The Light of fire comes into the world

1. Christ the Light of the world

Christ is the Light of the world (Jn 1:1-5). Once again, the Light has come into the world but the world has not accepted it (Jn 1:11).

Those who have accepted it and accept it with faith, walk every day in the Light and will never succumb (Jn 11:9). Those who want to remain in the Light, follow the Way, nullifying their “self” so allowing God to dwell in their Heart (1Jn 1:5). Those who want to remain in the Light, listen to the Truth of Jesus’ teachings and put them into practice, so to finally be free (Jn 8:32). Those who want to remain in the Light, do their utmost (Lk 16:16) to attain eternal Life (Jn 12:25), warding off sin and all that leads to the death of the soul, the heart and the spirit (1Jn 2:8‑10).

Christ is the Light of the world which pierces the darkness and overcomes death. Christ is the Way, the Truth and Life (Jn 14:6). Everyone who believes in Him won’t die but will live (Jn 3:16). Everyone who believes in Christ who is Light, will become light for other people and will dwell in  His House.

 2. The New Jerusalem the House of Light

The New Jerusalem is “the” Dwelling Place of God with men (Rev 21:3): House of Life and House of Light, which will shine out and will be increasingly acknowledged (Is 60:1) for its power, its justice and its love: that Love made Man (Jn 1:14) which makes so many people to rediscover the joy to be all brothers and sons (Jn 1:12) of the only begotten Son of God, the Word made flesh, who has once again come down in the Land of Love to establish His Kingdom and His Dwelling Place.

In the New Jerusalem, the metaphysical Dwelling Place of God (Rev 21:2), all those who strive to know the Light (Rev 21:23) will be able to identify themselves in the Son, in the Brother and in the Friend, who is Christ the Lord (2Cor 4:6).

In the New Jerusalem, the Father watches over His sons, welcomes every sacrifice, pours out His Love and extends His grace and His shadow over those who fear Him (Lk 1:49-50). He will use the power of His hand (Lk 1:51) over those who do not fear Him, over those who live the world avoiding the Light so to hide in the gloom of darkness and plot all what is evil in the eyes of the Lord.

3. The Light of fire comes into the world

A Light of fire comes into the world (Is 10:17-23). When seeing it, those who will bow their heads will be saved; those who will mock it will be consumed by the Flame that burns in the Father’s Heart (Jn 3:36).

In the living and holy time of God, that the world has not understood and doesn’t want to understand, the will of the Father will be fulfilled.

The sons of the Father will feel in their hearts every single moment of this time which will bring peace to the House of God’s sons, and joy and holiness in the heart of the Few Remnant People of Israel (Jer 31:7), the chosen people of God (Is 43:20).

The Cross of fire will separate the sheeps from the goats (Mt 25:32-33) to bring solace to those who have suffered so much and deeply invoke the divine intervention. The world will be overwhelmed by the Father’s Omnipotence (Eph 1:22): a living, holy and truthful Omnipotence that does not expand time, because time has been shortened. That time of which many have spoken about but no one has ever understood (Rev 1:3), except those who are animated by the Love of the Son of God.

In the Land of Love, God One and Triune has deposited the key (Rev 3:7) of the true and authentic understanding of the Plan of salvation, desired by the Father and entrusted to the Son for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of the Mother (Rev 7:10). The New Jerusalem wins. God’s sons will never be subdued by the children of darkness. God wins and His will is being fulfilled to lead His sons to the one, holy and universal victory (1Jn 5:4-5).

December 25, 2020
Solemn Feast of the Christmas of Christ Jesus

The Pontiff