The Baptismal Font for Eternal Salvation


Jesus is risen (Lk 24:34) to give us His life: that Life which He has given to all His sons in order to be lived by those who, in the encounter with the sons of God, wish to see He who is risen (Revelation of Jesus to Maria Giuseppina Norcia, “To die in order to live; to lose in order to gain” March 24, 1985), He who, by defeating death, has led and desires to lead everyone to His Home.

The Little Cradle of Baby Jesus is the House of God’s Love, that living Love that gives Life to anyone who will ask for it with a sincere heart (1Jn 3:16).

Blessed are all those who already dwell in the House of God’s Love (Cant 2:4).

Blessed are all those who have believed and will believe in He who, descended here from Heaven (Acts 1:11), has risen to gather his whole Flock under the one Shepherd (Ez 37:24), under the one Mantle whereby they are protected and loved.

Blessed are all those who have believed in the Son of God, “the” Nazarene, He who is Risen, He who has crushed death to give Light.

Blessed are all those who, in the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2), have acknowledged “the” Nazarene, who has returned, in this new Galilee, Galilee of the Nations (Mt 26:32), where they gather to raise praises to the one Lord who, by His Resurrection, brought humanity to rise again: they are those who have allowed themselves to be moulded, touched and healed by His Love as Father, as Son and as Holy Spirit.

The First Baptismal Font of the sons of God was the Side of Jesus (Jn 19:34), which gave Life and sprinkled His sons with His Water of Life, inexhaustible Source of the Father’s Love.

Now, in the Little Cradle of the Child Jesus, the Tabernacle of God’s Love (Rev 21:6), there is the new Font for a new Baptism of purification and sanctification for eternity.

This is the invitation that, in His Infinite Mercy, the Risen Jesus addresses to all His sons and to all people of good will, so that many may approach this Cradle, the second and ultimate Grotto of the Manifestation of the Saviour (Revelation of Jesus to Maria Giuseppina Norcia, “The Holy Spirit“, September 13, 1984), bowing their heads and asking with a sincere heart: “My Lord and my God (Jn 20:28), receive me into the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that I may savour that Holy Honey and make landfall in the Heart of He who created everything”.

Here is the Divine Mercy of the Son of God, which, not as a gift but in response to a sincere request for help, is poured out upon those who ask for it and will ask for it (Ps 5:8).

Sons of He who is risen! Go forth and bear to the world the testimony that God is Mercy (Lk 1:54) and is also Justice (Ps 84:11). Open your heart to He who desires to enter it and fill it with His Love. Be fervent and living witnesses of all that you live and experience in the New Jerusalem. This is the Gospel of Christ the Lord, that is renewed in Sacrifice and Love. In the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus, Love triumphs, God triumphs, the sons of God triumph.

The Feast of Divine Mercy is the Holy Feast in which “the” Forgiveness is fully lavished on those who ask for it with true sincerity (Ps 50:3). Whoever asks with faith and heart, will receive (Jn 15:7). And the Holy Spirit, who blows and speaks to the hearts of His sons, will say: “Child, I absolve you of all your sins (Lk 7:48). Go, glorify God with the testimony of a righteous and upright life, in order to become holy, generous and authentic Christians (Lk 7:50)”.

The sons of Mary (Jn 1:12) walk the paths of this world to distribute Love, being them no longer stained by sin, but having that spiritual intransigence that annihilates their “self” and brings victory to the Name of God (Jn 20:31): He who saves, He who saves, He who alone saves (Mt 1:21).