Love is Life

The Source of Love is in Christ the Lord.
In Christ the Lord, Love is the Source of Life.
“No one can have greater love than this:
to lay down his life for his friends” (Jn 15:13)



  1. May the Love (Jn 15: 9) and the living blessing in Christ Love (Sir 50:21) be with you all, beloved sons of God (Jn 1:12); and with all of you, my dearest men and women of good will (Lk 2:14), who are seeking the Way that leads to the Truth that gives the essence and substance of Love: Life.

  2. May peace be with all those who love in the New Jerusalem. May joy be with all those who have met Love in the blessed Land chosen by the Father. May consolation and salvation, true and sincere shelter and comfort be with all those who have met maternal love in Mary Mother Church. May Goodness and Eternal Life be for all those who have come, are coming and will come to this Little Cradle to adore the Child Jesus (Lk 2:10-12), Love, He who was born in Love and who in the Father’s Love will conquer all evil. May Love be with all those animated by goodwill who are in search for the Truth: a living and heartfelt wish to meet and live Christ Love.

  3. The New Jerusalem is the Father’s House (Ez 37:27), the Source of Love, inexhaustible Source of the only Love that defeats all evil.

  4. The New Jerusalem is the House where the feast is alive, continuous and throbbing; the House of the sons of God; the House of the Saints (Eph 2:19), the House of those who have wanted and want to become saints for the Love of God and His Work; the House in which the Love become Person fills the hearts of those who love Him, of those who seek Him anew, of those who want to meet Him and be satisfied, so that there may no longer be emptiness or empty spaces in hearts, but instead that hearts may be filled with the Love of God, One and Triune, and with the Love of Mary, so that all may be and coexist in the only heart that beats continually and will beat ever more.

  5. Those who want to win are to approach the Little Cradle of the Child Jesus (Ez 11:19), the living Tabernacle of the Father’s Love (Ps 41:3; Mt 11:28).

  6. Those who want to be forgiven (Ps 50) are to come before the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus and draw the living Water that flows from the Heart of the Son (Jn 4:10) to quench their thirst from the dryness that grips humanity.

  7. All those who want to be conquered by the Father’s Love are to come to His Dwelling Place in order to be renewed and be able to be reborn to new life: the Life that in the Little Cradle of the Child God is manifested for Love, infinite and total Love (Ps 100:1).

  8. The Little Cradle of Baby Jesus is the Tabernacle where the Father has placed His Throne (Dn 7:9) that is alive and present, where His Flame warms, heals and purifies all those who, approaching, ask for forgiveness with a sincere heart (Ps 129:4), to receive His Goodness which is Life.

  9. The Little Cradle of Baby Jesus is the eternal Tabernacle, the living Cenacle (Lk 22:16) where Christ the Way, Truth and Life (Jn 14:6) totally gives Himself by Love, obedience and holiness, so that all His sons may be united in the only Body that gives life, which is Christ, the Redeemer; Christ, the Savior; Christ, He who will eternally feed His flock (Ps 22:2; Ez 34:23; Rev 7:17).

  10. In the New Jerusalem, God’s sons live the Love of God the Father, who generated His Son, Love; and in the action of His Spirit, who is Holy, He manifests the most complete and intimate Love in Mary Love, She who lived Love, enclosing it in Her Heart, embodying it and giving it (1 Jn 1:3), drop by drop, to all those who, over time , have come, are coming now and in time will come to the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus: believers and non-believers; all kind of sinners; sick in their body and soul. In the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus, many have understood the Mystery of Mary Love (Lk 1:28), She who, before the Father’s Love, is Woman (Jn 19:26), is Mother (Lk 1:43; Jn 2:5; Jn 19:27), is Queen (Rev 12:1), and is Teacher (Lk 1:46-49).

  11. In the New Jerusalem there is complete Love, the Love of a God who gives Himself totally (Rm 5:8) allowing thus to be able to receive all graces and Love; a God who wants to give Love and wants to receive love and gratitude, allowing us to live and bring others to live the true peace that, in the Oasis of Paradise placed by the Father on Earth, allows to savor all what can be lived for eternity.

  12. The New Jerusalem is Heaven on Earth, the Place where Love dwells, which in Heaven is eternal and on Earth wants to manifest itself by simplicity and harmony: the celestial harmony that wants to pervade every heart that comes here, to live holiness, peace, brotherhood and concord, to be one in the only Truth that brings us back to God One and Triune and to understand the essence and substance of Life: Love, True Love: Life, the upright Branch of God’s garden (Is 4:2; Jer 23:5; Zec 3:8), Sprout of the heart of God (Sir 47:22; Is 11:1; Jer 33:15; Zec 6:12) , who gives Himself, gives Himself, and totally gives Himself.

  13. In the New Jerusalem, the Abode of Love, Christ is Brother, Teacher and King: King of His people (Jn 1:49), of the people whom others have rejected but whom He has gathered and will gather (Ez 34: 11-16) in His Little Cradle. The Spirit of Christ will gather together all those who want to continue living the Way, the Truth and the Life, giving their life to the service of His Church, to the service of their brothers, to the service of the Father, who lives, dwells, and is present in the Land of Love.

  14. In the New Jerusalem the Spirit of He who wins is alive, the Spirit of He who leads to victory, of He who, raising the banner of God, will proclaim the only and holy Victory (Rev 17:14). Christ, the King of kings and the Lord of lords (Rev 19:16) urges His sons to want to be sharers of His glory, to receive His regality and to be redeemed in heart, soul and spirit, to co participate in the redemption of this world, regenerating it intimately, so that it can be eternally cleansed of all that is sin.

  15. In the New Jerusalem, the abundance of God’s grace is alive (Jl 2:26) the more the predisposition of every heart to welcome, listen and put into practice Christian teachings is alive (2 Pt 1:2), to thus refound all things according to the teachings of the Father’s will: the Good and Just Father, who is Merciful, Holy and Living.

  16. In the New Jerusalem there is the emblem of the Covenant (Gen 6:18): the Covenant established by the Father with the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus, which is the sign of the identity of the Son of man (Mt 16:27). Living authenticity and profound holiness, essence and substance of the Love, of the thought and of the will of the Father, in which Mary is once again the center and symbol of the maternal affection and of Her living and eternal Love for all the Father’s sons.

  17. The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem is the Church of Christ (Rev 19:7), a Church willed, willed, and once again willed, inwardly regenerated, re founded so as to become even more beautiful, more holy, more vital: expression of the Father and of the Love of Mary, the only Love, pure, simple and essential.

  18. In the Universal Christian Church, the Covenant between the first Apostles and the Apostles of the last times is manifested, in the Covenant sanctioned by the Father (Jer 31:31) which proceeds so to embrace all those seeking the Way, the Truth, in order to return to live the true Life; to embrace all those who want to re-enter the Fold of Christ, the true Fold (Ez 34:14) where Christ, the Way, the Truth and Life, is true God and true Man; to embrace all those remained faithful to the only Word and the only Lord, expression of the Father’s will, so that by recognizing the voice of the Spirit (Rev 14:13b) that is Life in the New Jerusalem, they may feel in their hearts that burning flame which gives Life, purifies, sanctifies, burns all impurities and inflames the heart with certainty, the certainty that the New Jerusalem, God’s Home, will never, never and again never wane (Is 60:20).


  1. Humanity has not understood and has not wanted to understand (Jer 5:3) the freely given Love, the essence and the origin of that heartbeat that gives Life, which is the Love of a God, One and Triune, who out of infinite Love gave Himself (1Pt 3:18, Rev 5:8) and remodulated His actions (Gen 6:7), in order to bring to fulfilment, together with His sons, the Plan of Love and Redemption for this humanity.

  2. The people of the New Jerusalem, the few Remnant People of the Israel of God (Is 10:20-22) who keep the Father’s Love in them, will spread and pour out the Plan of Love and Redemption of the Almighty, because Love can do all (Ps 15:3), because everything is possible in the Love of the One and Triune God.

  3. Love sees everything. Love comprises everything. Love is. But Love can do nothing when the freedom to reject it prevails (Gal 5:1; 1Pt 2:16).

  4. Many are those who in the course of history have rejected the Love of God (Heb 12:25), the Love of the Father, a pure and essential Love. Many are those who have defiled God’s Love, squandering it in idolatry (1Cor 10:14). Many are those who have turned that Love into a human power, in order to weigh down the little ones, establish relationships with the powerful (Ps 117:9), and obtain wealth and benefits.

  5. The greatest wealth is to be able to live the Love of the One and Triune God, that is and will be of mercy for His faithful sons, for the little ones, the humble and the innocent. But it will be of punishment and justice (Is 40:23) for those who have abused the Love of the Father, the Love of the Son and the beneficial action of the Holy Spirit.


  1. We live in the Era of the Holy Spirit (Is 61:1-11). And in this time, the Spirit of Christ builds and strengthens hearts in faith, in the only Master, in the only God, in the only Lord (Wis 1:5; Rom 8:14).

  2. In the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2) the Spirit of Christ pours Himself out to spread peace, Love and holiness. In the New Jerusalem the Spirit of Christ pours Himself out to restore order and holiness. In the New Jerusalem the Spirit of Christ pours Himself out to take back what belongs to Him and to give it to His sons as inheritance from the Heavenly Father. In the New Jerusalem the Spirit of Christ pours Himself out to restore balance and to build the Kingdom of God (Rev 11:17).

  3. The Spirit of Christ comes, has come and will take back all that the Father has destined for the Son, in order to give it to His sons so that the wedding Feast of the Lamb may be eternal and abundant (Rev 19:9) in the Land of Love.

  4. The Spirit of Christ has come upon the Earth to separate the chaff from the wheat (Mt 13:30); He has come to separate what belongs to Him from what no longer is His. He has come to dwell in the New Jerusalem and to stay and rule with His sons (Rev 12:5; 19:15). Time has passed, and all time is His and belongs to Him.


  1. We live in the time of the Fulfillment. The New Jerusalem manifests Herself (Rev 21:3) and the world looks and passes by.

  2. In the Land of Love, in the Household where the Holy Spirit dwells, we live the time in which Love (Jn 10:15) ever more pours Himself out and will pour Himself out, because the time has come and is now here, the time in which the Father’s Flame loves and will love, burns and will burn; the time in which the Spirit of Christ, Son of the living God, will call on His sons, saying to their hearts: “May you come into Being,” and they will be; “May you come into Being now!” and so they are. And to the world the Spirit will say: “You no longer are”, and the world will never be again.

  3. On one side there will be the sons faithful to the One and Triune God, on the other the stepsons (Mt 25:32-33), those who have wanted to remain in the past that is now dying (Rev 18:4). God’s sons dwell and will dwell in the New Jerusalem, the Corner of holy and limpid water, the place where the glow of holiness is shining and illuminates and the Holy Spirit illuminates and makes the profound Love that gives Life (1Jn 3:16) be fruitful in the heart, soul and spirit. In Babylon the great, the city described by the Apostle John (Rev 17:5) which has become a symbol of sin and idolatry (Rev 18:2), there will continue to dwell those who choose to remain anchored in what is past, fleeting and dying, bereft of the Holy Spirit which is Love, because inside it there will no longer be shining the Light of the Lamp, of the Bridegroom, who is Christ the Lord, who is His Holy Spirit, who dwells in Mary, His Bride (Rev 18:23a).

  4. On one side the Truth dwells and will dwell (Jn 14:17), on the other side falsehood. On one side there is the pure and holy Truth that manifests God in every essence and substance (Jn 16:13), so that the Spirit of Christ can be seen, loved and lived (Jn 8:32); Christ, true Man and true God, He who in the midst of His sons heals, purifies and sanctifies. On the other side there is iniquity, powerful and total, that accompanies His children towards eternal perdition (2 Thess 2:3).

  5. «I am the Lord your God. You shall have no gods other than Me» (Ex 20:2-3; Dt 5:6-10). This is the first and the foundation of the Father’s Commandments. Woe to the man who loses the Way and proudly puts himself in God’s place. Harsh will be the condemnation for those who have not been able to wait, hope and live in the certainty that He Who Is would come, descending from Heaven in the clouds as He promised (Acts 1:9-11). The Lord will eradicate the root of the chaff in order to reveal the green pastures of His Love, His Home, His Land, in comparison to other courtyards that have become unhealthy, deserted and without oxygen.

  6. Woe to the world (Mt 18:7) that still tries and will continue to try to divert God’s people from the right Way (Jos 1:7), from the only Truth, even if in today’s world the Truth is weakened (Jn 8:46) because it is blurred by human power and by the exchanging of human power.

  7. In the Land of Love, the Lamb (Rev 5:6) is a sign of abundance, fidelity and meekness; elsewhere the sheep is no longer pregnant, is no longer producing milk and has lost the Way; its fur is no longer white: its fur falls and no longer warms, it no longer produces that wool that represents Love, the Father’s warmth. The Flame of the Father’s Love is extinguished and the talents are lost, because those talents have not borne fruit and have not allowed His Love to bear fruit in the hearts of many who have approached to receive Love (Mt 25:24-28). The talents they have freely received have been used to do something else, used to set themselves up as “gods,” as masters, raising themselves above the Master and the Almighty Father.

  8. Now everything is being fulfilled. And, as foretold by Jesus, there will be some who will be left and others who will be taken (Mt 24:40-41). There will be those who will have oil in their lamps and those who have run out of oil (Mt 25:10-11). There will be those who will have allowed themselves to be set on fire by the Word of God, the good Friend, the good Master, He who is, as opposed to those who will have allowed themselves to be fascinated by the lights and voices of the world. There will be those who, set aflame in their hearts by the Holy Spirit who is Life, will have wanted to fly, to know, to love and live ever more fully in the depth of God and His Mystery, God and his Love, God and His will, thus being obedient, pure and holy, in order to therefore become generous and authentic Christians, following the example of Baby Jesus, the Divine Child, the sign of the Father’s infinite Love (Rev 15:3-4). And there will be those who will have wanted to follow a human spirit which, in the name of a new humanism that has once again rejected the Man-God, will lead his children to eternal perdition (Mt 24:15).

  9. So much has been prophesied (Lk 1:70). Many are those who have passed over the course of time to teach, make known and transmit the voice of Heaven. Many are the fruits that have been born, just as there is also much laziness and ingratitude that has been received (2 Tm 3:2), because many have flocked to where God no longer was, certain that they would find Him, but without knowing how to discern the Truth (Lk 17:17).

  10. The Father is consistent and is true to His promises (Dt 7:9) which He instills in the hearts of all those who want to be holy, sage and wise.

  11. In the Land of Love the Father has re-established His Covenant (Heb 8:8; 2 Cor 3:6) which has brought new order and even more new holiness, so that the world may see and, as far as possible, repent, for the axe is ready and is being laid to the root of the tree (Mt 3:10), and at His command the tree failing to produce good fruit will be cut down (Lk 13:7): a tree that has become sterile and unresponsive (Jl 1:12) to His Love.

  12. The storm that has been foretold is coming (Mk 11:21), and it will sweep away those who have misused the Name of the Father, the Love of the Son, the closeness of the Holy Spirit and all that belongs to God, One and Triune.

  13. The axe is coming (Lk 3:9); the storm is advancing (Rev 11:18), and a house that has become a stepmother will go through a time of awful darkness (Rev 18:10; 19:2).

  14. Those who have shown their loyalty to the principles, the will, the Commandments and the Household of the Almighty Father will rejoice (Ps 67:4; Rev 18:20-21). The Spirit who dwells in the New Jerusalem will pervade all those who look to the Little Cradle with Love, holiness and devotion, the place where every sacrifice of the saints and martyrs who have sacrificed themselves for the triumph of the Mystery of God and for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary on humanity (Rev 14:4) is safeguarded, is brought together and preserved. And nothing will be lost. The living thunderbolt will sweep away every insult, injustice, slander and hypocrisy. No more evil tongues, no more hasty judgments upon the House of God, against the House of God, against the sons of God.

  15. The new day will begin (Is 11:11) to give new life to a new course, that will bring joy and holiness; will make every lie fall into the abyss and will bring the supreme Good to the centre of everyone’s life, the Love of the One and Triune God, that universal Love that gives Himself to everyone beyond all limits. Those who want to receive it will receive it to the fullest (Jn 6:37). Those who reject it will be rejected for ever (Mt 10:32-33).

  16. At the command of the Father, the Holy Spirit of Love will rise up against falsehood, envy and enmity (Rev 22:15). Falsehood will be cut off, and the temple of iniquity will again be torn apart by the earthquake of God (Mt 27:51; Rev 6:12; 11:13), thus allowing Love to emerge and the Law and the Prophets to be recognized as such; and the Father’s Love will bring Peace forever, the stable Peace that will rule the world, in order to return to living what was originally in the Heart of the Almighty Father, the only Supreme Good.

  17. The flowers bloom. The time has come, and the sun has risen (Rev 21:23). The sons of Christ and Mary will raise their eyes to Heaven and praise God. They will see the Archangel Michael advancing (Rev 12:7) with his militia. And the world will be renewed, in order to belong entirely to God. Many are the wars that have taken place. Everything has happened and for the world everything is over. So much has God spoken through His Son and His prophets. Every word has been written in the Book, in that little Book, sweet and bitter (Rev 10:9-10), that contains the will of the Father who manifests Himself in the Son. And none of these words have passed away, nor will they pass away without having been fulfilled (Mt 24:35).


  1. As it is written and foretold, the Son of God has descended again on the clouds (Acts 1:11) into the Land of Love, to re-establish the living Covenant between the Heart of the Father and the hearts of His sons that are united and held together by the Love of Mary, the Eternal Maiden, the sublime Love. All for Mary and for Her great Love and Her fidelity.

  2. Once again, God the Almighty Father confirms, in Christ (Rev 5:7) and in Mary (Lk 1:49), His Covenant (Jer 31:33) and closeness to His sons, to His people, in order to manifest the victory of the sons of God over the sons of the world and against those who are still burdened and unable to soar upwards because of the negligence of man, because of the negligence and infidelity of many; for those who no longer see Good but instead do Evil.

  3. In the Land of Love, the Father’s gaze is vigilant and attentive. He scrutinizes the depths of everything and everyone (Ps 32:14; 1 Cor 2:10), infusing His Image (Gen 1:27; Col 1:15-20) and His Imprint in every heart as a sign of unequalled and inextinguishable Love, so that all may always recognize the Father, One and Triune. And great is and shall be the reward for the sons of God, both on Earth and in Heaven.

  4. In the Land of Love, many are the talents (Mt 25:15) handed out by the Father. Many of them have produced fruit, others have yet to ripen, but the Harvest is holy and will be bountiful. The serviceable workers of the Father’s Vineyard will harvest His grapes to produce the new wine (Jl 2:19; Lk 5:38; Jn 2:3,5,9) that will be plentiful for eternity (Jn 1:14) in the New Jerusalem, the Home of the Father, the Home of He who is Father.

  5. The Land of Love is the Sheepfold, the courtyard of God (Is 65:25), the place where the living Lamb (Jn 1:29,36) is the sign of the Father’s abundance, where His milk and honey will never end (Ex 3:8). And His Water will cleanse for ever (Ezk 36:25-27).

  6. In the Land of Love, the Divine Child gives to everyone the expression of His Life, His paternal Goodness (Lk 1:78) that will manifest to the world the only and eternal Love (Ps 116; Rom 15:10-13).

  7. In the Land of Love, the Source of Light (Jn 1:4) even more Light radiates and will radiate (Rev 21:24), so that everyone may see, listen and hear. The Lamb of God is placed at the centre of the Holy City (Rev 7:9) and as a burning Flame He radiates and will radiate Truth and Goodness (Ps 25:3; 107:5; Eph 5:9), which is what is needed to be true worshipers of God in Spirit and Life (Jn 4:23-24).

  8. In the Land of Love, Jesus transmits all His Love to His faithful sons (Jn 17:26): a noble Love, a holy Love, a pure Love; just as the hearts of all His sons are and must increasingly be pure, holy and truthful, so as to act rightly, love and conquer, thus placing charity (1 Cor 13:13) at the centre of the heart of every son, because God, His Spirit, is present essentially and substantially in all charity. The sons of Mary, Mother Church, the New Jerusalem, will always spread charity and Love . And they will be recognized on account of the Love that they will make known and seen (Jn 13:35).

  9. Let anyone who is thirsty come (Is 55:1; Jn 7:37; Rev 21:6), and anyone who is hungry take a seat at the wedding Banquet with the Son of God and His friends; no longer servants but friends (Jn 15:15), those who distribute (Mt 14:19; Lk 9:13) the first fruits, the delights of the Father, who together with Mary, Mother Church, the New Jerusalem, make God available (Jn 6:51) for all those who wish to drink, eat, live and contemplate God for all eternity (Rev 22:17), the only Supreme Good; God One and Triune; Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Mt 28:19).

  10. Love will be sovereign and will reign (2 Sam 5:12) in the Land of Love, to make known to all the originality of the Father’s thought (Gen 2:8), who placed His roots in the New Jerusalem to bring together His sons, every exile and all those who ignore His Love, so to lead everyone to the Truth (Jn 17:17), on the right Way, on that Stairway (Gen 28:12) which joins Heaven and Earth, where the saints go up and down, where the sweet melody resounds that will forever sing the One, Holy Victory: “Yours is the Kingdom, yours is the Power and the Glory for ever” (Rev 19:6) . And God’s Love will simply be.

  11. Behold, the New Jerusalem (Is 60:1-2; Rev 21:10), the centre of the Father’s Love, where Christ the Lord and His sons will sit to eat and live (Is 62:8-12). And it is the Kingdom of God (Mt 6:10; Rev 21:27).

05 December 2021
Solemn Feast of the Father’s Heart

The Pontiff