Revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
January 1st, 1989

Joy albeit in suffering

Jesus and the Virgin Mary have come to the little Chapel, surrounded by light that is transparent as crystal.

The whole Chapel shines so brightly.

Our Lady is wearing a long white gown. A resplendent veil almost completely covers Her forehead.

Jesus too is dressed all in white, glowing. His long, thick hair covers His shoulders, and His forehead is crowned with thorns.

Their beautiful faces contain great sadness.

Both have their eyes turned towards Heaven, as if in an act of supplication.

In this suffering, I see Jesus, meek and humble, as if He does not want me to feel all His pain. But in the depths of my soul, I feel His great suffering: this makes me weep.

So Jesus draws near and, showing me hell, says:

My poor sons who, clouded and devastated by evil, lose themselves, rendering all My sacrifice vain.

At this point Jesus, cannot conceal His pain any longer. Two big tears stream down His sweet face, and He adds:

My daughter, this pain is an unbearable burden, it’s so immense!

Weep if you need to, weep with Me; but never separate yourself from joy.

I ask at once:

Lord, how can I rejoice when I am seeing You like this, in the midst of such suffering?

Jesus replies with a calm voice that pervades the innermost of my soul:

I am JOY itself!

Joy is LOVE of God and of our neighbour; it is always united to suffering.

I am not talking about happiness or worldly pleasure, which, though intense, are of short duration.

The Joy of which I speak lasts forever, beyond life, for all eternity.

Joy can coexist with suffering, because it is love that is given to others, whereas pleasure is love received from others.

Therefore, my daughter, weep in suffering, weep with Me, and always remain united with joy, for it is the only thing that will remain with you.

So many of my sons, oppressed by sadness, groan under a burden that hinders their every action towards good, towards liberation.

What is lacking in them is the impetus of love, the unlimited generosity to be merged in the union with and participation in the Cross, to fulfill the redemptive plan of salvation.

Cooperating with the Divine Plan requires an unshakeable faith like that of the great prophets.

One must totally renounce Satan and fully entrust oneself to God, mindful that doubts, discouragements, and hasty judgements come only from the enemy, who works in people’s minds to unsettle them and plunge them into confusion.

You see, my daughter, together we have had proof of this: my words have served little or nothing, and instead of being meditated on as a safe guide for a sure path, they have bounced from mouth to mouth without taking root in hearts.

Even now, there is a prevalence of inconstancy, superficiality, and a lack of commitment in welcoming everyone, regardless of their actions.

If only they would ponder the profound meaning and value of this blessed Land, chosen by the Father to fulfil therein the wonders of His mercy, they would be much more willing to comply with the commands established by Me, so as to partake in the joy of the New Jerusalem.

Disobedience leads to confusion and indifference.

My Call requires in response an exemplary behaviour, free from the worry and pretense of insistently supervising others.

If the new brothers that I send you are troubled with unnecessary and intrusive questions that wound their souls, how can I act with My Grace?

This lack of charity is grievous and causes so much pain to Me and so much suffering to you.

It is necessary to be lamps that, infused with soft and restful light, radiate colors that harmoniously prepare the rainbow of PEACE, for a feast that will never end.

My daughter, do not hesitate to intervene to avoid the consequences of these negative movements that prevent souls from growing in My love.

Reassure all the brothers that the goal is near, so that they may know how to wait for My Return.

Everything will be regenerated from My torn Heart, and I will make all things new.

It will be dreadful, for it will be the condemnation of most; but it will be awesome, for it will be the resurrection of many.

The time when everything will be fulfilled is not far off.

My Blessing is upon you and upon all who surrender themselves to Me with full trust.