She will have to fulfil“.









The Universal Christian Church of New Jerusalem is born by the Will of the Father.

From the New Jerusalem, the Land of Love chosen by the Father for His children’s sake, God the Almighty Father wants to bring everyone back to the essence of Life, to the essence of Holiness, to the essence of the union between Father and Son, so to understand the true childhood and to live and to practice it, in order to finally arrive to contemplate the Face of the Good and Merciful Father.

Through the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, all that was in the original thought of the Father, has been restarted: to give back to the world everything that was originally generated by His Heart and that has descended in our midst.

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