Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem

June 23rd, 2024
Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy
h. 11:00 AM – Liturgical Celebration

June 16th, 2024
Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy
Homily of Nerio Baldan

June 13th, 2024
Solemn Feast of Baby Jesus
Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy
Homily of Samuel

June 13th, 1947 – June 13th, 2024
77th anniversary of the first apparition
of Baby Jesus to Maria G. Norcia

On June 13, 1947, in the Land of Love, Baby Jesus descending from Heaven, manifests Himself to the young Maiden, giving thus life to a great Mystery, that is inscrutable and inaccessible: the Mystery of Salvation for humanity, that will be manifested over the years through the Maiden chosen by the Father.“.

Two days before Giuseppina took her first Holy Communion in 1947 – while her mother with two other women, Lina and Maria Colavecchio, were making cakes for the occasion – she was playing all alone near her house where today the little church stands. Suddenly Giuseppina saw a little soft shiny cloud descending from the sky on which a baby of superhuman beauty was sleeping.
It was Baby Jesus!
The little cloud stopped at about one meter from the little seer. As Jesus opened His eyes which were of incomparable sweetness, He stared and smiled at her. Giuseppina, ravished by the vision, would have wanted to touch His little feet, kiss His eyes, hold Him in her arms, but her arms stretched out could not reach Him. “Mummy, Mummy” she cried out repeatedly, hoping her mother would arrive in time to get Him. Her mother rushed out at once with the other women but, before she arrived, the apparition disappeared. The young girl kept on looking up at the sky, longing to see Jesus again who, in the semblance of His own childhood, had privileged her with a visit before she would have received Him sacramentally. Her mother and the women who were with her were overtaken by overwhelming emotion. They too searched the sky for a long time but with no success, while sharing the joy of hearing from Giuseppina’s lips the details of the wonderful vision. Baby Jesus’ smile remained indelibly imprinted in the little seer’s heart, making her foresee that God would have come again to smile at her. She grew up with this hope and in loving expectation.
She incessantly repeated:
«I love you, Jesus, I love you so much,
I rely on You; do not leave me alone.
Do of me as You please;
May Your will be done»

June 9th, 2024
Solemn Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

“Heart of Jesus, Essence and Substance
of the one Love that saves”

Sanctuary of the
Divine Mercy
Homily of Samuel

June 2nd, 2024
Solemn Feast of Corpus Christi
Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy
Homily of Samuel

May 27th, 2024
Press release
“Condolence and Prayer for the Attack

against Christians in Congo”


May 26th, 2024
Solemn Feast of Holy Trinity
Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy
Homily of Samuel

May 25th, 2024
Press release
“Condemnation for the attack against
Christians in Pakistan”



May 19th, 2024
Solemn Feast of Pentecost
Feast of the Christianity that Heals
50th anniversary of the miraculous healing of Maria Giuseppina Norcia
Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy
Homily of Samuel

May 19th, 1974 – May 19th, 2024

After a few days, Jesus reappeared with the Virgin Mary and the martyr Saint Mesia (…) preannouncing to Giuseppina that He would have healed her … as later happened. In this circumstance Jesus said to her: “ «You see, nothing is difficult for Me. Those who ask shall receive, those who love will be loved»“. 

Four days later [therefore May 19th, author’s note], Jesus appears to Her again, together with Our Lady and St. Mesia (a holy Martyr who lived at the time of the persecution of the early Christians) and heals Her from a deadly disease of which the Woman of God was suffering“. 

May 15th, 2024
Solemn Feast of Mary of the New Jerusalem
50th anniversary of the apparition of Jesus, Mary and St. Michael Archangel
Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy
Homily of Samuel

2nd Anniversary
“Act of Faith to the Father’s Heart
through the Heart of Mary”

May 15th, 1974 – May 15th, 2024

On May 15, 1974, in a moment of Her great trial and suffering, She welcomes God’s Will, that was manifested to Her. This is the day of Her Wedding with Heaven. Jesus, Our Lady and St. Michael the Archangel appear to Her, and they remain with Her in a long talk. God’s Maiden, pronouncing Her “yes”, marries the Will of the Father that, through His Son, preannounces to her the salvific Mission for humanity that She will have to fulfil“. 

On May 15th, at 2:30 pm, in her bedroom, while praying intensively, she was invested with a very bright light which invaded the whole room. Suddenly, beside her appeared Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Saint Michael the Archangel. It was never easy for Giuseppina to express what she felt when Baby Jesus appeared to her, but it is even less easier for her to say what she felt that day when, after such a long time, Jesus, no longer as an infant but as an adult, came back to console her in her suffering. The majesty of the Lord was incomparable; His beauty extraordinary. A perfume of paradise exhaled from Him; His hair had reflections of gold. Our Lady, of extraordinary beauty, dressed in white with a sky blue veil and belt. At Her side stood Saint Michael the Archangel as an adolescent, all purity, vigour and splendour. The three talked a long time consoling her and instructing her on how to pray and to make others pray, and entrusting her with a mission of salvation“.

Acts of Magisterium

Holy is Your Name:
engrave in us the
Seal of Your Love

Mary the Immaculate
will win

Christ, King
of Love and Justice

Documents of Magisterium

The right to life is sacred.
No human right
can legitimise death

Universal Message
of the Mother Church

May the peace
of Christmas
be with you all


The bewildered humanity
and the lost paternity

Glorious Saint Joseph,
help us, for the victory
and triumph of
the Infant Jesus

The fullness
of the time
of Christ’s action

Revelations to Maria G. Norcia

She who is the synthesis
of the prophets and
the ancient patriarchs

Mary the Immaculate
dwells in Us

Joy albeit in suffering




Maria G. Norcia
God’s Maiden
Holy Rosary: Glorious Mysteries
(Original Audio)


Songs of the Little Cradle
of Baby Jesus

Press release
“Condolences and prayer for the earthly
departure of Benedict XVI”







The Universal Christian Church of New Jerusalem is born by the Will of the Father.

From the New Jerusalem, the Land of Love chosen by the Father for His children’s sake, God the Almighty Father wants to bring everyone back to the essence of Life, to the essence of Holiness, to the essence of the union between Father and Son, so to understand the true childhood and to live and to practice it, in order to finally arrive to contemplate the Face of the Good and Merciful Father.

Through the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, all that was in the original thought of the Father, has been restarted: to give back to the world everything that was originally generated by His Heart and that has descended in our midst.