Church of Christ and the New Covenant

The Church of Christ is everlasting and eternal. The Father re-establishes His Alliance, New Alliance, Unique Alliance, with the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, by means of His Son, donated to humanity to uplift Christianity and bring the Father’s will back to the center, the Father’s Thought, the Life, essential gift for every heart.
The Alliance is everlasting and eternal.




Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem: final fulfillment of the Father’s Project

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, final fulfillment of the Father’s Project, born because mankind has betrayed the Father, the Spirit of the Father, denying His actions and His presence.
Now as it was in the past, again is.
If the Father’s Spirit, Who is in Jesus Christ, would have been accepted, there would have been only the true Christianity, Holy and Total.
Nevertheless, those who adhered to Christianity, betrayed the Spirit once again.
Here again the Father, in His infinite mercy, in His Son again sends His Spirit so that once and for all The Truth reigns, pure and holy.




Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem: one, holy, true and universal

The New Jerusalem is animated by the Holy Spirit and is the expression of the Father.

The New Jerusalem, live, holy and brotherly, is united by the Spirit, Who wants to penetrate the hearts of the children of God and give back to them the dignity of the Father, in order to finally be and manifest the light of Christ.
In the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem everything is and has to be renewed in the Spirit of holiness.
The New Jerusalem is the Body of Christ.
To be recognized as such, those who want to live in communion with Christ and Mary, must undress themselves completely of self and be clothed with the light of Christ.
This involves sacrifice, passion and a total metamorphosis of their daily lives that must be holy: no longer a human but a divine everyday life that, in the total abandon of themselves to the call of the Father’s will, is Life.

The Father manifests His will daily, that is alive and present in the Heart of the Son. A Will that now, in the moment of full acceptance, must be practiced, to transmit Christian values, those values ??that iniquity would like to destroy, annulling the sacrifice of God’s Son, annulling faithfulness in Christ the Saviour, completely annulling the paternity of the Father, so even changing a single comma of the Word of God all becomes confused.

Confusion reigns in many hearts, confusion reigns outside the New Jerusalem. And the citizens of this Land, Mother Land, New Jerusalem, are to be ardent witnesses of Christianity.
«Do of me as You please. Thy will be done».
Following the example of Mary, obedient Daughter, Faithful Bride, Universal Mother, in this spirit we turn to the Son of God day by day, to be on the pathway to eternity and eternally live the Tree of Life, Christ Life, Eternal Life.





The Purpose

The purpose of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem is to fulfil the Plan of Love and Redemption for the glory and in honour of God the Almighty Father. The Holy Mother Church will have to make shine, once again, both the Christian essence and, consequently, the sense of brotherhood that come from the One and Triune God.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, will have to lead the hearts of every believer to live the beauty of spirituality, that will have to grow and increase more and more, to reduce all what is worldly.





The Mission

The mission of the Church is to promote and to make people practice the true worship and the true service to the One and Triune God: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

As a consequence, every child of God and every man and woman of goodwill must live and should lead people to live the “Ten Commandments” and the authentic teachings and the example of life given to us by Christ and Mary, Christ and Mary, Christ and Mary, in Their essential and substantial manifestation in history. So “love your neighbour as yourself” so that the brotherhood in God and among brothers may be alive and true.

The Center of the saving mission of the Universal Church is:

  1. The Family, the first domestic church, formed by the union, in the indissoluble God, between a man and a woman, so as conceived by God the Father from the beginning.

  2. The Sacrality of Life, gift of the Father to humanity, which as such must be protected and preserved starting from the conception until its natural end.

In these hard and difficult times that humanity is experiencing, an evil action is taking place wanting to destroy the family and to lead people to not consider any longer the spousal union between a man and a woman as the true union wanted by God.

Consequently, this Church wants to give full priority to the family, even to stop, block and stem the malicious act that others, proclaiming themselves Christians, are favouring.

The sacredness of life, the highest gift of God the Father to humanity, must be preserved with all our strength. Human selfishness cannot overpower God’s original Thought.

Because of this, this Church will fight to defend the fundamental pillars of the whole Creation.