Act of Faith to the Father’s Heart
through the Heart of Mary

Act of faith to the Father’s Heart
through an act of Love and
to the Heart of Mary, the Universal Mother

  1. Mary is the pure, humble and obedient Daughter and Handmaid who gave Her life and Her every daily action to the Father. And God the Father Almighty, in His will and prerogative, has filled Mary with His infinite grace (Lk 1:28).

  2. Mary, full of divine grace (Lk 1:30), is the Bride who has espoused the divine will and has enclosed in Her Heart the infinite Love of the Father, who has become Man in the Son (Jn 1:14)and descended from Heaven to the Land of Love through the Father’s will (Acts 1:11).

  3. Mary, the Mother of God, generated the Son of the Living God by the work of the Holy Spirit (Lk 1:31), and she regenerates Him spiritually in the hearts of Her sons whenever He no longer dwells in their hearts.

  4. Behold, in Mary, with Mary and through Mary, the infinite, living and total Love of the Father has generated a true, pure and simple sonship in the hearts of God’s People (1 Pt 2:9-10), making a living treasure of it (Lk 1:48), a treasure which She did not keep for Herself but, as Universal Mother, She gave it to everyone for infinite Love (Gen 3:20).

  5. The day of Mary’s manifestation is a day of grace, the day on which God clothes every heart with the grace of the faithful Handmaid, with the grace of She who gave Herself with Love, a living and total Love, so to be the Source of the Love of the Son of God for everyone (Jn 17:26).

  6. In the New Jerusalem, the Land of Love promised by the Father (Bar 2:34; 2 Pt 3:13) to His faithful sons, Mary has given to everyone the Shoot that sprouts from Her Heart (Is 11:1: Jer 23:5; 33:15; Zc 6:12; Rev 5:5), in order to deeply root in everyone the strength of the Father, the support of the Son and the living Love of the Only-Begotten Spirit.

  7. In the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2), the living presence of the Father manifests Himself to give eternal Life to all (Jn 17:3), so that everyone may love and live it; and so be molded, purified, and regenerated in heart, soul and spirit (Ps 50:12).

  8. In the New Jerusalem, whoever takes Mary’s hands has already embarked on the journey (Jn 14:4) that leads to the Father’s Heart.

  9. Mary’s hands are a safe harbor for everyone (Phil 3:14).

  10. Mary’s hands are for everyone the means to receive the warmth of the Father’s Flame of Love (Jn 15:9).

  11. Mary’s hands are the bulwark (Is 26:1) that helps us to never hesitate but to be sure (Mic 5:3) in our walking, our acting and our speaking (Jn 17:17), in order to witness to the one true faith in the Son of God.

  12. In these last times of salvation, from the New Jerusalem the Father invites everyone to take the hands of Mary, who has daily generated and regenerated, generates and regenerates in the hearts, the true, pure and holy Love (Is 66:7-13), so that all may know and recognize Him as the One who saves (Lk 1:47), the One who has come to bring all the sons to the Father’s Heart (Mal 3:20-24) and to restore the original order, which was generated from the Father’s Heart as the sign of the one true bond that can never be severed.

  13. Mary is totally beautiful and pure. She has been chosen by the Almighty (Lk 1:42), who has given Her to all humanity as the sign of total union in order to bind hearts to the divinity that is manifested in the Son of God.

  14. In the name of Mary, the Almighty Father will put enmity (Gen 3:15) between those who have remained faithful to Him (Rom 9:27) and those who have betrayed Him (Mk 14:21; Rev 17:2), blaspheming God’s Holy Spirit (Mt 12:31). They will be skimmed off (Mt 3:10) and sent away forever (Jn 15:6), so as to keep pure what must be and remain pure.

  15. In the name of Mary, the Almighty Father will sanctify everything and everyone with His actions, as Father, as Son, and as Holy Spirit (Ez 36:23).

  16. In the name of Mary, the Almighty Father will purify everything and everyone with His word, as Father, as Son and as Holy Spirit (Ez 37,23).

  17. In the name of Mary, the Almighty Father will be merciful towards those who praise Him and will be just towards those who persist in persecuting Him (Acts 9:4), and those who share His sonship (Ps 7:2).

  18. In the name of Mary, the Almighty Father will allow grace to descend on His House (Ps 32:22) and on those who live in it with a sincere heart, on those who frequent it as their greatest treasure; and on those who want to live it and will want to live it even more by witnessing to Christ and His living presence in the New Jerusalem, the place where God has made His Home (Rev 21:3).

  19. In the name of Mary, Eternal Maiden, the Almighty Father will give peace and holiness to the hearts of those who love Her (Ps 121).

  20. In the name of Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, Universal Co-redemptrix, the Almighty God, the Father who is Good and Holy, Merciful and Just, will grant every request (Jer 29:12-14) which will be filtered by the maternal love of Mary (Zech 2:14), to reach His Heart to witness His Truth and His Life (Jn 14:6).

  21. Mary is the key of the mystery of our life and of the mystery of Christ’s life in us. Whoever takes Mary’s hands has undertaken the Path that leads to the Father’s Heart. By grace, Mary is and always will be (Lk 1:49). In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

May 15, 2022
Solemn Feast
of Mary of the New Jerusalem
48th anniversary of the apparition of Jesus,
Mary Most Holy, and St. Michael the Archangel
to Maria Giuseppina Norcia

The Pontiff