Universal Message of the Mother Church

O Baby Jesus, make us worthy to be reborn in Your Heart,
so that Christmas may be not just one day
but the eternal day of Your return

May the blessing of the new born Child Jesus bring the Light (Jn 1:9), the Holiness and Love into the heart of everyone. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

May the Child Jesus, the Light of the world, the Light for those who accept Him (Jn 1:12), be your support, your shelter, your strength.

May the Child Jesus, here descended and born in the hearts of those who have recognized the Star (Mt 2:2.10), give you His Peace and His harmony.

May the Child Jesus, born here to welcome, love and give life, be the anchor (Heb 6:19) of your heart, the anchor of your faith, the living rock on which to cling.

May the Child Jesus radiate His essence and His substance into your heart and give you His living strength so to be able to transmit the authenticity of the heart of the Father, who reveals Himself through His Son and adorns your heart with the Holy Spirit.

May the Child Jesus, the Light of the world, give you today the awareness of being able to live Christ in the living and holy union with Mary, Mother Church, She who has begotten Her Son to give Him to the whole of humanity.

From this Corner of Paradise, may the Light clothe your hearts today, so that through your rebirth (Jn 3:7) you will be able to truly manifest the teachings that have been confirmed by the Father in this Land of Love with His living presence, with His living Love and with His living Goodness.

On this day, Baby Jesus holds close to His heart all those who believe in Him, all those who hope in Him and all those who through Him want to live the true faith, so that it may truly be Christmas for every man and woman who want to love, to understand and live Christ the Light of the world.

The Light will be, for all those who, by humbling themselves (Phil 2:8), will be reborn to new life, in the understanding of the One and Triune Mystery, which is manifested in the universal and eternal Church of Christ.

The Light of the Child Jesus will be alive and shine for the sons of God, for the peacemakers (Mt 5:9), for those who work for the justice and harmony, for those who work in the name of Baby Jesus and for those who live, believe and hope in Mary.

The Light will be lacking to those who fight against it, to those who do not believe and do not let others believe in the birth of the Child Jesus (Jn 1:11). The Light will be lacking to all the evil doers (Mt 7:23). The Light will be lacking to those who live by an artificial light: no longer the splendour of holiness but a dazzle of mere and pure humanity. The Light of Christ the Saviour will expose the nakedness (Ezk 23:18) of all those who live for the iniquity and by means of the iniquity manifest their real distance from the essence which is Christ, the Light and Bread of the world (Jn 6:33).

The Christmas of Christ is the centre of humanity, the beginning of the pure and holy salvation. Christmas is the Light. Christ the Light (Jn 8:12). Christ is born to radiate the Light that will never fade so to clothe everyone with His Light. No war, no battle will ever extinguish the Light that is born to eternally illuminate all God’s sons (Mt 5:14) who love the Light, who want to live in the Light and will live forever in the Light as long as they remain united to the Light (Jn 9:5).

In the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus, there is the Love that the little Jesus has found again after being born in that little grotto in Bethlehem (Mt 2:6). The Little Cradle of the New Jerusalem (Rev 21:2) is the second and last grotto that will unite all those who will love Christ forever.

To all the men and women who live this humanity, I address today my heartfelt appeal to unclothe themselves of every iniquitous burden (Mt 23:4) and to reconcile with the Light, which has descended here; it has come here for Love (Jn 1:14), to make the Love be acknowledged.

Live for Christ the Light and nothing will be lacking (Ps 22:1). Let yourselves be warmed by the heat of His Cross of Light. In His Name, be reconciled with the Father’s Heart, in order to be able to live His Good and Holy, Merciful and Upright Heart (Ps 115:5).

Entrust yourself to Mary, good and tender Mother, Mother of God and universal Mother. Take Her soft and pure, white and holy Hand of Mother; and let yourself be led into the Land of Love. Mary, our Star, leads us to the Little Cradle of Baby Jesus (Mt 2:9b), to bring everyone into the Heart of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

In the Little Cradle, Jesus manifests to all His sons His living and complete Love of Brother, Friend and Master, so that all together we can make Peace live and reign on this Earth, that forgotten Peace which is alive and will reign forever in the New Jerusalem (Is 52:6-7).

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

January 1, 2021
Eighth Day of Christmas
Solemn Feast of Mary
Mother of God

The Pontiff