The defense of the True Christian Faith
and the heresy of the church of Bergoglio

June 5, 2016

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, already established by God Almighty Father’s will and animated by the Holy Spirit, now rises to manifest the veracity and the timelessness of the true Christian teachings that in Christ Our Lord and in Mary Most Holy are and always will be, against the recent stance taken up – with arrogance and out of time – by the Institution headed by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, that was before and that now no longer is.

Jesus Christ our Lord had foretokened the hard and difficult times that the true Christianity would have braved in the end of times. Now the end of the time is. Everything that was announced is now being fulfilled and is now taking place. The founding principles of the true Christianity are gravely compromised due to the action of those who, now, taking advantage of their religious power and of the world’s indifference and complacency, are subverting and destroying the true and eternal Law of God.

The Institution headed by Jorge Mario Bergoglio now would like to communicate to the whole world that those who live the spirituality of this Church are not in communion with God. However, this is not possible. Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his ministers can excommunicate those who follow them in their heresy, not those who – for a long time – are not in communion with the spirit that animates Bergoglio and his ministers anymore. God the Father Almighty is essentially and substantially in communion with those who respect His Law and His true doctrine, founded on the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ; and not with who annihilate the Law of God, promulgating human laws that are against the true Christianity.

Jesus Christ our Lord said that no man must separate what God had joined. The conjugal union is one, indivisible and indissoluble, between a man and a woman. Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the Institution guided by him dared break the Law of God, introducing new human laws that allow his ministers to separate with extreme and total easiness what the Spirit of God joined forever; and, at the same time, they allow new forms of unionship, unmarried partnership or not. During the millenary history of the Church no one had ever dared doing so.

Jesus Christ our Lord, the Apostles and all the Saints and Martyrs of the authentic Christian faith taught us to live and to respect Life, from conception until natural death. Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the Institution headed by him does not defend strenuously, with courage and without hesitation the life of Christians and the right to life of every man and every Christian, raising their voice and reacting in concrete terms against the proponents and the authors of such things. Contrariwise, Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his ministers justify and defend the proponents and the authors of the culture of death, especially if they belong to religious faiths that are antichristian and against the Christians; and, in the meantime, praise the diabolical example of life of public characters that fought against the principles of the true life dictated by God the Father and invited to transgress the Divine Law, and the Christian and natural morality.

Jesus Christ our Lord said to be the Way, the Truth and the Life. As a consequence, apart from Christ, God-Man, there is no Salvation. However, Jorge Mario Bergoglio stated that he does not believe in a “catholic” God; that “there is not an Absolute Truth, even for believers”; that everybody, indistinctly (Jews, Muslims, Buddhists and all those people who belong to other religious philosophies) are to be considered as “children of God”. By saying and doing this, Jorge Mario Bergoglio and his ministers deny Christ the only Way that leads to Salvation; they deny Christ the unique and eternal Spring of Truth; they deny Christ unique and eternal Mean given by God the Father Almighty to humanity in order to obtain and live the Eternal Life. Those who deny – in word and in deed – Christ Son of God, cannot be in communion with the Father and with the Holy Spirit Who proceeds from the Father and the Son. And those who are not in communion with Heaven anymore, cannot join, nor separate, nor excommunicate anyone that wants to belong to the Church of Christ on Earth.

Jesus Christ our Lord said that no one would have had scandalized His little ones, abusing of their intimacy and of their innocence. The Institution headed by Jorge Mario Bergoglio is plagued by the continuous and repeated scandals involving his ministers in sodomitic practices, and in abuses towards the smallest and innocent ones. No authentic, authoritative and automatic condemn is inflicted latae sententiae to all those who get themselves stained of such terrible crimes and to all those who – instead of denouncing and eradicating by the root all these unacceptable scandals – become, by the facts, accomplices of what is an abomination to the eyes of God and of all mankind. Useless and powerless commissions are instituted, raising others media hypes, to continue to cover and mask the guilty authors of the gravest and most heinous crime against humanity.

The true Law of God is overcomed and subverted in its fundamental principles. The Holy Spirit cannot dwell anymore in the house that, meanwhile –then as now – has become deserted, brood of vipers, where the preoccupation is to cleanse the outside of the cup that contains all sorts of abomination and perversion. The Father, then as now vigorously takes back what belongs to Him to donate it to those who, animated by true and Christian sentiments, live to defend Christ Our Lord, Way, Truth and Life; and to let the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Good and Tender Mother, Mother Church.

The Father can no longer allow His Vineyard to be overcomed and abandoned by those who -initially called upon to administer the Vineyard with sanctity- are always more prey to unclean and impure passions; by those who exploit God’s Name to cultivate their own interests, at the detriment of the innocent and of the people, that are misled into believing -with arrogance and absolute badness and in spite of the much-vaunted and misleading human mercy- that they are the depositaries of the truth.

Who denies Jesus Christ, Absolute Truth, Absolute Good and not relative good; who does not believe in a Catholic God; who believes that everybody -beyond the religious affiliation- is equally a child of God; who believes that the Covenant with the Jewish people has never been revoked; who professes all this and much more, was already excommunicated by the Father and, consequently, is not in communion with the Father’s Spirit anymore. And without the presence of the Holy Spirit no sacrament can be validly imparted nor the renovation of Christ’s Sacrifice can be validly celebrated.

God, the Father Almighty, could not leave His children as orphans. For this reason, the Father wanted to newly found His Church, in the Land where in 1947 had already sent His Son, as a little Baby, to prepare humanity to embrace His Plan of Love and Redemption, Christian and Universal, founded only and exclusively on the Love for Christ, the only one Rock, the only one Treasure, the only one and Highest Good, Absolute Good. Thus, while Bergoglio and his ministers are now trading and selling off Christ to give birth to a new world religion, which is not based on the teachings of Jesus Christ; the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem manifests Her communion to what belongs to the Father and that will never be traded or betrayed: Christ Our Lord.

The Christian Universal Church of the New Jerusalem will always defend and testify with the heart and with the voice Christ and His true teachings, willing to always continue to manifest and live the communion with God the Almighty Father; with Christ, His Son; and with the Holy Spirit, to let triumph the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the fulfillment of the Plan of Love and Redemption of God, for the glory and in honor to the Father. Praise and glory to Christ Our Lord. Amen.