The defense of the Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross
and the intolerable blasphemy
of the pontiff of the church of Rome

April 5, 2017

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem addresses Her invitation to all those who claim to be Christians and to all men and women of goodwill that respectfully live Christ and the Mystery of His Sacrifice on the Cross, in order to put an end to the public blasphemy of the Pontiff of the church of Rome against the Son of God and His Salvific Sacrifice on the Cross.

In a homily, proclaimed on April 4, 2017 in the Domus S.Martae, the Pontiff of the church of Rome, J.M. Bergoglio, for the umpteenth time, addressed blasphemous expressions against Our Lord Jesus Christ. The roman Pontiff, commenting on the Sacred Scripture, has textually said that: «Jesus “made himself like a snake”», «Jesus “made himself sin”», «[Jesus] has assumed the appearance of the father of sin, the crafty serpent», and he concluded by stating that the Holy Cross is the «memory of the one who made himself sin, who made himself the devil, the serpent, for us».

The juxtaposition of the Person of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the “crafty serpent” (which is satan); to the “father of sin” (which is satan); and lastly, in a direct and explicit way, to the “devil“, is a very serious blasphemy that no Christian can tolerate remaining overly silent. Already in the past, commenting on the Salvific Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross, the roman Pontiff had addressed, against the Son of God, ignominious and blasphemous epithets, such as the oft-repeated expressions “serpent” and “ugly to make you sick” (homily Sept.14, 2015). He had also posited that Jesus “blasphemes” on the Cross (homily Sept.30, 2014) and he arrived even to publicly state that “the Via Crucis is the story of God’s failure” (meeting with young people in Kenya on Nov.27, 2015), besides to define the Cross as a “madness, namely the annihilation of the son of god” (homily Feb.29, 2016).

In the period in which true Christians are called to meditate on the Passion of Jesus and on the importance of the Saving Sacrifice of the Son of God, prelude of His Resurrection and of the Christian Easter, the roman Pontiff’s declarations are unacceptable and must be firmly and publicly condemned by the whole Christian Community, that cannot become accomplice, by its deafening silence, of the blasphemies that the roman Pontiff addresses against Christ.

God the Father has sent His Son into the world in order to bring everyone back to the straight Path, and to allow all men and all women of goodwill to walk on the straight Path, that leads directly to the full knowledge of God, in a perfect manner (and not imperfectly, because of the distorted teachings that those who held the power, the holders of the law of God, had inculcated in their own way in the faithful’s hearts). Everything is fulfilled and is culminated in the highest moment of the Work of the Son of God: to give Himself, to sacrifice His life for the good of everyone. The Saving Sacrifice of the Cross of Christ is the ultimate gesture that manifests the only Will, that of the Father and that of the Son, to open the doors of the Kingdom of God, for a complete salvation of all those who are animated by good will.

That gesture was the fulfilment of an itinerary, of a journey. After more than two thousand years, no one is now allowed to swear and overturn It with impunity, juxtaposing the Person of the Saviour to the “devil“, to the “crafty serpent”, to the “father of sin”.

Because of these statements made by the Pontiff, the church of Rome has committed a grave offense against God the Father Almighty, denying and mortifying the essence and substance of the Mystery of Redemption that Jesus, the Son of the Living God, has made through His Sacrifice on the Cross. The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem appeals to the Merciful Justice of the Father to not lay that blame on all the universal Christianity, but on those who are responsible for these blasphemies, and on those who, in their culpable inaction, while aware of the seriousness of what is in place, continue to tolerate everything as if nothing is happening.