Revelation of Jesus to Maria G. Norcia
July 26th, 1996

She who is the synthesis of the prophets
and the ancient patriarchs


Here is Jesus; He descends in a great light, approaches me, and says:

My Father’s teaching has been spread throughout the earth,

my Father’s teaching was given to a chosen people whom He preferred because of the love of those who believed and spread His word.

That people, however, considering themselves to be the chosen ones, did not make known to the pagans the message of love from my Father, and therefore the Father sent on earth a part of Himself Who took flesh in the Son of the Virgin Mary. And I, Jesus, in the mind of the Father before time was, began my journey of love to bring the people of the whole world towards the love of the Father, to bring all the peoples of the earth towards the love of the Father, wiping away by my sacrifice and carrying with me on the Cross, all the sins of the world.

And thus, my word, my Father’s word, went out from the borders of Israel to propagate all over the world, even and mainly through the sacrifice and martyrdom of many of my sons; but my mission is not yet complete and once again I have descended as a Child to grow up in the hearts of many of my sons who would never have known God’s love otherwise.

Once again, as in the past centuries, they would have known the love of God and, once again, as in the past centuries, the Father selected a chosen soul to epitomise the synthesis of all the prophets and the ancient patriarchs in order to complete the realisation of his plans and He entrusted her to me so that I would grow in her heart, thus helping her on this difficult path that she has been able to follow not only out of love for the Father, but out of love for many of the Father’s sons who would never have found the way to my heart without knowing the way that leads to my Cradle.

And you, my daughter, still wonder what else to do?

Do you not realise how much work you accomplish each day?

Do you not realise how many souls, snatched from the oldest foe, you return to the Father’s love?

Hard is the task entrusted to you by my Father, but do you believe that anyone else would have accepted it as you have known how to welcomed it?

It is in seeing you, day after day,  fulfilling His will with love, often with suffering, but always with infinite willingness, that the Father from Heaven looks upon your work and He too finds a reason of joy that compensates Him for so much suffering that comes to Him from many sons who leave the true path turning to false prophets, to vile deceivers who seduce and carry away many of my sons. But here, in this Place, I reclaim them if they come to Me even once, even if they come to Me without wishing to acknowledge Me, even if they come to Me out of sheer curiosity.

I take them and entrust them to Mary.

Some, in particular, I entrust to you because your love, your understanding, your willingness help them to be docile first towards the love of that Child, then to that of My Mother so that I can then open my arms and hold them close to my heart.

​And now, here, they will also find further assistance, assistance given in addition not in substitution, because the source of my love is in that little Cradle of mine, because my words of love for those who need them, are given by me through the daughters of my heart.

This is the continuation of my work.

This must be the fulfilment of the will of My Father, the one only supreme bestower of love, who took possession of this Blessed Island so that many of His sons could return to Me, purified in heart and spirit.

This, my daughter, is the will of the Father.

For this reason, my daughter, He has placed you at the centre of his love, because your abiding presence is meant to persuade even the hardest hearts to understand and to make the signs of the times be understood even by those who once didn’t understand, to make everyone understand that now the Father’s time is near, the time in which the Father will entrust to me the prize to be distributed to the righteous by means of your work and of the love of your mother whom I wish to remember today in a special way, because Anna was the name of the grandmother whom I didn’t meet in my earthly life and I extend my greetings also to the grandmother whom I have chosen as the earthly grandmother and to whom I, by command of the Father, have entrusted an important role in the realisation of this great plan of love.

I return to the Father where a new star has been shining beside me since a few days, giving splendour to spread over many new sons that you will summon here because one day many bright stars will have to shine in the Father’s light over my city.

I bless you my daughter and you always bless them, in your heart, even when they don’t ask you.

Always bless in My name all those who come to you with faith, for that Child whom you know how to cradle with so much love.

Jesus blesses you all and returns to the Father, increasingly eager to return forever, to return to the midst of his flock that He sees growing more and more every day.

Jesus loves you all!

Jesus loves you with all the power of his heart.