The Minister of God

The Minister of the Church is God’s spokesman and the direct testimony of the Father. The Minister does not consider himself to be above others, but as a brother among brothers he has the task to bring God to everyone.

Everything must be brought back to the origin. In the moment when things are lived and put into practice in the Father’s manifested equilibrium, everything continues to be lived according to the Christian essence, without wanting to exasperate or make personal changes to what the Holy Spirit suggests.

As always has been said in this Church, we must be first men (and women) and then true and authentic Christians. A true and authentic Christian takes active part in the everyday living. God’s beloved children, are those who have consecrated themselves to God and that God Himself calls to fulfil the arduous task of being His direct testimonies, His Ministers, that do not withdraw from what is common to all people, but, practising a holy equilibrium and placing the family at the centre, which is the first Church and the first expression of the Christian Church, they donate themselves, bring to completion and testify God in the fullness.

Consequently, whenever we choose equilibrium (with God, with brothers and with ourselves) and we give priority, by willingness and heart, to God’s Call, everything can be accomplished. By doing so, spirituality is brought back to the centre of every Christian’s life. This means to live the celestiality that everyday brings us the essence of Heaven.

As a result, we witness the varieties of God’s Calls.

1) The Call to be direct testimony of the Father, thus Minister of God, by living firsthand the family and by helping in their homes in order to witness God within the family;

2) The Call to be direct testimony of the Father, thus Minister of God, on an individual basis, by bearing witness that everything can be done in God, consequently by living humility, continence and holiness.

By fully responding to God’s Call and by directly testifying God in our everyday life, with consistency and holiness, we fully live the Kingdom of God, that He has already now given to His children, to make them able to live It in fullness, once we will be in the full Life.

Adam, the first man, was a direct witness of the Father, therefore he was a Minister of God. In these final times, the original Thought of the Father must be brought to the centre: God created them male and female (Gen 1:27; 5:2; 6:19), to be joined together as one and together serve God. And the Father originally said: «Spread over the earth, and increase» (Gen 1:22-28, 9:1-7).

Moreover, no one can force to live as a couple those who do not have this aptitude. For this reason, Jesus suggested, even without abolishing what the Father had established. What is important for everyone is to live in heart the true and genuine spirituality, with consistency and holiness, being aware that, in any case, one must respect his or her own life as a couple or being single. This is what must necessarily be respected with holy determination.

Whatever the condition, priority must be given in this holy order: first God; then the Family; then Work.