The Church

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem is “Christocentric”.

Christ, that came into the world to make Christendom return to be the essential pillar of the life of every child, so that the progressive process of abandonment of the Christian faith may find the true bulwark in this Church and may be overcome, by means of: a live obedience to the Holy Spirit that comes from the Father and the Son; a holy participation and a live will to manifest the Light to the world, which is Christ. And the holy Mother Church, His faithful Bride, welcomes every child and every man and woman of goodwill that wants to live in Christ, and to practice and marry the Father’s Will.

The Spirit Who animates the Church

The Church of Christ is everlasting and eternal. The Father re-establishes His Alliance, New Alliance, Unique Alliance, with the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, by means of His Son, donated to humanity to uplift Christianity and bring the Father’s will back to the center, the Father’s Thought, the Life, essential gift for every heart.
The Alliance is everlasting and eternal.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, final fulfillment of the Father’s Project, born because mankind has betrayed the Father, the Spirit of the Father, denying His actions and His presence.
Now as it was in the past, again is.
If the Father’s Spirit, Who is in Jesus Christ, would have been accepted, there would have been only the true Christianity, Holy and Total.
Nevertheless, those who adhered to Christianity, betrayed the Spirit once again.
Here again the Father, in His infinite mercy, in His Son again sends His Spirit so that once and for all The Truth reigns, pure and holy.

The New Jerusalem is animated by the Holy Spirit and is the expression of the Father.

The New Jerusalem, live, holy and brotherly, is united by the Spirit, Who wants to penetrate the hearts of the children of God and give back to them the dignity of the Father, in order to finally be and manifest the light of Christ.
In the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem everything is and has to be renewed in the Spirit of holiness.
The New Jerusalem is the Body of Christ.
To be recognized as such, those who want to live in communion with Christ and Mary, must undress themselves completely of self and be clothed with the light of Christ.
This involves sacrifice, passion and a total metamorphosis of their daily lives that must be holy: no longer a human but a divine everyday life that, in the total abandon of themselves to the call of the Father’s will, is Life.

The Father manifests His will daily, that is alive and present in the Heart of the Son. A Will that now, in the moment of full acceptance, must be practiced, to transmit Christian values, those values ??that iniquity would like to destroy, annulling the sacrifice of God’s Son, annulling faithfulness in Christ the Saviour, completely annulling the paternity of the Father, so even changing a single comma of the Word of God all becomes confused.

Confusion reigns in many hearts, confusion reigns outside the New Jerusalem. And the citizens of this Land, Mother Land, New Jerusalem, are to be ardent witnesses of Christianity.
«Do of me as You please. Thy will be done».
Following the example of Mary, obedient Daughter, Faithful Bride, Universal Mother, in this spirit we turn to the Son of God day by day, to be on the pathway to eternity and eternally live the Tree of Life, Christ Life, Eternal Life.

The purpose of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem is to fulfil the Plan of Love and Redemption for the glory and in honour of God the Almighty Father. The Holy Mother Church will have to make shine, once again, both the Christian essence and, consequently, the sense of brotherhood that come from the One and Triune God.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, will have to lead the hearts of every believer to live the beauty of spirituality, that will have to grow and increase more and more, to reduce all what is worldly.


The mission of the Church is to promote and to make people practice the true worship and the true service to the One and Triune God: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

As a consequence, every child of God and every man and woman of goodwill must live and should lead people to live the “Ten Commandments” and the authentic teachings and the example of life given to us by Christ and Mary, Christ and Mary, Christ and Mary, in Their essential and substantial manifestation in history. So “love your neighbour as yourself” so that the brotherhood in God and among brothers may be alive and true.

The Center of the saving mission of the Universal Church is:

  1. The Family, the first domestic church, formed by the union, in the indissoluble God, between a man and a woman, so as conceived by God the Father from the beginning.

  2. The Sacrality of Life, gift of the Father to humanity, which as such must be protected and preserved starting from the conception until its natural end.

In these hard and difficult times that humanity is experiencing, an evil action is taking place wanting to destroy the family and to lead people to not consider any longer the spousal union between a man and a woman as the true union wanted by God.

Consequently, this Church wants to give full priority to the family, even to stop, block and stem the malicious act that others, proclaiming themselves Christians, are favouring.

The sacredness of life, the highest gift of God the Father to humanity, must be preserved with all our strength. Human selfishness cannot overpower God’s original Thought.

Because of this, this Church will fight to defend the fundamental pillars of the whole Creation.

Church Doctrine

  1. God is One and Triune;

  2. God the Almighty Father is the Creator of all things;

  3. Christ, Man God, is the Only Begotten Son of the Father, the only Savior of the world;

  4. The Holy Spirit, the substantial Love of the Father and the Son, is God and proceeds from the Father and the Son;

  5. Mary is Daughter, Bride, and Mother of God, ever Virgin, Immaculate of the Holy Spirit, Assumed to Heaven, Coredemptrix and Queen of Heaven and Earth.

The fundamental law for every Christian is the Commandment of Love of Jesus, which embraces the fundamental laws dictated by God the Father to humanity: “The Ten Commandments” (or Decalogue).
Jesus says: “The first [Commandment] is: Listen, Israel. The Lord our God is the only Lord; Therefore you will love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your strength”. “And the second is this: You will love your neighbour as yourself. There is no more important commandment than these” (Mk 12,29-30).

As a consequence, every Christian belonging to this Church will lovingly obey the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, welcoming in their heart and doing all this: «Love the Lord your God with all of yourself, with all your might, respecting His law and submitting to His will, in order to live in Christ, for Christ and with Christ; and to receive the Holy Spirit who proceeds from the Father and the Son, that, in the motherly Heart of Mary, brings and gives Life, One, Holy and Universal, to everyone».

This is to believe in Christ, to believe in the true God, One and Triune, expression of the essence and substance of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Respecting these fundamental norms is to believe in Christ, to believe in the true God, One and Triune, expression of the essence and substance of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


The fundamental virtues, foundations of the Christian Faith, are:

  1. Humility

  2. Purity

  3. Obedience

God’s children are called to be ready to do God’s Will, so that Christ may illuminate and purify them on the path of perfection.

God’s children are called to be ready to do God’s Will, so that Christ may illuminate and purify them on the path of perfection.

Virtues of purity, humility and obedience are indivisible.

There is not humility if you are not pure. And you cannot be pure if you are not obedient.

Obedience makes you perfect and truthful: in the virtue of obedience there is charity and love for God and your neighbour.

With purity, each child turns his eyes to God, contemplating His Wonders.

Lastly, humility is the central phase of the other virtues.

The main guiding Principles that characterize Christians who freely decide to join this Church are:

  1. Holiness

  2. Correctness

  3. Faithfulness

Holiness, Correctness and Faithfulness must be lived everyday in order to be true men, true women and true Christians in our very life, on the example of Jesus Christ, true Man and true God.

Hence, Holiness, Correctness and Faithfulness must be manifested: (1) to God; (2) to our Brothers; (3) towards ourselves.

Only in this way, we are true men, true women and true Christians. We must behave with respect to God and to our neighbours. We must live the brotherhood. Thus, we are faithful and holy. In doing so, we can understand, love and consequently bear witness, with the example of our living, to the Commandment of Love that Jesus, true Man and true God, lived and witnessed with His life to all humanity: «Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your might. And love your neighbour as yourself». (Mk 12: 30-31).

Fundamental pillars to daily live the authentic Christianity are:

  1. Prayer

  2. Brotherhood

For every Christian, prayer must be alive. The prayer that removes all impure thoughts, the living prayer that moves temptation away, the living prayer that brings God closer.
Every Christian has to rediscover the power of prayer, to win the chains of the world, to win against oneself, submitting with loving obedience to the Will of the Father that, through His Son, Christ the Saviour, is manifested. «Yours is the glory, yours is the power over the centuries» (Rev 4,10-11; 7,12).

At the Center of the saving mission of this Church there are brotherhood and peace among brothers and therefore among peoples. Every Christian and every man and woman of goodwill must rediscover the sentiment of brotherhood that God, One and Triune, embodied in Jesus, has transmitted and manifested to humanity.



The Supreme Pontiff is the spiritual guide of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem.
With spirit of service, He guides the Church and, with the help of the Spiritual Council, forms the faithful of the Church, making them steadfast in faith, so that God’s sons and all those of good will may be able: to respect and welcome the original Project of creation of the Father, in Its essence and substance; to understand and put into practice the teachings of Jesus Christ, true Man and true God, the only Saviour of the world; to welcome in their life and everyday life, the live action of the Holy Spirit, the substantial Love of the Father and the Son, that leads the people of God to salvation; to imitate the example of Mary, in Her manifestation as Daughter, Bride and Mother of God. To guarantee the fulfilment of all this, the Pontiff consecrates His pontificate and mission to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Universal Mother, Queen of Victories.

    ✣ Samuele

The Spiritual Council has the task of administering the Church, with live spirit of service and true brotherhood, and of assisting the Supreme Pontiff in His ministry of leadership of the Universal Church, to bring the hearts of the faithful to the full spiritual union with the Hearts of Christ and of Mary, so to lead all to the Father’s Heart.

The Pastoral Committee assists the Spiritual Council in performing its functions, in order to administer and manage the activities of the Church with the spirit of service that must distinguish the work of its members, so to be always able to satisfy the needs of the various territorial realities that in the time animate, determine and characterize this Universal Church.

The Assembly is made up of all the faithful of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem. The faithful, animated by the sincere will to be part of Her and by the live will to respect Her foundations and spiritual principles, are welcomed as living members of the Mother Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, to manifest the essence and substance of being “Ecclesia”, the Assembly of the believers in Christ.


Responsible Nello Migliaccio

Responsible Alessandro D’Argento

Responsible Patrick Manfredi

Responsible Pasquale Laezza

Minister of God

The Minister of the Church is God’s spokesman and the direct testimony of the Father. The Minister does not consider himself to be above others, but as a brother among brothers he has the task to bring God to everyone.

Everything must be brought back to the origin. In the moment when things are lived and put into practice in the Father’s manifested equilibrium, everything continues to be lived according to the Christian essence, without wanting to exasperate or make personal changes to what the Holy Spirit suggests.

As always has been said in this Church, we must be first men (and women) and then true and authentic Christians. A true and authentic Christian takes active part in the everyday living. God’s beloved children, are those who have consecrated themselves to God and that God Himself calls to fulfil the arduous task of being His direct testimonies, His Ministers, that do not withdraw from what is common to all people, but, practising a holy equilibrium and placing the family at the centre, which is the first Church and the first expression of the Christian Church, they donate themselves, bring to completion and testify God in the fullness.

Consequently, whenever we choose equilibrium (with God, with brothers and with ourselves) and we give priority, by willingness and heart, to God’s Call, everything can be accomplished. By doing so, spirituality is brought back to the centre of every Christian’s life. This means to live the celestiality that everyday brings us the essence of Heaven.

As a result, we witness the varieties of God’s Calls.

  1. The Call to be direct testimony of the Father, thus Minister of God, by living firsthand the family and by helping in their homes in order to witness God within the family;

  2. The Call to be direct testimony of the Father, thus Minister of God, on an individual basis, by bearing witness that everything can be done in God, consequently by living humility, continence and holiness.

By fully responding to God’s Call and by directly testifying God in our everyday life, with consistency and holiness, we fully live the Kingdom of God, that He has already now given to His children, to make them able to live It in fullness, once we will be in the full Life.

Adam, the first man, was a direct witness of the Father, therefore he was a Minister of God. In these final times, the original Thought of the Father must be brought to the centre: God created them male and female (Gen 1:27; 5:2; 6:19), to be joined together as one and together serve God. And the Father originally said: «Spread over the earth, and increase» (Gen 1:22-28, 9:1-7).

Moreover, no one can force to live as a couple those who do not have this aptitude. For this reason, Jesus suggested, even without abolishing what the Father had established. What is important for everyone is to live in heart the true and genuine spirituality, with consistency and holiness, being aware that, in any case, one must respect his or her own life as a couple or being single. This is what must necessarily be respected with holy determination.

Whatever the condition, priority must be given in this holy order: first God; then the Family; then Work.