The Gift and the respect for Life

November 23, 2016

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem has betimes urged all Her faithful and all people of good will, to join together in prayer to defend the gift and the sacredness of Life, that is fully manifested in Christ. Now, in this time, everything becomes clear. The church of Rome, by the hand of who guides it, has promulgated a new law (through the so-called apostolic letter “misericordia et misera“) that, in the name of a false mercy, humiliates the sacredness of life at the embryonic stage, allowing everyone to easily obtain an empty forgiveness, offered to those who practise and allow to practise the voluntary interruption of others life.

No human law can allow man to kill another man. No human law can allow a person to decide who can live and who must die, at what time and in which way. No woman can voluntarily interrupt the fruit of life that comes from God. No reference to a false mercy can mitigate the severity of acts that necessitate a real, convinced and profound repentance to be able to go back to be in communion with the Mystical Body of Christ.

The cry of many innocents is shouting before the Father, that has already expressed His strong condemnation against the church of Rome that, in full Apostasy, has forsworn the true faith in Christ, the One who is Life, to bow to the prince of darkness, to an anti-Christ spirit, that on this day many invoke to be saved. But one only is the One who saves: Christ, the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the only Saviour of the world. No new religious philosophy on a worldwide basis, inspired by a false concept of “love”, will save the church of Rome from the wrath of the Father, which will be increasingly manifested.

Mary, Mother Church, New Jerusalem, welcomes Life, gives Life, defends Life; She does not interrupt it, does not ask to end it, does not embrace those who, voluntarily and without repentance interrupts it. The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem condemns every abuse against life, every injustice against life, every deceit against life. A mother takes care of her children’s life, donating, if needed, her life in defence of her children, without hiding behind an unjust, humanly incorrect law, to practice with real awareness and consciousness, without remorse, actions contrary to the gift received from the Father, which allows them to be “children” in respect of the holy fatherhood.

No human law can and should interrupt what comes from the Holy Spirit. The true children of God and all people of good will always proclaim the Holy Law of God that, on the example of Mary, Daughter, Bride and Mother, Pure and Faithful, everyone must defend and respect It, with their words and their example, for the glory and honour to God the Father Almighty.