The Father’s arm

  1. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Mt 28:19).

  2. The Son of Man has returned to the Earth (Mt 18:11), in the Land of Love established by the Father for the return of His Son (Mt 24:37).

  3. Jesus has returned (Acts 1:11), for Love, for Justice and for Mercy (Is 11; Jer 23) for those who have kept the faith alive. Jesus said: “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the Earth?” (Lk 18: 8). In the Land of Love chosen by the Father, Jesus has found faith, for faith in his Name has remained intact and pure (Mt 24:13).

  4. The New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2) is a small piece of Heaven on Earth, desired by the Almighty Father (Ps 146:5) so that the sap of the Risen Christ might once again bathe this world.

  5. Despite this, the world has refused to be molded by the Love of the Son of God and by the living faith that the Father has once again made to circulate from the Little Cradle of the Child Jesus, the Tree of Life (Rev 2:7).

  6. Once again, the war between God and his sons on one side and the world on the other, has returned to be the center again (Rev 20:8): the center of the battle between Good and Evil (Gen 3:15), between what is good and what is evil.

  7. Humanity has once again allowed the unclean spirit to circulate and take hold in many hearts, bringing insane virtues into the center of many hearts (2 Tm 4: 4), and unmentionable sins (Rev 18:5) that cry out for vengeance (Ps 78:10-13; Is 35:4; Jer 50:28) – in the strict spiritual sense of the term – to the Heart of God the Father Almighty.

  8. The world doesn’t understand the meaning of God’s “vengeance” (Ez 25:14), because it has become accustomed to an endless wickedness. The habit must not become addiction. “To avenge” (2 Thess 1:8), for the Father means to establish and to put the primary Good back at the center: His Name (Jud 9:8; Ps 85:9.12; 114:1; Lk 19:38) and the Love of the Son of God (Lk 10:27).

  9. For all this to happen, the Father’s Justice (Mt 6:33; Acts 7:7) will plentifully and powerfully descend upon the tentacles of the world, which acts like an octopus crushing and trapping the sons of Christ, his brethren (Is 14:1-3), those who always, and even more today, have hoped in the divine intervention (Ps 34:17; 89:13).

  10. Now the Father’s Arm (Ps 88:14) has come down (Lk 1:51).

  11. When His Arm descended (Ps 97.1), God the Almighty Father instructed the Archangel Michael (Dan 12:1; Rev 12:7), the Squire of God, to advance. This is what has been promised by Jesus, as Son and King, to his brothers and sons; this is what has been promised by Jesus to Maria Giuseppina Norcia, his pure and faithful Maiden: that the time would come, and it is now, in which the Father would send his Merciful Justice down from Heaven (Sir 43:18), in a punctual and precise manner, towards those who over time had declared war – and, once again now, have declared war – on the Courtyard chosen by the Father for the fulfillment of his promises.

  12. The Tree of Life is destined to live and win (Rev 22:2). And those who want to be or are already grafted onto that Tree (Rev 22:14) are called and destined to renew the world, in Mercy and Justice (Jer 9:23; Mt 23:23).

  13. As it has been in the past, so now today a complete and total vortex grips this world. In past times, God the Almighty Father sent his emissaries to Sodom (Gen 19:1), warning Lot’s family in time, filling them with his mercy (Gen 19: 15-16), inviting them to leave that city to make room for the Flame of God to intervene (Gen 19:29).

  14. Now the Father’s Flame burns. And many have been betimes warned, in this our time, to leave Babylon and all the houses fallen prey to the unclean spirit (Rev 18:4), because the Fire of the Holy Spirit again descends and will descend (Lk 17:28-29) by the will of the Almighty Father.

  15. «Holy People of God! Raise your eyes to Heaven (Is 51:6)! Remain united with Jesus, the One who alone gives Life (Jn 14:6), in order to profoundly bless those who, raising their eyes to Heaven, have placed and will place their complete trust (Ps 77:7) in God the Almighty Father, who now wants to take the field and win, so that his Sign (Rev 7:4) may remain engraved in the hearts of his faithful sons and in the heart of every man and woman of good will».

  16. «Father, following the example of Mary, we offer our total “yes” to Your Heart (Lk 1:38), as sons who want to live in You; want to be in You; and together with You, want to continue to keep the faith alive (1Tm 3:9) and make it triumph (Heb 10:12-22)».

  17. «Father, drive away all deceit (Ps 100)! Father, drive away all indecency (1 Cor 6,13), so that You may intervene against those who, disguised as lambs, have defiled Your children (Jer 23:1-2; Mt 23)!».

  18. «Father, Love for Your Holy Name is alive in us (Ps 29:5). Father, the Love that is due to You is alive in us (1 Jn 3:1), Love for Your magnanimity and for Your living Presence (2 Jn 3), because you have never left and will never leave your sons alone (Ps 137: 8)».

  19. «Let this be, Father, the Day of Living Resurrection (Jn 11:25) – for your House, for Your Mystery (1 Cor 15:21; 1 Pt 1:3) – a Day of Love and profound faith, so that every effort poured‑forth may bear fruit and every sacrifice offered for the love of Christ and Mary may cause new fruits to sprout forth (2 Sam 23:5)».

  20. «Father, may every storm be stilled, so as to make room for the Fire of Your Love (Is 26:11), which is Life (Jn 17:3). In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit».

October 23, 2022

The Pontiff