In Mary, with Mary and for Mary,
to experience God in totality

  1. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Jesus came down to the New Jerusalem in Spirit and Truth (Jn 4:24; 15:26; 16:13), to give eternal Life to all (Jn 3:16; 6:54; 17:3). And may the Spirit of Christ be in His faithful sons so that His Words may flow into their hearts as fresh dew, bestowing them the holy wisdom to live, to effuse and to lead everyone into practising His teachings, which are “the” Life (Ps 118:144) for all those who want to live them with full will, with a ready spirit and a sincere heart in wanting to place themselves at God’s disposal as holy tools, in order to live and to allow everyone to live in Mary, with Mary and for Mary.

  2. This means belonging to Christ, the Son of God. Just as He did, who for first received the call from the Heavenly Father to go and uplift humanity, taking upon Himself the sins of the world and nailing all iniquity to the Wood of the Cross (1Pt 2:24), so must be done now by everyone: namely all those who sincerely wish to belong to Christ, to live for Christ, and to pursue the righteous Way that is Christ, so that all may understand it, by taking up their own Cross, embracing It knowing to embrace the Son of God (Lk 9:23), who on that Cross won against humanity, just as Mary did (Jn 19:25).

  3. Here is the Spirit of Christ who proceeds through history (Jn 14:17) to speak, to teach, and to dialogue. To speak (Jn 5:24), bringing the Truth to all (Is 45:23), to ward off whatever kind of falsehood and all sorts of lies from the hearts of the sons (Rev 22:15). To teach (Jn 13:13), a new doctrine that goes beyond the narrow limits of the Law (Revelation to MGN, “The Eternal Privileged Altar for the Hypostatic Union“, 30 June 1985): the Christian and universal doctrine that must prompt all hearts to understand the divine language, a language that humanity once again fails to grasp; a language that is different because it doesn’t appease the human senses but must reshape the hearts, as opposed to a human language, steeped in unholy sentiments, that must leave room for the action of the Spirit. To dialogue (Jn 15:15), when there is mutual comprehension: here is the dialogue among friends, among brothers, on the example of Christ, our Friend and Brother, in that spontaneous, living and simple understanding that bears fruit and not sufferings.

  4. Here is the awareness of the holy deepening of God’s sons (Ps 24:4), who long to delve into the deep knowledge (Wis 15:3) of Jesus: our Friend, our Brother and our God. And Jesus, as God and Judge of this world, speaks and will speak to the hearts, with Justice, through His Spirit (Heb 3:2), to cut off all that is unrighteous, making the world understand what turns people away from God as opposed to all what can draw them near to converge in God.

  5. No one can set human love above divine love, because once the Gospel (Mk 3:32-35) is understood and knowledge is filled with that living, holy, and celestial Love that is Person (John 1:14), everything else takes second place.

  6. Here is the example given by Mary, She who loved Jesus like no one else (Lk 1:46). Strengthened by her holy Help and by this awareness, the sons of God must overcome every hindrance and every test: the tests of the daily life, the permissions of temptation, even in the form of human loves and blood ties (Lk 14:26) beyond all that is worldly, so that everything and everyone may give the first place to the only true Love: God.

  7. God created man free. And by virtue of the granted freedom, man can act rightly or can act by doing what is evil (1 Pt 2:16). For this reason, in the Gospel, Jesus sometimes speaks with kindness (Jn 8:11), and at other times with firmness (Mt 23:27), in order to make people understand the Truth (Jn 8:32), which sometimes can be deemed by them to be comfortable and in other times to be uncomfortable, because God is Mercy but is also Justice, so that everyone may discern the Truth from error, the Right Path from the deceitful path, for Salvation cannot be free but must be achieved by doing what is Good and by rejecting sin and all that is evil with all their might.

  8. Only in this way can those who want to be true Christians understand and make others understand what it means to love God above themselves, what it means to love God with all their strength, what it means to love God above everything and everyone (Mk 12:30), in order to give the first place to Jesus, the only Supreme Good, just as Mary did.

  9. Those who want to love Jesus as the only primary Good are called to do so through deeds, renouncing their own lives (Mk 8:34) in order to clothe themselves with the Light of Christ who is true Life, to detach themselves more and more from all that is worldly and to live God in fullness. Humankind, appeased in every sense, is unable to overcome itself, for not feeling the need for God, Who represents an obstacle for them, becoming once again their stumbling Block (Ps 117:22; 1Pt 2:1-10).

  10. Jesus is not a God of convenience. Jesus is not a God who settles for little. Jesus is not a God who can be used and then be thrown away. Jesus is and always will be (John 18:6). Jesus is perfect and wants us to be perfect as Perfect is the Holy Father who is in heaven (Mt 5:48).

  11. In the House of God, what reigns and must reign is Love (Jn 14:2), the sublime Love: Mary (Lk 1:28); the pure Love: Mary (Lk 1:27b); the only-begotten Love: Christ and Mary (Lk 1:30-33). Whoever wants to become servant after the example of Mary (Lk 1:38a) is to ask to be filled with her infinite Love. Whoever wants to be servant, on the example of Mary (Revelation to MGN, “The Ascent to Heaven“, 13 April 1995) is to ask before the Little Cradle of the Child Jesus: “Jesus, teach me to love, as You alone know how to love. Jesus, unclothe me of my self, for I want to live in You. Jesus, make me be as Mary is“.

  12. In order to do this, we must let go all unholy habits and sentiments that are contrary to friendship and brotherhood. At that time, the Friends of Jesus left everything for love of the Master (Mk 10:28-31), who initially was not well known to them but whom over time they loved with their all being, going so far as to give their lives. Nowadays, the words and the language of the Master are even more unbearable to this arid and bewildered humanity, because those who have apostatised from the true faith have twisted and sold off the Word of Jesus to please the enemy of God (Revelation to MGN, “The Return of Jesus“, 30 October 1994).

  13. In the New Jerusalem, the Dwelling Place of God among men (Rev. 21:3), the Spirit of Christ will definitively sever the bond between God and all that is sin (Jn. 16:7-8), permanently banishing all that is impure, so that everyone may know that, in the House of God, live those who are willing to totally reject all that is sin and embrace with love the Cross (Phil. 2:5-11) which is Salvation (Rev. 21:27): The Cross of the death of the former self and of sin (Rom. 6:6), the Cross of eternal Resurrection to new Life for the new Christians (2Cor 3), who nourish their spirits with God’s Love that kindles the hearts to overcome their self and to let the pure and essential Love that gives Life to abide in them.

  14. Here is the meaning of belonging “to” Christ and Mary (1Jn 5:20): to fight and win (2Tim 4:7), by actions and deeds, not just by words and omissions (1Jn 3:18). Here is the sense of responsibility that the new Christians must have, so to sever all the ties with all that is worldly and sinful (Rm 6:11-14), and not to live as those who serve two masters, God and mammon, God and their own “self” (Lk 16:13). The time of the turning point comes for everyone (Lk 13:30): either with God or against God (Lk 11:23).

September 12th, 2023
Solemn Feast of the Most Holy
Name of Mary

The Pontiff