Act of faith in the heart of Christ,
the Light and the King of all nations

Your Promises, Father, have been fulfilled.
In our hearts is now the fervent certainty
that everything will be brought to completion.
Salvation belongs to You, and our eyes have seen it (Lk 2:30).
To You, Father, we commend our Lives.”

  1. Christ is the Light (Is 9:1) who comes to unravel the darkness of this world (Jn 12:46).

  2. Christ is the Light (Jn 1:9) who brings and will always bring Justice (Ps 36:6) to anywhere that injustice has always resided and where injustice has become a fortress (Wis 5:6).

  3. The Light of Christ will turn those fortresses into useless barriers, for nothing can stand before His Power (Ex 15:6; Ps 20:14).

  4. Christ is the Light who comes to give to the poor in spirit of the world the riches of His Spirit (Mt 5:3), the Spirit who is Life (1Tm 11-19).

  5. Christ is the Light who comes to fulfill all that the Father asks, in His Power (Rev 12:10) andInfinite Love (Lk 24:49).

  6. Christ is the Light who enlightens the hearts of the meek, the little ones, and the simple (Mt 5:5), of those who, in the New Jerusalem, the Corner of Paradise on Earth, have longed to seek Him and to find Him (Zeph 2:3).

  7. Christ is the Light who has descended to Earth to warm the hearts of the humble, the obedient, and the pure (Mt 5:8), so that once again everything may be recapitulated (Eph 1:10).

  8. Christ is (Lk 24:15); so that all those who have not wanted, do not want, and will not want to believe in his Person, may be scattered (Ps 34:4; 39:15, 69:3) allowing the saints of God to advance (Lv 11:45; Acts 2:17).

  9. In this time, Christ is (Jn 4:24; 17:3); so as to give true witness to the one and only authentic faith (Eph 4:5): an authenticity that is moral, spiritual and total.

  10. Christ is the Justice (Ps 49:6) who will quench the thirst of all those who are thirsty for God (Mt 5:6, 10) and all those who insistently ask for justice from the bottom of their hearts (Ps 71:1; Lk 18:7; Acts 7:7).

  11. Christ is the Justice (Ps 93:1; Is 46:13), who came down from Heaven to flatten out all the selfishness of a world that has become perverse and evil (Gal 1:4; Rev 22:11), to console the afflicted and reward the merciful (Mt 5:7).

  12. Christ is the Merciful Justice (Jn 3:19) who will turn the humble into saints, the weak into the strong (Lk 1:52-53); those who are afraid of God into blazing torches of His faith (Judg 7:20), in order to love and bear witness to Christ (Heb 3:1) as the only supreme Good, for whom it is worth dying in the world’s sight (Jn 12:24) to rise again in Christ.

  13. Christ is Love (Rom 8:35) and He will restore order (Ps 88:15) and enthusiasm among His sons: that initial enthusiasm infused by the Father into the heart of She who received Him into her maternal Womb (Lk 1:38); a living enthusiasm, so that the eyes and the heart of those who adore Him may allow everyone to feel and see the joy of the Child Jesus (Is 9:5), who in the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2) restores sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf (Is 29:18), freedom of movement to those who are trapped and chained by the evil spirit that dominates this world (Is 35:5-6).

  14. Christ is the Love made Person (Jn 1:14) who will bring everything back to its origin so that everything will be manifested and renewed with more strength and vitality.

  15. Those who want to be flaming torches of Christ’s Love are to live in holiness (Col 3:12), in order to proceed and to make holy proselytism their reason for living (Mk 16:15-16); and to cry out through the streets of this world that Jesus has returned, He has come down from Heaven as He promised (Acts 1:11), pitching His Tent in the New Jerusalem, the metaphysical Dwelling Place of God among men (Rev 21:3); and to proclaim that in the Land of Love many are returning to true life, many are returning to true faith, manycripples are becoming giants, many who are dead and afflicted in soul and body are raised to new life (Is 26:19), in Christ, with Christ, and for Christ (Mt 11:5).

  16. The time has come, and it is this time, in which the Father’s will may be done (Mt 6:10) in its entirety (Is 61:1-3).

  17. All the denigrators of the Holy Law of the Father and all those who have wanted to subvert the teachings of Jesus (Gal 1:7) – who is Love and Brotherhood, Peace and Holiness, Faith in the one Lord (Mt 22:37-40) – will fall (Is 21:9; Wis 14:12); their idols will crumble (Is 2:17-18); and their gods will be shattered (Lk 16:13).

  18. Iniquity will flee (2 Thess 2:3-8), because the host of God’s Angels (cf. Jn 18:36), led by the Immaculate Heart of Mary, is coming, advances and conquers (Gen 3:15).

  19. Those who are still prompted by the desire to remain in communion of heart, soul, and spirit with Christ the Light (Jn 1:9) are to open their hearts and minds and raise their spirits (Mt 22:37), so that the last glimmer of the Light of Christ may bring back their original intellect (Mk 7:18) in order to be able to distinguish and understand the difference between Truth and falsehood (Rom 1:25; 1 Jn 2:21), because the Wave of Christ, who is Life, will sweep away those who are lukewarm and cold (Rev 3:15-16), because Christ the Light gives life to those who remain and will remain clinging to the one Vine (Jn 15:10), who is the Father’s Arm (Is 52:10; Lk 1:51).

  20. Once again, the Spirit, by means of his sons, manifests God’s will (Rev 2:7,11,17,29; 3:6,13,22), addressing to everyone His Invitation which in the name of Mary (Lk 1:49), the Star of the journey of God’s sons (Mt 2:9), the anchor of His Heart (Heb 6:19), offers words of Life and Truth to all (Jn 14:6). In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

February 2, 2023
Feast of the Presentation
of Jesus in the Temple

The Pontiff