Open Letter of Pontiff Samuel
To all Christians and to all men and women of good will

God overcomes evil
Love overcome all hatred and all temptation to evil


God commanded everyone not to kill (Dt 5,17; Mt 5,21). For this reason life is sacred, and its sacredness must be fully respected. No one may kill his neighbor. No religious confession may tolerate anyone killing in the name of God.

God is Love. And God Love became incarnate in Christ Jesus (Jn 1,14). Only in the Love of Jesus are human beings able to find the total and living satisfaction that so many seek and yet no longer find. Only by understanding this Love, the Love made Man, we will be able to look at this world with a different love, with a different attitude. It is only by respecting our neighbors that we are able to love ourselves. And it is only by seeing ourselves in our neighbors that we can love God (Mt 22,37-39).


Brothers and sisters (Mt 23,8; Lk 8,21); and all you men and women of good will!

The world is under attack. The Evil One has launched his infernal attack (Rev 12,17). And this world must now react, with the power of Love. Now more than ever, man must return to God and invoke His help to overcome the Evil One and conquer every evil.

2.1. I now appeal to all Christians. Take a stand before this attack and keep all temptations and every evil away (Mt 6,13). Invoke Jesus. Invoke His Holy Name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bend (Php 2,10) and every tongue will proclaim praises to Him (Ps 34,28). Safeguard and reinvigorate the Christian roots of every nation, of every continent, so that in every country the Love of Jesus may overcome all evil.

a) Beginning from Italy, the Cradle of Christianity (Is 11,1), which must not allow itself to be subjugated by the apostasy of those who have betrayed Christ (2Th 2,3-4).

b) And so it is for Europe, which is now suffering because it has become the victim of violence and barbarism: “Peace” and “Concord” are the fundamental pillars of its Christian roots (Sir 24,12), which must continue to live in this continent because they are essential for every single person.

c) And so it is for every continent and for the whole world: for America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Invoke Jesus (Is 12,4). Invoke Mary. And Evil will be powerless. God the Supreme Good overcomes Evil!

To you all I say: In the face of hatred, don’t raise a “white flag” but instead raise your heart, so that the heart of every Christian may not feel overwhelmed but be filled with the one Love that defeats all evil (Rm 12,9.21).

This is what every Christian is called to do in a synergy of hearts and spirit, so as to be united in the One who is and to bring to everyone the only doctrine, the only salvation, the only Love that saves: Christ (1Th 5,9).

2.2 I now appeal to all men and women of good will. In these times, every man and woman of good will is to join with his neighbor, with his brothers and sisters, in order to win against this hatred and this apostasy that wants to spread throughout the world aiming to flatten and abjure the true Spirit, who is Holy and who is a Person, animating everything and everyone. Only with Love can we overcome hatred which is the weapon used by all those who are not animated by the Holy Spirit. Good overcomes Evil! Love overcomes hatred (3Jn 11)!

2.3 I now appeal also to all the rulers of this world (Mt 22,21). In this hour of darkness, the world is fighting against evil. But the world wants to win without God. Only where people seek God will there be salvation. Wherever people want to fight their battle with their own strength, without invoking and seeking God’s help, they will see the annihilation of everything.

God does not force anyone (Gal 5,13). God advises, suggests, and invites to peace and harmony, always respecting the personal freedom which now more than ever must be protected (Rm 13,3) in its every aspect: social, religious, economic and political, so that this civilization may safeguard that sense of respect and of reciprocity that is due to everyone.


God the Father Almighty will never abandon His sons and will never abandon all those who are animated by good will. At the time of our trial, God is with us, becoming ever closer and nearer to us. God so loved the world that He has sent His Son again (Jn 3,16). The Child Jesus has once again descended into the world and has placed His Throne (Rev 7,17) in the New Jerusalem (Rev 21), the Land of Love. Here the Father dwells, for those who want to acknowledge Him and love Him and see His imprint as Father, as Son and as Holy Spirit in this Land of Love. In His Cradle, in His Tabernacle, God is alive and is true Judge (Rev 11,18) and true King (Rev 19,16).

The Father carries out His justice completely for those who work for the good and live in His Love. The Justice of the Father is alive and holy, just as His Love is alive and holy for those who now invoke Him and will invoke Him (Ps 144,18).

You who are afflicted (Mt 5,4), you who are the last and marginalized, you who love the Truth, you who want to see the Light in this world of darkness: you will be comforted and refreshed.

You who work in darkness; you who plot behind the backs of the little ones; you who, abusing God’s name, have raised barricades between God and His sons (Lk 13,27); you who have strayed away from the Father’s will, from His thought and from His infinite Love, for having done what is evil in His eyes, spreading hatred and taking away from so many innocent the gift of the true Life: «woe to you!».

So many hearts are numb, so many have become selfish and rivals with everyone (2Tim 3,1-5).

God is Love (1Jn 4,16). Come back, all of you, to Love, True Love, Christ Love, who overcomes hatred, so that every man and woman of good will may be allowed to live in peace and to meet True Love (2Jn 5-6), starting with mutual respect, respect for the freedom of everyone so as to gradually grow and understand the True Love which unites and does not divide, which makes us live and not die, in order to give everyone Peace, which in Love will be established on Earth (Lk 2,14).

New Jerusalem,
November 3, 2020
Eve of the memorial of Saint Charles Borromeo

The Pontiff