The right to life is sacred.
No human right can legitimise death


  1. In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Life is a gift of God (Gen 2:7), “the” most Sacred Gift bestowed by God to humanity.

  2. God the Father, out of infinite Love, has conceded to women His Creator’s Right, granting them the Prerogative to give birth to His sons, amidst this humanity. The Woman, understanding this Right and this unique Prerogative assigned to her by God, must be grateful to the Creator (cf. Lk 1:46-47) and must safeguard and defend all this with all her might, with the whole of her life.

  3. And Man, aware of the Gift given to woman by God the Almighty Father, must promote the enforcement of the Divine Right and must treasure the Gift of Life (Gen 18:19), defending it by all means, so that life may be and may see the light.

  4. The Procreative Act is Sacred (Gen 1:27-28). Therefore, suppressing life is a sacrilege, a murder perpetrated against innocents who have no right or possibility of defence. The right of the unborn child therefore takes priority over any other right, no matter how legitimate or justifiable it may be because of acts of violence experienced or whatever suffering the woman may be subjected to.

  5. Love conquers everything. Christ, the only-begotten Love, triumphed over hatred and death by giving His life on the Cross. God so loved the world that He gave His Son, Jesus, to give life to many who had lost it because of sin (Rom 6:23). This is the essence of Christianity, which is pure, holy and renewed in the one Love that has conquered a world that has become bereft of lifeblood but can find the Way in Christ who is Life, so that no one may confute the Truth (Jn 14:6), the only Truth that is the Word of Life (Jn 1:14).

  6. This is the example set for us by Jesus, the Son of the Living God. No one can ever do anything greater than to lay down his life for humanity. Never will anyone do anything greater than to lay down his life for love of his neighbour (Jn 15:13).

  7. In the light of this, every State ruled by law has the right and the duty that is primarily human and then Christian (John 13:35), to defend the weakest, those who cannot assert their right to defend what belongs to them and has been given to them by God: Life.

  8. In communion with all the presbyters, deacons and believers, the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, through the Pontiff and the members of the College of Cardinals in union with all the Bishops, expresses firm dissent (cf. Jn 12:48) and great sorrow for the Law that the Representatives of the French Republic have decided to enact, decreeing that the right to abortion be ratified and inserted into the Nation’s Constitution.

  9. With this Action, the French Nation, over time favoured by Heaven with the numerous Marian revelations and apparitions that have distinguished and characterised it, actually decides to sever its Friendship with Christ, mortifying the sacrifice of many saints and martyrs, in the name of a new humanism, contravening the Commandment of Love established by Jesus (Mt 22:36-40) and renouncing the Immutable and Universal Order sanctioned by the eternal Commandments of God the Father Almighty (Dt 5).

  10. This Act also represents a grave blow to the heart of Christianity and of the Christian Civilisation, the foundation of the European Continent, once called to be the Centre of the Universal Christianity and of the Civilisation and Progress of the whole world (cf. 1Pt 3:10-12).

  11. Peoples and Nations who have at heart the defence of the Christian Roots and the Rights of the last and the defenceless, are to unite in favour of the Right to Life, praying (Ps 36:5-6) and offering sacrifices (Rom 10:1) but also promoting actions and steps made available to them by Human Rights so that the Sacred Gift of Life may be loved and defended, protected from its natural conception for as long as God wills.

  12. Saint Joseph, the Patron of the Universal Church and Custodian of Christianity, in union with the Most Holy Virgin and the Child Jesus (Mt 1:21), are standing in defence of the Sacred Gift of Life and Christianity, in defence of the Life of those who have been deprived, by human hands (Ps 6:4), of the first and fundamental Right that God the Father Creator and His Only Begotten Son have given to this humanity (Jn 3:16). In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

4 March 2024
Memory of Saint Casimir
prince of Poland

The Pontiff

The members of the College of Cardinals:
Nello Migliaccio
Alessandro D’Argento
Patrick Manfredi
Pasquale Laezza