The Principles and Identity of the Church

January 19, 2016

With reference to recent releases of other realities of worship, which were also recalled by the press, concerning the activities of the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem and its members, it is worth highlighting some fundamental principles that underlie the activities of worship of this Church, to avoid false and misleading interpretations by those who intend to deliberately create a climate of disagreement and confusion among Christians.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem wants to conduct its pastoral mission having at heart the fundamental principles, which are at the base of their religious beliefs: let live to all men of good will the authentic Christian teachings, contained in the Sacred Scriptures and made living part in the example of the life of Christ, the only Savior of the world, and of Mary, the Mother of God, the universal Mother, the Immaculate, our Lady of the Assumption, the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

This Church, for no reason, will negotiate these principles, neither will renounce to them.

As a result of this, the activity of worship and religious teaching of the Church is addressed to all who intend living Christian teachings authentically, remaining faithful to the true Christian doctrine, respecting the Ten Commandments and the example of the life of Christ and Mary, contained in the Holy Gospels and manifested by the action of the Holy Spirit, Who proceeds in history.

True Christianity and its basic principles never can be devaluated in the essence and substance, to be mixed in union with other religious doctrines in the current global context, such as Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and others. In doing so, Christianity and the Christians would lose and will lose their own identity and his own specific action, to merge into a new idea of religion, which no longer poses Christ at the center of the salvific mission to them entrusted. This new idea of religion, promoted by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, which, in reality, in his speeches and in his actions manifests a doctrine contrary to authentic Christian teachings (as amply documented by the website ‘We defend the Truth’:, here recalled for the treatment of the subject) is not conform to the genuine Christian teachings and the Plan of Redemption of God the Father for the humanity salvation.

Consequently, understanding that the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem wants only to continue to profess the authentic Christian teachings with own its faithful believers and nothing more, we realize the bad faith of those who want to make appear the will of this Church, which is advancing with determination and head-on, as an attitude of hatred or hostility towards others, thereby continuing to denigrate both the Church activities and the dignity of their leaders.

Thus the Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem states again that internally there are no feelings of hate or hostility towards anyone (be them ministers and other religious reality faithful or lay citizens); but there is and there will be the live and passionate sentiment that will always lead to defend in any case the true Christian doctrine, even against those who, with haughtiness and arrogance, believe to hold the monopoly on the management of Vineyard of the Father, forgetting the teaching of the story lived by the Jewish people that, at the beginning, where established to administer faithfully the Vineyard of the Father and then became unfaithful to the Father. Could the Father continue to entrust the management of His Word and the administration of His Vineyard in the hands of those who profaned the Word in their heart, in vices and in their being? No.

Therefore, God the Father decided to stipulate with others His (new) Alliance, sending, because of this, His Spirit in a new reality that, because animated by the Spirit of the Father, became the new Church. And without the presence of the Holy Spirit, ministers of that church in vain administered the sacraments, in vain officiated the rites, in vain raised prayers to the Father, that no longer satisfied those prayers. Without the presence of the Spirit of the Father all was useless.

The Universal Christian Church of the New Jerusalem, animated by the action of the Holy Spirit, wants to continue its mission for which it was established, respecting the freedom of worship of others and, at the same time, claiming the freedom of being able to freely express its own religious belief, in order to live and let live its own teachings to all people of good will, willing to seek the will of the Father, the Father’s Love, the Love, the true Love, that does not have dual purposes, nor personal interest, but want to let live in God the Father. This is the only interest that animates the Church: to give every child of God His breath of Father, of Son and of Holy Spirit.