Supreme Pontiff

The Supreme Pontiff  is the spiritual guide of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem.
With spirit of service, He guides the Church and, with the help of the Spiritual Council, forms the faithful of the Church, making them steadfast in faith, so that God’s sons and all those of good will may be able: to respect and welcome the original Project of creation of the Father, in Its essence and substance; to understand and put into practice the teachings of Jesus Christ, true Man and true God, the only Saviour of the world; to welcome in their life and everyday life, the live action of the Holy Spirit, the substantial Love of the Father and the Son, that leads the people of God to salvation; to imitate the example of Mary, in Her manifestation as Daughter, Bride and Mother of God. To guarantee the fulfilment of all this, the Pontiff consecrates His pontificate and mission to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Universal Mother, Queen of Victories.


Spiritual Council

The Spiritual Council has the task of administering the Church, with live spirit of service and true brotherhood, and of assisting the Supreme Pontiff in His ministry of leadership of the Universal Church, to bring the hearts of the faithful to the full spiritual union with the Hearts of Christ and of Mary, so to lead all to the Father’s Heart.


Pastoral Committee

The Pastoral Committee assists the Spiritual Council in performing its functions, in order to administer and manage the activities of the Church with the spirit of service that must distinguish the work of its members, so to be always able to satisfy the needs of the various territorial realities that in the time animate, determine and characterize this Universal Church.



The Assembly is made up of all the faithful of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem. The faithful, animated by the sincere will to be part of Her and by the live will to respect Her foundations and spiritual principles, are welcomed as living members of the Mother Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, to manifest the essence and substance of being “Ecclesia”, the Assembly of the believers in Christ.